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3 May

I started out simply writing about this and that and what ails me. Yes this blog site is about me and my nonsensical love for my inanimate furball Garfield. This blog site is also about me and the difficulties that I face health wise, challenges in work life and Lords that gave me a hard […]

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london 3.5.20 sunday

this post is i think the most important post , to shout out to everyone why we write a blog, it is a reminder to everyone of us who writes and read blogs to always bear in mind; that way we will allow everyone  the freedom to write and say whatever they wish in their blogs without our taking things too personally or to be too judgemental. i will like if this post can be the header in every blog, to be read right at the beginning, and always there to remind us the reason why we blog. 


20 Oct

london 12pm 19C cloudy tuesday 2021 (this was what i wrote yesterday, but never wrote anything else and so did not post it)

9.45pm 13C rain wednesday 2021. (i wrote this and then it got erased and i had to write it all over again.)

i was going to say the forecast predicted right, it rained and is raining now. and forecast to be quite heavy rain too.

i was about to say nothing happened today… NHT. i saw this initials on someones blog , he always puts it at the beginning of his post, and then follows it with quite a lot of interesting stuff that he did… maybe  he thinks they are not interesting, but i find it so, about what he ate, and pictures of the food, and people he met in the cafes. it is unusual to take pictures of the customers and owners of the cafe, and post it. no one who blogs does that, but i am glad he does. because they are very interesting faces, of locals. he is in greece now, and you do get very interesting locals living in these small greek villages . most people would take pictures of places and buildings, which he does too, but i like that he also take pictures of the locals, presumably with their approval, which is another unusual thing, i mean that they allow him. most people dont want to give approval to having their picture posted on a blog for everyone to see. even though it is not really harmful, but nowadays everyone is wary of the internet and being featured in it. anyway what i want to say was that it reminds me that NHT may be what i think has happened today in my everyday life, but actually when i think back on what i did, plenty happened, except they are not unusual. so today was like that, i did shopping, and that was routine but at the same time different, because each shop has its unexpected bargains, or reduced priced stuff but i did not buy them. like the reduced priced half priced peking duck in waitrose, usual price about £8 reduced to  £3.85. i was tempted to buy, but i didn’t. its a good price so i still wonder now why i did not buy it… 

and i stir fried sphagetti noodles and make like it is chinese noodles . very delicious it was, and again reminded me how much more like and better than chinese egg noodles. then there was quite a number of times i saw sainsburys reduced fat cumberland sausages ,being reduced , once in my local sainsburys it was down from £2 to £1.29, then today at the big sainsburys in pimlico, reduced £1.60, to £1.09. both times i did not buy, as i buy when it is 50p -70p. (it is a new range, i think, as i have not seen it before. the selling point from the normal sausages they sell is that it is reduced fat. maybe people are not used to it , or those who have bought it are not tempted to buy more, because reduced fat can mean it is less juicy when cooked, a dry sausage is not very pleasant).

i had thought of going back later, but i know i wont, as i am too lazy and the uncertainty of it puts me off. it is very likely to be gone by then, so it can be not worth it to return on the off chance it is reduced to 50p. getting it at that price is really a matter of luck that i happen to be around when they reduce it, a bit like pot luck really. if u start deliberately going back for it, invariably you will find it is all gone. added. this wordpress editor is acting all funny, it wont allow me to rewrite , nor add a title to this post. and the font size is much reduced now . i know that it does not appear like this size when i actually post it. i am using heading 4 instead of heading 3.  well i am pressing the publish button to see how it looks on the blog.

edited. added after seeing it posted on my blog. well the size in my blog looks like the same. and this time it allows me to add the title. 

just some pretty flowers still blooming so late in the season.

a rare occasion, meeting a friend for coffee at a cafe

16 Oct

london 5.23pm 16C cloudy saturday 2021

i have just come back from having tea , or rather coffee with my friend dave, who gave me a treat. we went to the patisserie valerie, near victoria station. i was looking forward to it, but when i did finally had one of their cakes, i found it rather filling, and rich and sweet. so not as nice as i thought it would be. maybe it is me, it is such a long time since i ate one of these things, i have forgotten how rich and sweet they are. maybe i should have chosen an eclair, that would be lighter. anyway it was very nice to experience going to a coffee shop and enjoying chit chat time there. 

