free bacon sandwich today and tomorrow and tomorrow

11 Dec

london 12.51pm 8C sunny wednesday 2019

its lovely this one, they set up a dispensing machine, which gives out these bacon sandwiches instead of cash. its near liverpool st station, when i went there at about 11am, there was no queue, so that i missed it entirely and went down the length of the street before retracing my steps and then seeing the huge hoarding advertising it.

the hoarding hides the workers behind the hoarding, where there must be kitchen facillities to make the sandwich, and one of them came out , i think for a break, as they started at 8am. and will continue till 2pm, and they will repeat it for two days.

i dont know what it is in aid of, they have a panel for donations,£1, £2, £5.  if u want to do it, and the two gentlemen before me did… he tried to use a card first to pay for it, and it wont take it, then he used something he was wearing on his wrist.

when it was my turn, i saw there was a button ‘no donation’ if u want it free. the bacon sandwiches comes with 3 choices , with ketchup, brown sauce, or no sauce, and it comes in a sachet which u have to add yourself. the bacon sandwich is good without the sauce really. 

i can see the local workmen were liking it, there is nothing to stop you from going there for repeat food, i myself went there twice, though twice was enough for me. once makes u wanting more, it was that good. the bacon was nice and crispy.

at that time there was hardly any queue as most of the workers are busy at their  offices. lunchtime will be busier.

after getting it the second time i was on the other side of the street thinking to sit in the benches in the sun to eat it, and a man was standing there, so i told him if he would like a free bacon sandwich. he said yes,  and i pointed the machine out for him, he wanted me to show him how it works, so i took him back to the machine, and showed him how . he got his sandwich, and i told him he can come back for more too today,  and they do it tomorrow and tomorrow till 2pm.

i would have thought it would be a lovely breakfast for those who hang around the street. i find it strange that you dont see these people coming to these food free offers. they dont seem to know about these free food offers. i would have thought they would have a word of mouth network telling them of these freebies.

maybe they dont have access to the internet, though nowadays with every beggar having a smartphone, how can anyone not be able to get online these days. but i would have thought this kind of thing is ideal for dispensing food to the down and outs who would need it more.

of course i suspect the whole thing is a publicity thing to attract the office workers around here, people like the two men who were before me. they were wearing suits and look very prosperous. 

all you can eat buffets

10 Dec

london 5.24pm 11C stopped raining now tuesday 2019

my friend in bournemouth had been telling me of the things he has been doing. he and another friend went to a all you can eat thai buffet, £13 in salisbury. his friend is the one who wanted to go, instead of having the 2 course meal for £8. but it seems he started with the soup, and it was a very spicy soup, so much so that he got ill eating it and was sick in the toilet, and after that he was useless to eat the main foods, and so lost out on the meal.

i know this friend of his likes these eating- all -you- can food places, and can eat a lot. when he comes to london he would eat at chinatown all you can eat buffet, and go searching for the cheapest ones he can find.  so it must be very frustrating for him to find he got too ill to do it justice.

i myself dont like going to these all you can eat buffets, as i have such a small appetite these days. i can eat if given the whole day to do it, little portions throughout the day, i can manage but not this fast paced eating. but the big objection i have to these places is the very salty foods they have. i think it ruins the food. and perhaps it is necessary to stop people eating a lot. does salty foods make u stop eating? or make it impossible to over eat? maybe it makes u so thirsty that u drink a lot of water and that fills you up too. 

big burger giveaway by 5guys.

9 Dec

london 11.52am 10C sunny monday 2019

burger day today. two companies giving away free burgers today, one is 5 guys, who are doing it all day.the other is patty and bun. 

and i just had the 5 guys breakfast sandwich which is available before 10.30am, though not many order it, my number was 8, whereas those who order the meat burger the number being called was in the 90s and they were still queueing up for their order, even though i got mine and was sitting nearby enjoying it. it was controlled chaos but the guys were managing very well.

its all a lot of fun, to me looking on at it all. it is very generous of the company ,i think,  because u can not only get the free burger, but everything else on the menu as well, though when i reached the counter, the innocent fresh orange juice has run out. but i got a cappuccino, and fries to go with it.

my breakfast sandwich got no meat burger, but only egg, cheese and bacon. so maybe that explains why it was not so popular. haha. but it was filling, so much so that i did not feel like going to the other place giving away free burger, patty and bun.

i am a bit surprised at me, how come i dont have a big appetite anymore. cant seem to eat a lot these days. ah well, nevermind, it is still nice to know i can have all this free if i want. but there is nothing to say i have to eat it, even if it is free. haha. it is one of the nicest things living in london, to be able to get these freebies. 

