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3 May

I started out simply writing about this and that and what ails me. Yes this blog site is about me and my nonsensical love for my inanimate furball Garfield. This blog site is also about me and the difficulties that I face health wise, challenges in work life and Lords that gave me a hard […]

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london 3.5.20 sunday

this post is i think the most important post , to shout out to everyone why we write a blog, it is a reminder to everyone of us who writes and read blogs to always bear in mind; that way we will allow everyone  the freedom to write and say whatever they wish in their blogs without our taking things too personally or to be too judgemental. i will like if this post can be the header in every blog, to be read right at the beginning, and always there to remind us the reason why we blog. 

free burrito

30 Jul

london 12.36pm 17C cloudy/rain friday 2021

lamb burrito, quite a large one, very filling. while there i log onto their wifi and got a free coca cola drink from the company lebaneats.

its very salty, and there was so much of it, i could not finish it. costs about £7. its a small place, used to be a cafe. its so new that google maps showed the old premises there before it. a place called ola’s cafe. 


udon restaurant near liverpool st station

27 Jul

london 2.20pm 18C cloudy/rain tuesday 2021

the pink and red bits are ginger, and chillis respectively, and they are what i added from a salad selection.



so today i went to queue up for this free udon . you have to apply to be in their newsletter and they will send you an email with a QR code which links to a wallet that u use a smartphone to access. and the free offer comes in the form of a voucher    £5.95 preloaded in that wallet to redeem against anything you order , with you paying the balance over £5.95. lucky they included the QR code in the email they sent me, so i was able to use that instead of using the wallet, which since i dont have a smart phone, i cannot access.

well i was in the queue and they staff came and took my temperature, (by pointing a gadget at my wrist and that reads my temperature , it showed 32.2C . and then she  told me that they are only taking credit card payments, no cash. when i heard that i thought to myself that means i better not go over £5.95.   as i only have cash.

and looking at the menu posted on the wall, i saw the only 2 items i find that cost that is the kimchi yaki udon, vegetable and   a chicken paitan udon soup, costing that amount, but when i reached the counter and saw the menu above it, it says the chicken paitan is not available. a pity that as  i would have ordered that and get a chance to taste their soup. as i would think the noodle soup dishes are the signature dishes. 

but i got the stir fry dish, and it  is a dry dish. its quite nice, but it is not a lot. i felt i could cook it myself. 

and when i saw what the other customers before me  got, those who order the noodle soup, i saw their bowl is quite small too, unlike most other udon restaurants, where the bowl is huge. i know this because i have seen them through the other restaurant windows eating from those huge bowls of noodles.  

my order is the kimchi yaki udon vegetable

i had not eaten at these places for a long time, so my idea of their prices is out of date. i thought they would cost about £8, but i googled a udon restaurant and it looks like the prices now are about £10. and can be £14 for those huge noodle soup bowls.  so maybe these prices of about £6 may be considered reasonable. even though i thought they are not very large dishes.

i thought these udon noodle dishes are like street food in japan, so should be priced low for the masses, which i daresay is the case in japan;  but as with street food in thailand, and malaysia, or indonesia, when they are brought over here they seem to have been transformed into gourmet food , and priced high. 

rain with thunderstorm

25 Jul

london 2.11pm 21C rain/thunder sunday 2021

the downpours comes and goes so it is intermittent. so unlike a tropical monsoon . it means we wont get much flooding that cause damage to the area. unlike what i read about the monsoon in china,india and in phillipines , indonesia with accompanying videos of water flowing into houses. its quite fascinating to see , though i suspect it cannot be very pleasant for those affected .

today i got a chance to use the free talk over the mobile phone. it was a stranger too, so it was nice, to be chatting to a stranger and so everything he says is new. but i noticed  a shortcoming to these talks on the phone. it is my fault, i am hard of hearing, so it was difficult to make out some bits of hte talk… i was left thinking if i were face to face with him, i could maybe hear better what he is saying. so even though i now have a chance to make full use of the free month’s free talk over the mobile phone on this new vodafone connection , if i still cannot hear them properly, it wont do me much good. ah well, it just confirms to me that it is not much point getting onto a tariff that gives me free unlimited talk on the phone. and that reminds me also no point my going to zoom, or skype or any of those video calls, because i wont be able to hear them easily. 

added 9.33pm


looks like i spoke too soon. i read allready that there is flash flooding in london, i am just glad that it did not come down buckets where i live. even though i know our drainage is good and it can cope, and it would be lovely to see it bucketing down. the reality is that flood damage to buildings is very bad. takes a long time to dry out and return to normal , if it ever does. i used to  think all those underdeveloped countries suffering flooding and i used to think they are just too poor to stop it happening, but recently i have come to believe that is not so. it is not a question of money , because we have just seen germany with all its money, unable to stop the deaths from flooding and damage.

added. simon has just came back, and he had come from essex, to visit his mum. and he tells me all the stations in essex and london from redbridge, were closed. so it is a big flooding. 