i noticed that the font size is much smaller than normal. usually i set it to heading 4, but it was very small looking, so i switched it to heading 3. i wonder how it looks like in the actual post. 

usually around this time, i would be going to the paddington library, to read the papers. and browsing the waitrose there looking for reduced priced bargains. and i was in the victoria area and right opposite the cafe, was the sainsburys, so i should have gone in there to see what reduced bargains they have, but i forgot and accompanied my friend to the victoria tube station, to see him off. he lives in brixton. and then i decided to take the c10 back, and did not feel like stopping off at the victoria library. i can read the papers online, that makes me less desired to read the physical paper.

reading one of the blogs i follow, today  he recommended a were wolf fantasy novel, The series is called Hidden Wolves, and it’s written by Kaje Harper, and he said it is free in kindle, and it is so even in my kindle, (the blog is in america, and sometimes what is free there may not be so in the uk version). so i borrowed it and am reading it. 

 the news is full of the murder of a conservative MP (member of parliament), killed by being stabbed by one of his constituents. it was during a face to face meeting of his constituents, which MPs do. it is shocking that a person could smuggle a knife in and be able to stab the MP multiple times. 

my kitchen walls are now dried completely

13 Oct

london 3.04pm 16C sunny/cloudy wednesday 2021

the workman for the drying of the kitchen walls and of the flat has come and gone just now, taking the drying machine with him, he had taken a picture of my meter to get the reading, and he said that the  work of drying is done. the walls are now dry.

the work started on 2.8.21, it is now 13.10.21. and my meter shows 900kwh has been used during this time by the drying machine. at about 0.18p/kwh , it would cost about £162. so that might be about what they would reimburse us . we shall see.

my yearly usage is about 1200kwh. i bet my utility provider would be surprised at this sudden rise, i hope they wont put up the price of the next contract, in dec, too much. even so i expect price will rise, because the price of gas has gone up. well whatever, we will just have to pay it, because we have to have electricity. just as well i dont have to bother about the gas cost, as we dont have gas supply.

i got an email from the utility company, (would u believe it is scottishpower, imagine a scottish company providing electricity in london) recently asking me to send in the meter reading, which they want me to do every 3months, and i have been doing so. in fact the last time i send it, they said i have used less kwh than they predicted and will reduce my direct debit from £24 to £22 a month. this time i wont send in my reading, and hope that they will use an estimate which i hope  it wont be as much as i actually use.  the actual  reading will be elevated due to the drying machine.

i hope after another 3months have gone and i then send in my reading, the total up shot will be ameliorated by the 3 months of my usual usage, and the amount wont be so shocking.

i was thinking if i recalculate the usage to include this extra 900kwh, my usage will be 2100kwh, for the year, divide by 12, it will be 175kwh a month, about £31.50 a month.  

we can now start the  redecoration of the kitchen, and bedroom walls, and refitting the kitchen , restore the plumbing ,  i wonder how long that will take.

fortunately we can still use the cooker, and the fridge, so we can still cook , the only thing we cannot use is the washing machine for clothes. and so far we have enough clothes without needing to do any laundry. i suppose when we accummulate enough we shall have to go to the laudromat and use their machine and pay for the wash. 

added. 9pm mon 18.10.21. simon used the washing machine to launder our clothes, and the waste water flowed away from the opening at the sink end (or what used to be the sink ). i think it was because that end is raised higher , so all the waste water from the washing machine went down the other side into the waste pipe. but it means we can do our laundry without needing to go to the laudromat. (what is different is the font. it has got smaller. yet after posting the size of the words are about the same and quite easy to read.)

so apart from this, life goes on much as usual. very quiet and uneventful. i like looking at others and finding out how they spend the time, that is why i like reading their blogs. but a lot of blogs have gone quiet , because they cannot do many of the things that they used to do…

my friend dave has emailed me recently, to invite me out to a coffee and cake , like he used to do before the corvid. we used to go for a coffee after the circuit training session in the chelsea sports centre, and it seems that circuit training has resumed with a different instructor.he asked me to join him to attend the next session on thursday, tomorrow, but i am still recovering from my gout , and my left foot is still tender, so i said i will have to rest it a bit longer, and not put too much strain on it if i take the exercise, so i had to tell him i cannot make it. i see how it goes, whether the foot gets better next week. but things seem to be getting back to normal now, slowly.

