food and diet control for gout

25 Apr

london 6.43pm 15C sunny thursday 2019

i have been cooking the cauliflower that i bought so much of and i seem to have lost the knack of making them tasty. i dont know why, but so far the veggie dishes i have created are very bland , tasteless. in the past i would put in some meat, and that seem to perk it up and make it tasty, but now i decided not to, and everything is tasteless . i dont know what happened because in the past i have cooked veggie without meat and it has been tasty.

i am trying to remember what i did. the only difference that i can see is that i steamed the veggie, or boil them now, whereas before i would stir fry them. can that be the reason why they dont taste so good now? its possible, because i would stir fry with garlic, ginger and onions, and somehow stir frying those seem to bring out their flavour and infuse the veggie with it.

the trouble is i am trying to use less ginger and garlic, as the upstairs neighbour has complained about the smell of garlic. she says she is pregnant which makes her hypersensitive to smells, though the time she complained, it was because i burnt the garlic, and the smell lingered in the flat, as i have the windows closed and it must have seeped up into her flat through the gaps in the ceiling. now i always remember to open the windows and let the cross ventilation clear the flat of any smells whenever i cook garlic . and try not to over cook them or burn them and i am using fewer garlic too. 

added 8.22pm 13C i have just come back from the tesco. i did not really need anything, and i nearly bought a pack of 4 breaded chicken, reduced to 70p , but when i read the label, to see whether they need cooking, i saw they require oven cooking and they only have 64%chicken. so i put them back. i have said i m not eating meat, but i find that if i am careful to eat fewer meat, i can still eat them, without bringing on the symptoms of gout. i find it difficult to not have meat at all. 

i bought 3bananas for 43p, they are cheaper if u buy them loose, rather than take their prewrapped bunches. all those plastics and still cost more.

then i remembered i only got one frozen fish left in the freezer, so i bought their basic frozen fish for £2.18 for 540mg. it seems i can eat white fish, though mackerel and salmon are in the forbidden list. though if i can get those two  on reduced prices, i would buy them as i think occasionally it is ok to eat them.

the fact that i can just control the gout by diet alone seems to suggest that as we get older, our kidneys and other organs dont work so efficiently. that might also explain why some people can control their diabetes 2 by diet alone. it appeals to me to control by diet alone rather than by drugs. and as long as u are quite strict with yourself, you can afford to indulge a bit with diet.

for eg, i dont add suger to my coffee or tea, nor drink sugery drinks, but occasionally i do eat cakes, and biscuits and chocolates. not often though. 

waste not

24 Apr

london 5.14pm 15C dry wednesday 2019

there is a pop up cafe giving away free food that they make from waste food. it sounds awful doesn’t it? waste food.  but they mean using veggies that may not be at their best. it is near goodge st, and so i took the  bus 24 there. and found out that they have changed the route of the bus 24.

used to be tottenham court road is a one way 2 lane road, now they make it both ways, and restrict traffic to only one lane. when i was there at about 11.30am it was freely moving, but on the way back, the lane going north was at a standstill, whilst the bus i was on going south had the road practically to itself.  in the past cars can over take the buses when they stop at the bus stops, and so there is no blockage. now all of them are stuck behind each other in that one lane.

they will need to change the stop lights setting to give more time for the north bound traffic to move.

anyway this free food, we are only allowed to chose one of the 4 choices;  there were two main dishes, a chicken with herb cream sauce , and a veggie curry. and two desserts. it was sponsored by emlea , they sell cream, so i thought they would use lots of cream in those dishes but strangely, my chicken dish was very dry… not a lot of creamy sauce. there must be a whole chicken breast there, so i cannot imagine how that could be a waste food. unless it is close to its sell by date and that is how they donated it to this kitchen.

anyway, there were plenty of pots of cream on the table, and i wish i had taken one now. it would be nice to use it with my porridge. haha.

the bus route change is a good thing, in that it shortened the route 24 on the way south and avoid a large traffic jam. but it seemed to have created another even bigger jam on the north bound route. these route changes are very rare. in fact, this is the first time i see it and i have lived here in london a very long time.

all the buses are running as normal through the centre of town now, except the marble arch area as the police are herding them onto that instead of blocking other parts. they still delay the traffic a bit by temporarily blocking the road for 5mins at a time. there are a lot more policemen about so that might be the reason why they can stop those guys from sitting on the road and blocking it. 

this and that

22 Apr

london 7.03pm 21C cloudy easter monday 2019

its been a high of 25C but i have been indoors most of the time. only went out once to the tesco to see what they got reduced. got some veg, 3 for £1 and they were onions, and 2 heads of cauliflowers. at 33p each they are rather good value. 

