nothing to get angry about really

19 Sep

london 1pm 15.7C sunny tuesday 2017

nothing much going on in my life, thank goodness really as i like an uneventful life. but it does mean i have nothing to write about. oh, wait, i got something to write about. i got home from the library to see a envelope on the floor, the postman had come, and delivered it, and it is  a check for a dividend by shell , £186.12. rather nice isn’t it? this is the kind of events that i like. haha.

and i trawl the internet hoping to find some bloggers writing interesting things about their lives or about their philosophy… but i dont find any. 

or rather, there are plenty of them but nothing they say inspires me, or are new, or even accurate, at least to me. and even if i find any writing about what happened to them, i find i dont really relate to them, so dont find it very interesting… so all in all, i may be looking but i can tell i am not really that interested in finding any post interesting. 

nothing makes me get heated up; i am just not bothered by anything really, at least not enough to go on a rant about it, which would fill up a few posts i should think. haha. the world is what it is. but i suppose if i can start getting angry, it will draw in others who also like to feel angry and there u have the making of a popular blog… but i am too lazy to start it, pretending to get angry about things just to draw an audience. 

i mean ryanair cancelling flights just like that… i guess u could get heated up about it and go on a rant but i am not affected so i dont see why i should bother to get angry about it. haha. 


sign language of live speech is gibberish

18 Sep

london 7.27am 12.8C sunny morning monday 2017

have you wondered looking at the sign interpreters who occupy a corner of the screen and being very distracting to viewers whether they really are interpreting the speech or what?

they are not spelling out the words, using sign language, that would take too long.

i have always thought that was what sign language was, spelling out the words in sign language, they have a sign for each letter of the alphabet. but these sign interpreters seem to be free wheeling and using their own language. it can be quite entertaining to watch if done by a graceful person, as in an energetic dancer of an interpreter who is accompanying the lead singer in a concert.

but mostly it is a distraction and i usually switch channels when it happens. some morning tv have these sign interpreters when the news comes on, or late tv have these over some nature programs or other…

now i read that the sign interpreters can lie. haha. it says the interpreter was signing gibberish. it was in a video of a person talking about the recent irma hurricane.

Members of the deaf community said Greene mostly signed gibberish, referencing “pizza,” “monsters,” and using the phrase “help you at that time to use bear big,” during the event. Other information signed to viewers was incomplete, experts said.

actually i saw it , or something similar to it,  and i remember thinking can a deaf person really interpret what that signing is saying just by looking at those wildly moving arms and hands?

even for a verbal interpreter , switching from english to another language it must be difficult to be doing it live while the speaker is talking and not given  a pre-distributed speech of his talk… how much more difficult it must be to sign language it live like that, without even pausing to hear him first and than signing. 

well, it was too difficult to do.  it might be better for them to just use speech technology to provide a subtitle rendition of the speech. and even then it can lead to some hilarious subtitling. haha. 

chicken bargains

15 Sep

london 9.04pm 14.1C drizzling night friday 2017

couldn’t believe my luck … went to the local tesco to see if i can bag any bargains, and saw there were lots of whole chicken, usually selling for £1.99/kg expiring today. its not surprising these did not sell, because they are much more expensive than the promotion chickens that they are selling at 25% off. i suspect with so many other supermarkets selling it at prices lower than these chickens it is  bound to be no one is buying these. so i hung around knowing they will bound to be reduced. they all have reduced stickers saying £2.60, from usual price of about £3.70, which price i know no one will buy especially on their expiring date.

what did surprise me was them being reduced to 55p each. that is the lowest i have seen of whole chickens being sold at the end of the day… i thought those days of £1 chicken are gone, but these are even cheaper. so i bought 3. and he was reducing other meats too, so i bought pork, and mince beef and diced beef, all for about 55p each. really amazing prices. 

and these chickens are big, about 1.7kg. and there was only one other guy there , so no big scrum of buyers fighting for the goodies. it was quite late that he started the reductions. about 8pm… and this area has a poor 196bus connection after 8pm, so that might explain why there were no one around. and maybe on a friday night most people are wanting to party seeing it is the start of the weekend after all.