in fact, while i am writing this, i tested my foot, by wriggling it , and it seems  ok now. i have been automatically favoring it, by not putting my whole weight on it when i walk, and it has become a habit. i tried walking normally on it just now, and it seems to be able to take it. so it looks like it is getting better allready. 


chillis and weird trainers

12 Oct

london 2.13pm 16C cloudy tuesday 2021

3.28pm 16C cloudy

i have been back from my trip to upton park , east london, to the fresh market there to buy chillis, bought £2 worth, of red and green chillis. that should last me at least two months or 3months. not many stalls were selling chillis, and not many stalls were opened. monday and wednesdays are closed now, so this tuesday opening is like a oasis of trade in a big desert break from sunday , monday, wednesday. but fortunately there are still chillis to be had, and they are sold cheaper than brixton market, which was the place i used to go to for my chillis, and garlic. now i buy garlic from lidls.55p for 4bulbs.

i noticed on the way there in the tube, that people wear very strange weird looking trainers. what prompted this observation was seeing this guy sitting opposite me in the tube, wearing trainers with the sole shaped with creeper like tendrils curling up the shoe. wish i took a picture of it, but i forgot. this made me start looking at everyone’s shoes, and finding it very interesting the different kinds and very strange looking ones, too. ones that i noted are those wiht really thick oversize soles, so massive they jut out at the bottom of  the small upper part, and make like the person was clunking around like their shoes have got encased in massive concrete blocks . as if some mafia assasins have caught them and concrete over their feet in readiness for throwing them into the river to drown. haha.

11.38pm 13C

Actual Time
7:20 AM sunrise
6:15 PM sunset

it is nice to have a place where i can just write what i like. for eg, i want to write about how sphagetti makes ideal noodles for stir frying the chinese way . i used it today and it is very much like chinese noodles but without the mushiness that chinese noodles , like vermicelli, or egg noodles can get if u over soak it in water . the spaghetti noodles remain firm and intact rather than break up and stick to the pan . and they are so cheap too, the sainsburys economy brand costs only 40p for 1kg. i cook a lot at one go, and then use it in portions in many different ways .  you can cook it in so many dishes, in the ordinary pasta dishes using various sauces, mushroom sauces (which u can do a short cut and use cream of chicken soup as a base), or bolognaise sauce, or stir fry , or use in noodle soup dishes. or just in salads, chop up the long spaghetti strands and dress with mayonaise. eaten cold. it is a nice change from rice. 

the trees around me are being trimmed

8 Oct

london 12.30pm friday 2021cloudy 17C

see the pavement stones, they look so white and new, that is because they are newly laid down. all that side, next to my flat, have recently been replaced by new blocks of concrete.
tree trimmed
the rest of the street not trimmed

i was just thinking how lovely that the trees around me are still green, until this morning when i heard a lot of noise outside the kitchen window and saw the workers trimming off the branches. they do it every two or three years. but it seems a shame to cut short the summer and cut off the leafy growth, before the trees could store the greenery and let the leaves fall of naturally. ah well, so be it really. i can see the leaves are allready curling up and look frost bitten. so it is a matter of time, before they turn brown. this way, by trimming them so early, it means the road sweepers wont have to spent weeks sweeping up the leaves as they take their time to fall . now it can all be cleared away in a day. convenience, but it does mean we will miss the falling leaves and crunching through those leaves as they lie on the ground . living in the city means that every bit of earth is paved over, so that we hardly ever walk over bare earth if we dont want to. even in the parks and public gardens there are paved walkways, that allow u to avoid walking on bare earth or grass. so u never need to get your shoes dirty with soil.

now and then, i see mud scrappers next to the doorways of old victorian, and regency buildings, showing that in the old days it is common to get mud everywhere and the need to scrap them off before u enter any house. in the old days, women wear long skirts, so they must have very muddy fringes around the bottom of their skirts. must take ages to wash , especially since it has all to be done by hand.