  i think in the end we have to admit that nature is uncontrollable, and if it is too big so we cannot control it, i doubt whatever we do is or are the cause of it either. natural disasters are always with us.  

a simple dish

24 Jul

london 9pm 20C cloudy saturday 2021

its very easy to make up a meal. like just now, i just stir fried a mixture of savoy cabbage and white cabbage with garlic . i heat up in the microwave a dish of white rice and two pieces of chicken which i had traybaked a few days ago, and presto as they say. i got a nice easy dish for my dinner.

my dinner quick and easy to make

the heat of hte day is over and it is pleasant to sit by the open window with a cooling breeze. not that today is hot, highest is only 22C. but it is a windless day. it is only now that a breeze has sprung up. not even much rain in my area even though i could see from the weather map that it is yellow in cornwall, and south coast. but it seems to have missed central london. a pity that because i was looking forward to it bucketing down with water . a real good downpour would be lovely to freshen the air and revive the plants. this dish makes me realise savoy cabbage is a lot like chinese cabbage.

how do u play this doodle game in google

23 Jul

london 6.35pm 17C cloudy friday 2021

i think it lovely that the heat wave is gone. today temperatures are in the low 20s, which is more like it. when i see high temperatures and floods and droughts in the rest of the world, it is nice to know the uk is none of these. and i remembered my hay fever is gone too, even during that heat wave … we dont notice something is gone until we suddenly realise it, that we have not suffered any hay fever for some time now. 

a strange looking plant, all white

google got this game on as their doodle, i went in but after a bit i couldnt be bothered to even get onto the first challenge. ah well, perhaps someone here can tell me what is so good about it, and even how to play the game. 

cooling trees

22 Jul

london 1.51pm 28C sunny thursday 2021

just to show how cooling it is under the trees


a cold shower really cools you off

21 Jul

london 5.48pm 29C sunny wednesday 2021

10.15pm 24C dry

i had a cold shower just now and this is the first time i had one, a cold one i mean. usually i would put on the heater in the shower to get hot water. but today i thought i shall go under a cold shower and see if it cools me off, and i am surprised that it did. its a long time since i had a cold shower. even in malaysia i always put on the heating in the electric shower at home . when i was young we used a pail to pour cold water in the tub whcih we constantly fill up with a slow running tap. my mother has this idea that slow water from the tap dont make the electric meter runs fast. unlike if u fill up the tub quick by running the tap full on. but it was cold water we pour over our heads if we want to bathe. so bathing was always done during the heat of the day, as a hot day makes it bearable. maybe that was why when i grew older and we got a heated electric shower, i always use warm water to shower, even though the day is as hot as anything. but now i had a cold shower, i realise it really does cool you off, its very refreshing actually. whereas before after the warm shower i dont feel i have cooled off much and have gone away with the thought that having a shower dont cool you off. not realising i should set the water to cold . anyway now i am relearning thing in my old age.

today i got to buy a cheap whole chicken. i have been putting off buying it at normal price, (even though it really is very cheap allready at £2.66 but i wanted a cheaper one when they reduce it . and today i found one for £1.53, (actually there were two of these selling at half price, but i decided to just buy one. the other one is a smaller chicken, and i dont fancy buying that. haha. )half price from the £3 chicken in a bag that is the price normally. i just cut off the bag, even though u are supposed to cook it in the oven in its bag. i dont really like it roasted in its bag, and anyway i want to cut this chicken up to save the breasts, (to freeze) while traybaking the other bits and pieces . i seasoned them with curry powder, and it was delicious, just tray baked in the oven for about 40mins. the bones are all so crunchy that i could eat them as well as the fleshy bits. i have discovered the economy of tray baking them. tray baking means just putting them out on a tray and baking them. it is a fantastically economical way of oven baking chicken, or any meats. and i still have two chicken breasts saved up as frozen meats, to stir fry with veggies for other times. and what is even better was that i went to tesco to buy their 33p washing liquid. all the other times i have gone to tesco specially to find this reduced price chicken and have been disappointed, and now when i am not there for it, i find it. such is life really. unexpected pleasures. 

but the 33p for 450ml, washing up liquid is really very good value. they used to be 50p for 500mls, until tesco started to match aldi prices, and so they reduced it to this. i think they are just as good as the fairy liquid which is £1 for 433ml. i dilute mine 10x, and they still do a very good job of getting rid of the grease and oil. and they do it even though i dont use hot water to wash dishes.  in this case, they are better than soap whcih we use in malaysia. and by diluting them, i dont need to take special care to wash it all off with water. i dont have to be economical with water as i am not on a meter and pay a fixed price, but i am too lazy to have to take care to keep rinsing it thoroughly  everytime to make sure no residue of this detergent remains on my dishes. i daresay it is harmless if u eat it, but better to not have it rather than have it. i buy the lemon scented ones, as i like the clean smell of lemon.

i notice a lot of people use too much and waste a lot of it. they just squirt it hard and a huge splodge comes out. so that they are not taking advantage of the concentrated advertised content . you are supposed to use less and make it last longer, and that is supposed to make it worth the price, but if u just heavy handed with it, all that is lost and you continue to use up a bottle in a jiffy, end up spending more. 