the restaurant is right in front of the st paul’s cathedral, so is very prominent.

watching tv now

8 Dec

london 5.37pm 7C dry sunday 2019

its dark out there now, and i had to look out of the window to see if it is raining or not. the shops will be closed now, at least the normal big supermarkets,so its too late for me to get the reduced foods. i dont need any reduced foods  really. 

 the so called  convenience shops are still open in case anyone needs to buy anything urgently. not that i am in need of anything. with a freezer of food it is rare that i dont have anything to make a meal at a moment’s notice.

so i have eaten fried rice with prawns,mixed with scambled eggs  and lettuce. its quick and filling. now i am waiting for a cartoon to start, it is another version of the christmas scrooge story, called a christmas carol, but this time voiced by jim carrey, doing all the voices for scrooge as well as the 3 ghosts of christmas. i dont think i have seen it before.

i have discovered that in my chromebook i can get the tv programs to show live over the internet. so even though simon is now seeing a program on the tv screen, if he is still on it, i can see my program on my chromebook.

no wonder there is no need for a big tv screen in the house anymore since anyone can see tv on their laptops. people can by- pass the tv license as they dont need a tv screen anymore. i hope that the bbc tv license is on the way out. they will have to find another alternative. the cartoon is starting now, and i can watch it over the big screen as simon can watch his snooker on his laptop. 

7 Dec

london 1.42pm 11C sunny saturday 2019

5pm 10C night dry .

i accidentally pushed the publish button, before i wrote anything else apart from the time and weather. 

today started badly, when i read that elon musk got away with calling someone a pedo guy. i guess now the school bully has won, as his defense was that it is a harmless taunt by school bullies and means nothing. so everyone now can get permission to call anyone a pedo guy... except maybe not women. i thought america is a place where slander and libel are punished horribly, but this one seems to have escaped that. lucky elon musk… i guess we can all call him mr pedo guy seeing that he is the one who makes it legit to call anyone a pedo guy now. 


nice to know how to cook

6 Dec

london 4.29pm 12C dry friday 2019

today is eventful for a free chicken burger given away free by othersidefried, in their new shop under the arches, in brixton. a very prominent position, and very nice chicken too, in a crisp batter, which is what everyone who eats fried chicken now wants, because it is not easy to get that when you do it at home. we are getting a lot of chicken shops opening up nowadays. these ones sell for £6.49. and on monday we will be very spoilt for choice as two places are giving away free burgers….both are in the city, so i guess we shall be shuttling between them. haha.

i came back and had a good sleep but now i am awake i am thinking of food again, wondering what to cook for dinner. i think i shall make a noodle soup.

it is nice to be able to cook, so u can have lots of choices of food to eat and not rely on buying takeaway or rely on another person to cook your food. there is a lot of pleasure in doing things for yourself that is why i sometimes wonder what pleasure rich people can have, to be served hand and foot, and have everything done for them… they are depriving themselves deliberately of one of the simple pleasures of life. and what are they saving the time they get when all their needs are catered for by someone else, they will have so much time to fill, they will get bored with their life. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

5 Dec

london 7.41pm 10C (so high, i wonder why). dry thursday 2019

the forecast says it will be 10C all night and next morning, rising to 11C at dawn. its a topsy turvy temperature.

the lights is coming on tonight for the christmas tree donated by norway. i saw it a few days ago, when i was passing by trafalgar square in the bus, when they were putting it up, and i did think it looked rather bedraggled…even at that distance away… it seem to have lost its green look.  i was thinking it seems not to have survived being cut up, and carted to london, the journey by ship must have frazzled it a bit. haha. but it seems it is a 90 yr old tree, so it looks its age.

well, i was thinking if u have to cut down a tree, it might as well be an old one that has lost its prime , rather than a younger more vigorous tree that has a lot more years to live. after all, this gift of a tree is a symbolic one, and this year, they must have decided to go for height, rather than looks. it seems at 70ft, it is higher than the usual height they give us. once it has all those lights hanging down it , the height will make it look impressive.

i was thinking of going there to see it being lit up, but found a live twitter broadcast of it and so was able to see it without the discomfort of actually being there. hoho. anyway it will be better later on the month, when there is carol singing going on under the tree.

this report saying breathing london air is like smoking 150cigarettes a year, i find it hard to believe. they say it is the small particulates in the air, that is the culprit. but where or what is producing this small particulate? they did not say. and how come no one else in the world has this problem? london has no haze, or smoke from burning forests, or peat bogs, or from farmers burning things. we only have cars and vehicles… but so have many other cities, and they have much worse traffic than us. yet no mention they are all smoking 150cigarettes from air pollution. makes me very suspicious of these findings.