i had just had sausages and eggs and quite delicious they are. maybe because it has been ages since i had them. so i have forgotten how nice they are. that is one of the joys of not eating something all the time. when u do eat them, it is like a revelation all over again. 

what life is like now

5 Oct

london 11.30am 13C dry tuesday 2021

i see the headlines in today’s papers, which i read online, about the flooding early this morning due to a huge downpour of rain in london. i have seen forecasts of it, predicted around 4am, or so, but i slept right through it. the storm must be  very quiet , or rather i am on the first floor so all the noise of it simply did not penetrate into my bedroom. there are trees outside my bedroom, and the area is built up, so no wind dashing the storm against my window to make a noise. as usual the news make like it is the end of london, with a map showing it underwater all along the thames. ridiculous really. but it is no wonder there is a report i read that children are suffering anxiety , when they are fed this nonsense all the time. 

then i read in medium.com , from my wordpress feeder, this article, (if u can read it )about what a rip- off living in america. people there die  on average with $60,000 debt. he details how after paying for their living expenses, they have about $400 a month on average to live on. and that is not counting the huge medical bills if they ever fall sick.  and he compared it with europe, and that reminded me of my emergency treatment at the A&E recently, where i spent a few hours in there when i went in for gout and they found i have tachycardia, and ended up  being monitored for tachycardia. it was all free, but i can imagine being in america and being handed a bill for it afterwards that would cripple me financially. though there is one caveat, if u work for a company, it seems your medical bills are covered by insurance. so that is the reason why so many dont feel the pinch for their medical insurance. as long as they keep working for these companies they are covered. so if u are wondering why the system still goes on, it might be this, companies pay  their workers’ medical insurance, and that enables them to get workers willing to work , for the medical insurance if nothing else.

my friend who lives there for many years and still live there now, (in florida) i remember was worried about getting sick, as he was self employed, but now that he is old enough to be eligible for medicare, he is much less frightened getting a huge medical bill when he gets sick. so it looks like if u are young you will have this constant fear of being sick and getting a huge medical bill, but if u live long enough and stay off being ill until u are eligible for medicare, you will be alright. 

added. 10am wed 6oct 2021

saw this article saying even medicare may not be able to pay its way after 2026.

so is life so ordinary nowadays for most people, as it is for me? i am not affected by fuel shortage, nor food shortages. everything is normal around me. i daresay i am not unusual and most everyone is living as normal. and i think the rest of the world is also living normal lives really. 

oh, i forgot there was that outage with facebook, and its ownership of instagram, and whatsapp , which were all knocked out for about 6hours yesterday. i wont know about it if not for the news report about it. i daresay the third world will notice whatsapp outage, as they use it for chatting to each other more than here. 

1 Oct

london 9.12am 13C rain friday 2021

sunrise 7:02 AM sunset 6:40 PM

Length of Visible Light12 h 44 mLength of Day11 h 38 mTomorrow will be 3 minutes 54 seconds shorter

it is not the winter solstice, not even the autumn equinox yet, but i thought i want to see what the time the sunrise and set today. about a month before the clocks go back.

looking ahead to what time the sunrise on the winter solstice, it is 8.03am. that is gmt. if we had kept to summertime, all year, it would be 9.03am. i am glad we are changing the clocks, because sunrise at 9am is very late.  to be dark for so long will make winter seem much longer than usual. 

life is just as usual here for me. very peaceful, which cannot be said for many other places in the world. so i am glad of it. very uneventful too, my life, but then that is how i like it. of course nationally the country is experiencing lots of things. i read of it in the news and since none of it affects me personally, i keep getting this surreal feeling that i am reading of a different world than mine. its a bit like reading a novel, of the past or the future, like what i am reading now. one is a biography of jane digby, a scandalous life, by mary lovell. the other is a futuristic tale of a android with feelings, by kazuo ishiguro, klara and the sun. both seem very unreal to me, because they deal with worries and concerns that we dont worry about nowadays.

reading fantasy novels

28 Sep

london 6.40pm 15C cloudy/rain tuesday 2021

6.47pm now. supposed to be sunset, but the sky is so overcast, might even be raining, so there is no trace of sunlight even though i went to my bedroom window facing west where i normally can see the sunset.

