13 Nov

london 5.58pm 12.4C dry night tuesday 2018

one thing good about not working or having any responsibilities for another person, is that i can sleep as much and as often as i like. and i think healing takes place quicker too when i sleep. certainly my foot looks better today than yesterday. so that is a good sign that what i am doing is right.

my friend david who goes to the circuit training class has told me he fell on a visit to his brother(it is to celebrate the brother’s birthday) somewhere up north and is on antibiotics. between us two we are a right old bunch aren’t we? is that what getting old means? i hope not because it would be a horrible prospect to contemplate.

i wish david got email, but he seem to have leap frog that to a smartphone and so communicates only by text or calls. and it is difficult to write a lot on text. 


a change of action

12 Nov

london 12.39pm 14.1C sunny rain with hail monday 2018

the time have flown past, i did not realise i have missed writing a post yesterday. my last post was titled a ordinary day. well i was wrong. it was an extraordinary day.

i had fractured my right foot (last time it was the left foot) without realising how i did it. i went for the circuit training on wednesday and i noticed the pain on my right foot on friday and by saturday it had become swollen.

at first i thought it might be due to a spider bite, because just the day before i saw a big spider walk by me on the sofa. i dont kill them as i think they are beneficial to keep insects in check.

but later i saw it was just like the time i had fractured by right foot. the symptoms were the same. so now i know not to put any weight on it but to rest it completely. i have given the crutches back to the hospital so i dont have them to use. so i have to crawl about the flat on my knees, just to put my foot out of pressure by not walking on it.

i know how important it is to keep the weight off the foot for it to heal. and it is healing now. the swelling is going down, even the redness has gone down. so i am not going to see the doctor about it as my body seem to be handling it well. i know the doctor will do the same advise , rest the foot, and let it heal. he might prescribe antibiotics, but so far i dont see the need,as i am not getting any fever, and the swelling is going down. i think it must be a small fracture this time. but it does make me reassess what i shall do in future. it seems i might be prone to weakening of the bones, if i can get fracture so easily. i might have to do more weight training,(and not do circuit training which would be rather sad)  sit out in the sun, and eat more calcium food. which means more green vegetables. the trainer who does our circuit training also do a weight training session so i might ask him about that and shift from the circuit training to the weight training.

i have noticed my muscles are wasting away, in that my arms and legs are thinner, and i find i dont have any strength in them. this is not good. as we go older our muscles can waste away… and it is important to keep muscle building to keep them functioning. there are  muscle weight exercise machine in the communal gardens in our estate. it has been installed by council for quite some time now, but i have not felt the need to use them.  it might be a good idea to use it more now.

so those are my new intentions once this foot heals. time to develop more of these habits so that i make a routine out of it.

an ordinary day

10 Nov

london 3pm 13.8C raining saturday 2018

simon was about to go out and he asked me if it will be raining. so i told him what the weather forecast website said, that rain is expect at 5pm. so he decided to bring the umbrella. just as well he did, because i looked out when i was writing this and remembered to look at the ground instead of just at the sky. the sky was blue actually, with bits of dark cloud, but the ground showed me it was wet, and with puddles of water lying around. so it had been raining, and it is not 5pm. its not a day to go out really. though earlier this morning i went out to the library to read the saturday papers. it is something to do, because the papers are not really that interesting to read.

when i got back i noticed he had repaired our toilet flush, so that it did not drip anymore. the stop cock valve to shut off the water when it got full was not working. i  just solved it by letting it drip and collect the water inside the flat, rather than let it go out of the outlet pipe to splash out into the courtyard and make the neighbours report it to the management. he managed to replace the stop cock with a new one. and it works fine now. well, it is nice to have someone who knows how to DIY with plumbing . maybe schools should teach these simple DIY skills. it is just how to reassemble new parts, because basically it is old parts getting worn down and need replacing. added. it is raining now. quite heavily too. 

added 9.27pm 10.3C rain. it has been raining all night and forecast to last till 9am tomorrow. quite heavy rain too, makes me glad to be indoors and not have to go out. 

how do u spend the time

9 Nov

london 9.37pm 11.2C rain friday 2018

i wonder how people are spending their time now wherever they live.

perhaps in india they are celebrating the diwali. it lasts 5 days and i have been reading blogs about it. also the news that delhi woke up today to a huge smog over the city, due to the fireworks and also field burning. they have a ban on fireworks but of course it is difficult to enforce it. and there is a lot of burning of oil lamps too. but i hope the pollution wont dampen people’s enjoyment of this festival.

i think this festival is more celebrated in the north , rather than south of india. most of the migrants to malaysia come from the south, and i think thaipusam is a bigger thing in south india and hence in malaysia.  from what i see of the blogs talking about diwali, (malaysians call it deepavali which i think is a south indian term), the highlight is the huge variety of sweets that come out specially  at this time.

i met someone at the library today who told me she will be going to malaysia for a month in february. she said it had been a long time since we saw each other. i thought she was a homeless person, but i must be wrong , if she can afford the flight to malaysia. and it seems she goes to penang often. she will spend all that month in penang. when i ask her what is it about penang she likes, she said it is the people. i forgot to ask her to elaborate.

here in london there is the upcoming weekend, when they celebrate remembrance sunday… it is the 100th anniversary of the first world war. but this affair is not accompanied by feasting, so there is no mass adverts of food. most of the adverts now are christmas related, in anticipation of that day and softening us up for that. i think there are very few who are alive to remember that first world war. even for the 2nd world war, there must be  dwindling numbers who have lived through it. 

can you lie out in the sun doing nothing?