i shall be able to cook all the different ways of chicken that i like, roasting, and currying it, and blacksoya sauce it… a lot of people may be put off buying so many chickens, as they dont want to be eating chicken for weeks after, but if u cook them in all the different ways and then portion them up and freeze them, u will have loads of variety to enjoy for a month at least.

times like this is when i wish i got a big freezer, than can freeze the whole chicken and have lots of chicken to eat over the following months.

compare this price , 3 chickens for £1.66 to the two chickens i bought at full price, about £6.60 earlier this month. 


lovely chicken meal

15 Sep

london 9.38am 15.1C sunny friday 2017. sunset is 7.14pm . days are getting shorter. but it does not feel autumnal at all. trees are still green. and it is quite warm.

not a lot of flowers though, the plants around here are looking rather bedraggled.

on wednesday, i went into a M&S store in chelsea on my way to the circuit training, and saw they have half price oakham farm whole chicken. and today i see they are advertising it in the papers.  if u search the shelves you can find a large chicken 1.8kg usually £6 , for £3. which is a nice bargain. but i think by now they are all gone, and only the small ones are left, which are not so much of a bargain. they are usually £4, which i think is very overpriced, reducing it to half price £2 just makes them barely reasonable. 

but tesco is also selling 25% off chicken , £3.37 for any medium and large size, and if u find one that is 1.95kg as i did , you can get a nice bargain. the trick is to find the largest chicken they have got that is reduced by 25%. i must have got there just when they stock them up, because these large chickens usually get bought very quickly. they are not advertising this though. maybe they reduced it as a response to the M&S offer.

i roasted the chicken yesterday, and by today they are all eaten. simon loves eating them…he even offered to peel the potatoes so i can roast them together with the chicken. he knows i am not bothered to peel them if it were left to me… haha. it does make the outside crisp when peeled. 

 i find the chickens sold in london are very meaty, they have lots of breast meat, which is a good thing. and if u dont over cook them, they can be very juicy and tender. i think the larger the chicken the better, in that a lot of the weight then is meat, rather than bones. a small chicken have proportionately more bones than meat.

its really lovely to have a roast. i realise people in dont roast meats, as it is too hot and the oven just makes the kitchen unbearable. and it is true that roast dinners are more enjoyable during the cool months. or when we get a cool summer, which is often. haha. another plus for london, even our summers are cool enough to have roast chicken so we can enjoy it all year round. nice or what.

but chicken can be cooked in other ways too, like in a curry, or with black soya sauce. i am often torn between choosing how to cook them, as i like them all… so it is really tempting to buy more chicken so i can cook them in those other 2 ways.

in the old days when i get really cheap chickens,(£1 each!) i will buy 3, and  cook them in all the 3 ways. and freeze them. perhaps with all this competition for chicken, i might be able to find more reduced priced later in the weeks ahead as they come up to their expiry date. who knows! right?

added. 12.25pm 17.1C sunny. correction about there being no flowers around. i went out to the library just now and on the way i could see lots of flowers. like this one hanging basket near the bus stop, plenty of these hanging on every lamp post in the area.

then as i was coming back, i decided to look in to the tate britain to see what they have got. 

very pretty these, with the sunlight shining through them they seem to be lit from below. they are transparent blocks that rachel whiteread the artist have made of the spaces underneath stools. she did a shed too, sitting outside on the grass.

 its about man height. must use a lot of concrete haha. it’s a chicken shed, a replica in concrete of the inside of a chicken shed.

nice looking staircase inside the tate britain. those black patterns on the floor look like they are 3 dimensional peaks rising off the ground.

the new plastic jane austen £10 note.

14 Sep

london virgin lounge 2.54pm 18.5C sunny thursday 2017

oh, i see on the big tv on the wall showing the news that the new £10 jane austen plastic note is being issued today. quite a lot of new features on it. looks like the bank of england is trying to convert most of its currency to plastic. unlike some who dont like the change, i dont mind. 

i think when they change the £20 note, it will be a lot more of a disruption to us.

then there is the hoo ha about the way they charge for the new apple iphone x. it costs the same whether it is in US$ or in £, even though the exchange rate is $1.33 =£1.

in the states there is the strange anomaly of sales taxes , some states dont have that, or lower than others. delaware it seems have no state taxes. is there a lot of smuggling across state borders do you think? how do the americans deal with that? i remember when i used to go to the states for christmas , it is cheaper in new jersey than in manhatten because of the difference in sales tax. but of course being a tourist, not to mention that the exchange rate then was so good, $1.80 to £1,( such happy days! now that i look back on it) that it never occurred to me to go to new jersey . not worth the trouble, really. 

where is paradise?