we are coming close to the clocks going back , it is this sunday. and that means that this time next week the sky will be dark. and my return from the tesco supermarket where i have just been will be in darkness, and i wont be able to cross the park gardens from the bus stop to my flat as the gates closes at sunset. this year the trees are still green, and very few brown leaves showing at any of them. it has been mild i feel. no sharp frosts to kill the leaves and prompt the trees to start absorbing the chlorophyll. 

i have missed posting on wednesday. added, a correction. it is thursday 30.9.21. 00.20am i am mistaken about the clocks going back this sunday. i googled it and i thought google said it is going back this sunday. maybe it is in america, they do have their clocks go back earlier than uk, but our clocks go back  on 31oct, so a month from now. i was out at about 5pm today, or rather yesterday wednesday, and was waiting for the bus at the vauxhall bus depot, and felt it is getting colder. maybe i felt it because  i had only a thin sports jacket on, not the fleece. so it looks like i have to change to winter wear now. it is now 9C, but it is late, 00.20 am thursday. usa goes back 7nov. so that is not the reason why i thought it will change this sunday.

i like the vermicelli that i cooked yesterday so much, that i am again making another batch, this time making sure i dont over soak it in hot water. i bought a iceberg lettuce , and shall use that instead of celery. it will be a better substitute to bean sprouts. and i shall make sure i cook the garlic properly, browning them first , that way they impart their flavour on the oil and then i will throw in the soaked vermicelli to fry.

i read of empty shelves in the supermarket but when i went to the tesco just now, everything was stocked.

i read of people fighting over petrol, but since  simon or i dont have a car, that does not concern us. so really when u think of it, much of what bothers the news people just dont seem to bother us at all, and i think majority of people here will have felt the same.

its the same with all that bother about transpeople. i dont know any trans people, so i am glad i dont have to deal with it, unlike if i were a politician. there is lots of news of people being murdered, the one that gets people very upset is a woman being murdered in one of the open parks in south london. there was a case recently, and they have caught a suspect. i am glad i am not a policeman , i dont have to bother about solving the case.

i think people take these news too personally. especially other women when they hear a woman have been killed in the park. but then maybe they have good reason to be concerned, if they live there. that is one thing about being a man, we dont ever get this fear of walking alone in the park in the night. i am a small man, and goodness knows i dont look very intimidating, but still in all my life i have never felt scared to walk alone at night in the park. haha. that is why it is hard for a man to imagine what a woman feels. i mean we dont even understand our wives, or in mycase, my brothers’ wives. they tell us of their fears, which we think are irrational and silly, and i laugh at them privately amongst ourselves, and our brother would just say its nothing, dont worry about it, it is just her way to worry about everything. now, i read story books, so that is what we do. we read fiction to frighten ourselves. it seems to be a human condition to want to be frightened… otherwise why are there so many horror movies, or novels?

we love a fright. not me i hasten to add, but the rest of the world it seems. but even though i say i dont like horror movies or stories, i am reading novels , the latest is  “monstrous devices” by damien love; which contain violence and dangerous quests but they are science fiction, so based on the future, or on fantasy characters, so not quite normal life as we know it. so maybe that is why i like them, they are fantasy,so the violence is imaginary, not real. 

my appetite has come back

27 Sep

london 10.25pm 13C dry night monday 2021

i am glad i got my appetite back. i took out a pack of sausages from the freezer, thinking i can cook it to accompany the stir fried vermicelli that i intend to kick start my appetite. and though the fried noodles did not come out right, it was too soggy, i soaked it in hot water for too long;  and i used celery instead of bean sprouts, and celery is not a good substitute. there really is no substitute for bean sprouts really.  but even though the noodles were not ideal,  i did eat some of the fried noodles and kept the rest for tomorrow. hope they get better tomorrow, as they sometimes do when left alone for a day.  but i found the sausages were very nice, even though it was not perfectly done, i was using my wok, it is better cooked on a big frying pan where the flat surface makes every bit gets cooked.  but i am glad i got my appetite back.

i bought some bananas too earlier today , because i seem to crave them for some reason.  i think i shall go again tomorrow and buy some more bananas. they seem to be what i crave most, of all the fruits . 