8 Nov

london 11.14am 13.7C sunny thursday 2018

last night i got an email from steve telling me of a free cheesecake and champagne at hotel cafe royal in regent st. it is today at 12pm, but it is allready 11.14am and if i want to go i should start now .

but i am in two minds about going. i am not very keen on sweet stuff and champagne, or any alcoholic drinks for that matter. and they will have a draw for a free trip to barcelona as well. but nowadays that is not going to attract me, my first thought when i read that was i hope i dont get it. haha. so i think i shall give it a miss.

funny how sometimes i am so comfortable at home i dont feel like going out. whilst other times, i want to go out even if there is no reason to do so. looking out of the window now, i see it is all sunshine streaming into the lounge, and blue sky out there. normally that would make people want to go out and enjoy the sunshine.yet i want to stay in and just fiddle with the internet and online.

oh, i shall go out sometime today, but instead of going out to the river and enjoy that, i would most probably go out to go into the library … it is a little perverse to go out and go indoors again. but that is life… there may be beauty all around us and we would not notice it because we cannot live on beauty alone… it makes me think beautiful scenery is all very well, but really no one can sit all day looking at it.

i suppose the ideal would be able to sit out in the sun whilst getting online with the laptop outside. until i realise it cannot be done. the light will be too bright to see the screen. i guess there is nothing to do but just sit in the sun close my eyes and just stay there doing nothing. in a way u can only admire those people who can lie in the sun all day… they must be really good at doing nothing, or else they are good sleepers, able to sleep anywhere, anytime. 

lovely shade of pastel

7 Nov

london 14.2C rain wednesday 2018

when i report what the weather is like, i just look out of my lounge window at the sky. so at first i put down cloudy…but it can be deceptive, because later it was only when i went to the kitchen to get a drink that i saw outside the kitchen window that the ground was wet. it has been raining. but such a misty sort of rain you cannot see it. 

it is very mild these few days… lowest temp today was at 6am 11.4C. lovely that it is so mild, though the leaves around here are all turning brown and yellow, so they are just getting on with it and not be fooled by the mild weather.

at green park when i passed it yesterday on the bus, there was just this wash of brown and yellow at tree height. we dont get vivid reds so the colours are not so dramatic but the yellows and browns still give a lovely wash of pastel shades to the scenery. 

you know how people go on holiday to get a change of scenery? well i am thinking i am having a change of scenery too but without moving anywhere. with the seasons the whole thing is changing round me with me staying where i am.

but of course u might argue it is the culture that will be different, and that is what u are wanting to experience when u travel … but some might argue that might change too, seeing the western culture is being exported world wide now and even remote areas and the people who live there now are being visibly influenced by their exposure to western ways.


just comparing my life in london with my life in kL if i live there.

5 Nov

london 4.45pm 14.3C (high 15.8C) cloudy night monday 2018

i remembered a email voucher from krispy creme giving me a free doughnut which they sent me a few days ago and i saved it.

today i decided to redeem it, so went to victoria station whre there is a krispy kreme kiosk. its quite nice , the doughnut, but very sweet of course, not only from the topping, but from the filling. i had my own water bottle which i drank from, because it can make u real thirsty, but also i passed by the water dispenser in the main concourse which reminded me that this station has a free water dispenser.  so i filled up my bottle. i had thought i shall go to the wing shot, that place where we got our free chicken wings, to redeem the voucher they gave me for another free chicken wing portion. i had saved the voucher in my email, and i opened it when i was in victoria, using the wifi there.

however when i arrived at the shop,in cambridge circus,  i found that  the email wont open and i have to get online again… which i did at the pret nearby, though by the time i did it , and went to the shop i found when i tried the door it wont open, even though i can see the workers inside… even though the notice open hours says that they open at 11am.  the time was 11.30am. they are late, and i remembered that when we were queueing that first day, they too were late and let us in only after 30mins after their opening time.

so i think i shall go there after 12pm tomorrow, just to  be sure they will be open.

ah well, i was thinking what i might be doing if i were retired and living in malaysia, kuala lumpur, which i would be doing if i were to have lived a different life instead of the one i lived. and i realise i would be rather more house bound, as it would be too hot to be out in the afternoon , not to mention there wont be any reason to go out  as the bus is too erratic and the journey long, and not airconditioned, and does not go to many places. usually i walk to the village nearby, where u can go to the wet market to buy food groceries, like veg, and fish or fowl, or meat. at least that was where my mum goes when she was alive. i wonder whether i would do that if i were to live there. or would i prefer to shop at the supermarkets. it would require i drive as people are really depandant on their cars or motorbikes. and i dont like to drive as it is real easy to get into an accident when you get older and older and your attention span and skill goes out the door. i have not driven in london for a long time now.  so i suspect i shall be quite house bound if i were ever to live there.

i am glad to be living in london rather than in kL.

the freedom pass here in london is a great enabler, it allows me to just up and go and make me not need much of a reason to go out, whereas if i have to pay, i would need a good reason to go and many times there is no need to go at all. even so i dont always go out. i hear from the two malaysian sisters, that they have gone to croydon for a freebie, and i said that is far, but they said not at all. they live in hounslow, so that it is about equal time travel to croydon as to come to central london for them. so for them, the effort and time to come to central london is as much as going to croydon. of course they have the freedom pass too so  cost is not a consideration. whilst for me, it is certainly much more of a bother to go to croydon than to central london as i allready live in central london.