Digital StillCamera

cake 69p reduced price, i dont buy cake but got tempted by this one. yogurt 1kg £1

some of the things i bought. it is easter monday and yet all the supermarkets are open. and even on easter sunday when the big supermarkets are closed, all of them, the express branches are all open, and at their usual long hours of opening too from 7am to 10pm. that was how simon was able to buy the ingredients to make a seafood risotto on sunday. one of the nicest things of being in london, where the supermarket opens for our convenience. 

its been very nice and warm over these bank holiday easter, and i have been hearing from john who lives near bournemouth, about his going to the beach at studland bay. its a naked beach and i think the best nudist beach in uk. he said if the weather is this good all the time, he would not bother to go abroad. so he is very influenced by the hot temperature of abroad. i am not affected by hot weather, in fact if anything i dont chose where to holiday by the weather of that country …hot or not. that might explain why i like being in london and content to just enjoy whatever the weather is here. to me everyday is nice weather here, whether it is sun shining or rain. maybe i am not keen on the sun, that is why even this holiday period with its hot sunny days dont tempt me to go out and sit under the sun. in fact, i prefer if it is a cold day but sunny, then sitting out under the sun is very pleasant, whilst now it can get very uncomfortable if i sit out too long. 

i think how you view the sun or anything really seem to depand on your mind. if u think you need the sun to make you happy, than that is how it will be. the mind and how you think determines how you react to various situations.

jsut now i have an example of it. simon says there is no bread crumbs in the store for him to buy, he wanted to fry chicken, and wants to coat it in bread crumbs first, but since he cannot get it at the store, he said he will have to do without. i said, you can make bread crumbs from the bread we have. he said it is not the same, because the bread need to be stale. well, he is wrong of course, but i figured we dont have a lot of bread in the freezer, and i only just recently bought a loaf of seeded bread cheap because it expires today, so you could say it is stale bread.  but i dont want him to use it up, as i bought it to eat as bread and not as crumbs on chicken. haha. so i kept quiet and let him continue to believe in what he believes. 

sunny in london

20 Apr

london 3.57pm 23C (high of 26C) dry sunny saturday 2019

its been lovely weather these two days. yesterday i went again to tortilla, for their free burito breakfast and coffee.

so filling. after eating it, i thought no more till a week at least. cant face another burito . haha.

i thought there might be fewer people queueing ,seeing it is a bank holiday, good friday, but no, lots of guys wearing hi vis jackets, like they have just come from a building site.  word have spread amongst the builders.

there will be another friday to look forwrd to before it ends.

its saturday now, and for me, there is nothing to do. there is plenty of things going on, but does not interest me.

ian is coming to visit me, he had just come back from a holiday in lanzarote, the northern part, which he said was rather windy and so quite cold, they have to put on jackets but he said it was still quite enjoyable, for the restful holiday, without any crowds, as the northern part is less crowded than the southern part.

to me, it seemed deserted, none of his photos show any other people, and no shops or restaurants either. and lava ground instead of white beaches.

now i see that spain is raining, which would really miff me if i were holidaying there, esp when i see it is so sunny and rainless in london. 



18 Apr

london 11.18am 17C sunny thursday 2019

being a john lewis member you get offers from them every 3months. last quarter, i got a gift voucher of £5 to use in waitrose, and that was real useful, as i was able to buy a croissant and get the free coffee each time. i still have another two free croissant and coffee treats to go before the £5 voucher is used up. this time i got in the post their offer of a free coffee and cake in their cafe in the oxford st store. so this one is a one off treat. there was another coupon that gives me a free coffee but only if i buy a cake so i wont be using that. well, these treats are quite nice to have.

in the meantime there is life to enjoy. it is sunny out there, and i might go out and sit in the sun. the forecast is for lots of sun and high temperatures over the easter weekend. and tomorrow there is the free burito for breakfast at tortilla, the cafe in victoria.

it is also the start of the easter holidays which must please a lot of commuters, as they wont have to suffer the disruption by the climate activists.

it has affected the westend businesses who are complaining that people are not coming to the westend and they have suffered a drop in earnings. and they are criticising the mayor of london for supporting the activists. the holidays will be a reprieve for commuters, but businesses will still suffer from the disruption that the activists are forecasting for the westend with their continued action. certainly i myself have not gone to the westend because of this disruption. it is possible that local shops have gained from this… as more people shop locally than go far afield. 