13 Sep

london 1.45pm 18.9C sunny wednesday 2017

5.37pm 17C sunny

i cannot help comparing what a peaceful country the uk is , with no extremes of weather, or any nasties like earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

what we have is storms, like the one yesterday, or so it seems. i would never have known of it, if i had not read it in the papers this morning. a 85mph storm eileen, the first one of the storms this year that is big enough to have its own name. and it takes september before any one such even appears. i mean what happened in january , february, months that are winter months and presumably associated with storms;?

 to the usa, this storm is a category 1. haha. a small fry when u consider they have just endured two category 5 storms so far. the usa can easily finance and deal with the costs of these storms. so it puzzles me when i see calls to donate to it… what they should be asking for donations is to the poor people caught up in the caribbean islands. and i dont mean the odd billionaires like branson who suffer from it. those ordinary folks in those islands are the real losers in all this. these islands are supposed to be paradise… but i think if u have not realised it by now, you are still very naive… that there is no such place as paradise. there is always a serpent in it. in this case, it is the hurricanes.

all those people who are in the uk, professing to be sick of the uk, and going abroad in search of paradise… little did they know that paradise is the uk, right in front of their noses and they never realise it. it takes being in the middle of a hurricane in their paradise island, to make them realise east west,  home’s best … 

i have just come back from my circuit training with our original trainer. the last 2 wks we have substitute trainers, which are a bit hit or miss, so it is nice to get him back again. he went to oregon for his two weeks holiday… intending to walk the trails, but it was hit by forest fires when he was there. he said he was deciding on florida as another alternate destination… and said it seems he missed the floods but got caught by the fire… haha. 

‘urricanes ‘ardly ‘appen… not

12 Sep

london 9.34pm 14.2C drynight. 2017 tuesday

this article and this one  and this are really good… it is trying to point out that the effect of hurricanes have increased, not only the strength of the hurricanes and its occurrences, but also its effect. and this is not only due to the strength of the hurricane, it is due to the fact that florida has gotten more population, more built up areas and more expensive housing so that the cost of destruction has gone up. and related to it is the fact that florida has been building over swamp land, coastal areas that were previously  mangrove swamps which have been drained because so many like to live near the sea. it is mangrove swamps that are the best safeguard against the effects of hurricane and coastal waters.

i think what he said is unargueable… most , if not all, would agree with him.  that it can be mitigated by planning and forward thinking and being able to change the logistics of building and determining how crowded you wish to build and on what areas.

but perhaps not many will alter their behaviour… after all, just look at all those who continue to live and build on volcanoes, knowing full well it erupts and kill everyone who lives near it. but they still build on it. 

after this destruction by hurricane irma, they will have to question whether and how they rebuild those devastated communities. but i am betting no one will remember this after a few years and they will carry on as before. until the next megahurricane comes along. 

there is all this talk of climate change devastating the country, but remember, if u build in flood plains or on mangrove swamps without adequate safeguards to channel the flood waters away or store it in temporary wells and ponds, you will get damage even if it is nothing to do with climate change but just a heavy seasonal rainstorm. that is why i personally dont mind climate change. provided we learn to adapt and make provisions in our buildings and its locations and control of water, or floods.

and not only floods but droughts too… because they seem to come together… some parts of the country are even now getting forest fires from the dry conditions… with all our sciences we should be able to find out what can prevent them, what works… maybe even to burn forests selectively on a yearly basis, so that undergrowth and debris do not build up so much as to be tinder dry and spark off a huge uncontrollable fire every 3-4 yrs, or every 10 yrs… but maybe we are not so knowledgeable about how nature works … we humans who think we know everything… ha.