20 Jul

london 8.22pm 25C sunny tuesday 2021, high 31.2C

i have just woken up from my nap, my second one too. to me these hot weathers are just great for sleeping, but i have just read a blog from someone living in the country who bikes every morning to get her newspaper, and she described a wonderful morning ride due to the brilliant weather we are getting. she even got gooseberries growing wild in the hedges to harvest. that reminds me how nice it is living in the country… but how often do we get this kind of weather? haha. it is very pleasant now once the heat of the day is over , like it is now, and the sunset is shining into the flat making it glow all rosy.

i went out earlier today to the morrisons, when i read an article yesterday about it reducing its icecream cones . they are allready a good price at 99p for 4 110mg cones, but to offer 2 packs for £1.50 is really egging the pudding… so i bought 4packs, my little freezer is now full. they hve a lovely selection, though when i went today some were sold out. still managed to buy my 4packs so that was good. not surprised they are so popular, what with this heat , cones are just perfect icecream fodder to eat, nevermind reduced as well. i ate one on the bus back, and ate another one later.it was only later that i wondered if the bus driver would have stopped me from getting on if it were yesterday, when the lockdown was on. in fact, i did buy cornettos, tesco was selling them 6 for £1.50, and i was eating one when i boarded the bus and it was during the lockdown, but the bus driver let me get on without saying anything… i am glad they are not too strict about it. i guess those prone to worry might think they are not safe with me eating a cone with my mask off, but really i think sitting on a bus with all its windows open is a better safeguard than the masks. now we are told no need for masks, but almost like as a courtesy to keep them on , on public transport. more like making others feel better about it, rather than any reason. ditto inside buildings, like supermarkets, to wear one. some of us might do it out of habit now, so used are we to wearing one, that it might feel naked without. haha. 

i dont know what they are called, maybe gladioli. i thought they are the ones making my flat smell so nice recently. i have been getting this heavenly scent coming in through the windows and i dont know what is making it. these are the only flowers blooming outside my window, so i assumed they are ones, but when i went close to take this photos, i smelled them and they dont have scent. so where is the scent comng from?

when i lean out of my window i can still smell this heavy scent . it is like someone has just finished washing their clothes using too much heavy scented detergent. haha. but i dont see anyone putting out their laundry to dry so it cannot be that. i like to think it is just summer smells and flowers are spreading their smells everywhere because it is summer. 

free dom day for uk

19 Jul

london 2.44pm 29C cloudy monday 2021

its the first day this year when i have to close the curtains to block out the sun coming into the flat. this is the age old solution to keeping the flat cool, we do it all the time in malaysia where i grew up, but not often i do it here in london. we have curtains here, so drawing them close also blocks out any breeze from coming  in as well. it is the morning sun, so only the east facing windows get it, and need to be curtained off. the other windows facing west i left open. now the heat have gone down, and the hottest part of the day may be over.

well today the whole country is opened up and no restrictions, except for facemasks . some have said it is too soon to open up, but i think we should do so, and see what happens. if deaths remain low, we should keep it open. as for infections, i dont think it is that important anymore , if it increase or not, does not matter, as long as the vaccine keeps deaths down. you might say it is a gamble, and if we are wrong, people will die. but i am very stoic about deaths. if someone’s fate is to die, so be it really. so you might say if it happens to you , you will certainly change your tune, but i can say, if my body is so weak that it cannot get well , so be it really. it is time to go.

so i say, dont worry , just get on enjoying your life. 

added. 3.14pm

there is a lot of helicopter noises now, and that means only one thing, there is a demonstration going on near us; i was thinking oh are they demonstrating against lockdown ending then? then i saw this on metro newsonline. it seems they are an anti lockdown demonstration, protesting againt lockdown, … on a day when lockdown ends. irony or what? haha. just goes to show humans can be really stupid. and that is why when they say whatever will cause humans to go extinct, i dont mind really. 

18 Jul

london 8.35pm 28C sunny sunday 2021

so, was it very hot today? it hit 30C here, and might be more elsewhere.  not to me. its cool in my flat.  i went out to the local tesco in piccadilly circus, it did not feel that hot. whilst i was waiting for the bus near the tate britain, which is near where i live, i could not help noticing the trees lining the street makes the whole area very cool and it was very pleasant to be under there.

i felt very sleepy the whole day, not sure if it is due to the hot weather. i know in malaysia, we all go to sleep during the hot part of the day, those of us who can afford to, ie those not working. it is the best way to get over that hot part of the day. i can sleep durng the day , whenever i like, though today being sunday, others might be able to do it too. 

everyone i see were wearing shorts and t shirts. one man even got topless, though it kindof defeat the purpose because he was wearing long pants.