17 Apr

london 8.05pm 16C wednesday 2019

the climate activist is now targetting the tube, they glued themselves to the dlr (docklands light railway )line, that line runs from stratford to canary wharf area in east london. they were still blocking  the central traffic spots like oxford st, parliament square, waterloo bridge. so buses are disrupted.

the 88 is completely not running through the centre. with the northern bit running to trafalgar square, the southern bit ending in vauxhall. so it missed my section …that runs by my flat. instead i use the 87, which ends at lambeth bridge, and i get off at the tate britain stop. the c10 continue to run as usual.

the other thing that catch my attention is the free whopper given by burgerking today. unfortunately you need a smartphone to download their app, where they give u the code so that u can go to the store to get the whopper. i dont have a smartphone so that leaves me out.

and it seems today they are not serving any other hamburger. at first when i read it in the advert in the metro, i thought they will upgrade your order whilst allowing you to pay the lower price, but no, it does not work like that. i think it is a mistake , they wont bring in customers if they force everyone to order the more expensive whopper. MacD have vouchers where u can get their big mac for £2 plus free fries too. and it doesnot exclude us who dont have smartphones. so there!! the vouchers are in the metro free newspaper, so everyone can get it. 

and not all branches of burgerking do this. the one in victoria station, in fact there are two branches in the concourse, both dont do this, and so they are selling their usual menu. quite expensive prices i noticed, when i had a look at their prices when i pass through victoria. it is about £9, (no whoppers sold by them, which usually cost £4 or so. maybe those prices are for meals on the display board include drinks and fries. i did not really look at the small print menu, if there are any on display.

so their prices are as much as the posh hamburger places like 5 guys, or primeburgers etc. (and even so,those posh burger joints are struggling and are offering members of their newsletters discounts of  40%).  its no wonder burgerking outlets have reduced drastically.  i was surprised when i ask their website for the store locator for their branches, and found so few branches.

there are a lot of food tv programs on tv, now. that is why i am always thinking of food. haha. i am looking at supermarket secrets, a tv program going on now. talking of food on demand, microwaveable foods. and quinoa. (pronounced keen wa)i have not eaten it nor intend to do so. haha. i think it is a gimmick. they interviewed one farmer growing it in the uk. they are selling it in a pouch, so it is allready cooked and flavoured and you just need to microwave it. it might catch on, rather than cook it in the normal way for 15mins like porridge. but it will cost you. 

climate activists, but life is normal for me.

15 Apr

london 6.47pm 11C sunny monday 2019

saw this just now in the news, about a fire at notre dame in paris. quite a big fire from the video showing it. hope it is not done by those climate activists, which have said they intend to demonstrate in a lot of cities as well as london. but to burn down the cathedral seems a bit drastic. latest news shows the spire of the cathedral toppling. it seems it is due to the renovation works. i have noticed fire seem to be very common when these old things undergo long needed restoration. i wonder why is that they catch fire so easily. 

here they broke the plate glass window of the shell headquarters. 

here we got the disruption by the climate activists , though it did not affect me at all. i can see the buses are not going any further and ending in victoria, but since that was where i was going it was not a bother. then after the library, i took the train to balham, it was a direct train only 4stations away, and then from there i took the tube two stops to tooting broadway where the aldi and lidl are. there was a poundland and i bought disposable 5razors for £1. not sure if it will be sharp enough, last time i bought razors they were not sharp. coming back i took the tube, as it drops me off at pimlico, and i took the c10 which was not affected by the demonstration back to my flat.

added 16.4.19 i found out that the last time i bought razors , it was £1 for 8. no wonder they were not sharp. this one at 5 for £1 is sharp enough. i have used one to test it. so might be worth buying some more. but it seems generally if i just buy 5 for £1 i should be ok. they are supposed to be disposable, presumably used once only, but for me i can use them quite a lot of times  and they still remain sharp. this is because i dont really have that much hair on my face to shave off.

i suppose a lot of people will be inconvenienced by the disruption to traffic and movement by those climate activists. not sure what they hope to achieve by this action.