world wise, it is not very nice the news i mean. people generally being horrible to each other, killing each other that kind of thing. best not to read too much news but to skim through it all. 


things going on around here

26 Sep

london 6.34pm sunday 2021

9pm 17C dry

i have lost my appetite and had been trying various dishes to tempt me to eat again. but none interested me, except maybe i was thinking i might make a tomato based pasta sauce and eat it with some dried tagliatelle. so i was all ready, chopped celery, minced garlic, chopped onions , until i looked at my can of tomato and realised i dont know where the can opener is. so that put paid to that…!!

i wasnt at all hungry , that is why i did not get fazed when i was pulled up short by that upset plan, but i decided at about 8pm to just walk down to my local sainsburys and see what they have got reduced foodwise. i was thinking maybe i can buy some much reduced sandwiches , and also i was considering the sainsburys cream of chicken soup, which i like, and it has a pull top tab that allows u to open it without using a can opener, and i thought well i would enjoy eating a hot soup. so when i arrived, i saw they have reduced a lot of warburtons four fruity teacakes. they are really bread buns with sultanas, raisins in them. reduced from 99p to 24p, and i thought ok, they would be rather nice to eat by themselves but also to dip into the soup, so that was what i bought. and this branch of sainsburys have selfservice tills that accept cash too. another bonus. so not only is it very convenient to me being so near my flat. the soup was 50p, usually cost 45p.i bought it anyway. but that is what u have to pay for the convenience. also in hte reduced section there were two packs of 454mg 8 pork sausages reduced fat, for 50p, from £2. i did not buy them. why? becasue i allready bought a lot earlier today.

i ws thinking it is typical, isn’t it, just when i had allready bought a huge amount at waitrose earlier when i ws in paddington, after visitng the library there. i got 3 packs x 11sausages for 75p a pack.normal price £2.80) so many sausages being reduced, when some days none reduced at all. anyway i have them frozen for another day, because i dont feel like having sausages now. though i did consider putting some in the pasta sauce that i was about to make until i had to abandon that. the thing is my kitchen is so dusty now, with the air extractor going on like all day and the fan to cool it down blowing the dust everywhere it is not very pleasant to stay in it, to cook or anything. so finding i cant find my can opener may just be  unconsciously myself trying  to pander to my reluctance to get into that kitchen to cook.

earlier, at about 2pm today, i went to the paddington library, to read the papers. there was only the saturday mail, and the sunday telegraph, and sunday FT.

the other newspapers,  the sunday times, mail on sunday,  have been stolen. but i am not that upset haha. i seem to have lost my appetite for reading the printed newspapers. also this library seems to want to get rid of us , as they have removed the chairs for us to sit on. so i had to sit on the floor instead. every  place seem hell bent on making its users redundant, maybe they are planning on getting rid of the library and this way they can point out that numbers have reduced so much there cannot be any demand for it, so it is ok to get rid of it. but on the other hand, the library has provided a service to allow us to gain access to the newspapers online to read. and i myself much prefer to access the papers online too. so maybe they have a point there. i am beginning to see that printed books in a library may well be extinct in the future. i have read bloggers saying they buy lots of books especially when they first come on print, but never can find time to read them. and so they just gather dust. i used to do that too, though in my case, i buy second hand books from charity shops, until i realise i dont read them. instead i read the library books i borrow because i know i have to return them, whether i finish reading them or not, so that is a kick for me to read them. now i dont buy any books at all, as they just clutter up the flat. and now i also realise i dont like the small print in the paperbacks, they make it rather tiring to read. i now prefer digital books .  so it makes me see in future where things are heading in terms of books… more digital books, and maybe more emphasis on reading them and passing them on, rather than keeping them. or keeping them as digital books in the cloud storage somewhere. 

on the way there and back by bus i passed hydepark corner, and there was a huge crowd of black clad arabic looking people gathered at the fountains there. they were holding placards about a chap called hussain. later on the way back, they started marching up edgeware road, the area there we call little arabia, because it is full of arabic businesses. they are peopled with women, and children, which is rather a change from the all men demonstrations you see nowadays. i wonder what they are all about. who is this hussain, i dont remember any prophet named that, though i vaguely remember there is a branch of muslims who follow a rival to muhammed, so it could be this guy hussain.