steak dinner by simon

20 Jul

london 3.52pm 20.4C cloudybright thursday 2017

sirloin steak meal. with blood pudding. (that black bit you see at 10 o’clock.) it seems the lining of the sausage like thing can not be eaten. i ate a bit including the lining before simon told me, and it does make it taste plasticky. haha. the pudding itself tastes salty. can’t say there was any other taste than that. the salt swamped whatever it taste of. the steak was delicious. and smelt lovely when he cooked it. i think the fat is delicious. most people trim it away, but i think that is defeating the taste of it.

earlier this morning i was at the virgin lounge. i like going there. 

good news

19 Jul

london 11.58am 22.5C cloudybright wednesday 2017

i found something nice today. i collect sainsburys points via their nectar cards, the good thing is that u can get points not only by shopping at sainsburys, but also from other sources, esp the daily mail points in future, when they change their system to link it with the sainsburys points system.

i thought i can only redeem the points by changing them to cafe nero free coffees, or by shopping online, as well as other outlets like pizza express etc… (which i have no interest in) but i asked the lady at the help desk in the sainsburys shop whether i could redeem them in the store itself and she said i can if i ask them to do it at the cashier desk. so i bought a £2 frozen fish, which i wanted anyway, and approached the manned cashier checkout but she said i have to have a minimum of £2.50 before i can get the money from the nectar card points. it is good to know i can redeem it at the store. this is something they dont mention at the website. they dont publicise it. i guess they dont want people to just redeem the points by spending it at sainsburys as they want their partners to benefit as well.

what is also rather nice is that nectar card has been giving me extra points for shopping at sainsburys. for every shop i do, even if it is only for 1 point, meaning i just buy £1 worth, i get 10points bonus, and on the 6th shop, i get 100points. that is generous dont you think?

so that is good news for me. haha. it would certainly give me an incentive to get nectar points. i think it is another fun thing about staying and living in the uk.

another nice thing is this virgin lounge i am in now. it is really a very nice place to hang around. and they dont mind me coming in wearing football shorts and t-shirt. and you can stay as long as u like too. and they provide fruits , as much as u like, as long as u dont take it away, but eat them in. fair enough i think. and they even allow u to bring in a guest. at least it says so in their website. so far i have not got anyone who wants to come in, but it is a great place to meet up. 

some kind of luxury car gathering.

a dinner treat

18 Jul

london 10.17pm 21.3C rain tuesday 2017

i have just got back from a dinner treat by a friend , who took me out to dinner in chinatown. he called me out of the blue and ask if i would like to meet him in chinatown for dinner.

during our meal, he tells me he eats out a lot, does not cook much at home. it does surprise me because i had assumed that as one goes older, one eats in a lot more than out. because it costs so much to eat out nowadays.

our dinner was a simple one, one all in dish… he got duck and barbecued pork over rice, i got fried ho fun with beef and choy sum. i enjoyed my dish very much, the beef was very tender… something that i always find chinese restaurants know how to do very well. i wonder how they get to make it so tender… and choy sum is a chinese veg that i dont eat often. his dish was disappointing at least to me just visually. there were very few duck and barbecued pork, even though his dish costs £1 more than mine. mine was about £7.50. chinese tea for two was £2.40.the bill came to about £18.50 but he put down a £20 note and we left. not sure if the service charge is included. then my friend wanted something sweet even though he got diabetes and should not be eating sweet things. but his sweet tooth is very strong.

he said he would eat 5 danish pastries a day before he was diagnosed as diabetic. then he said, all that time he believed and had been telling people that he dont eat suger… because it never connected in his mind that danish pastry is suger loaded. just because he dont add suger to his drinks he thinks he is not eating suger. i think he still eats danish pastries now. because i remember once being with him in his car, going somewhere and he stopped at a petrol station and bought himself a pastry. i hope he just limits it to one a day…

he is controlled by metformin. i googled it and find it caused a lot of problems. its side effects are horrible, and what is more it can cause hypoglycaemia, and u have to take glucose to treat it. it sends conflicting signals. patients are supposed to stop taking suger in their diet, and yet taking the metformin can cause them to suffer low suger in the blood, with its symptoms, and then they have to take glucose tablets. what a mess of conflicting messages to the brain of those patients. 


when i was in university i was told that type 2 diabetes is not caused by excessive suger eating.but i think that might have been overturned now and they are saying there is a strong correlation between excessive suger intake and  type 2 diabetes. all the latest articles seem to assume that it is caused by excessive suger intake… i myself wonder how true it is… and what is excessive anyway…some people may be able to process the suger more efficiently than others. for those who are not good processors of suger , perhaps no suger is the answer to them. and you wont know how good your body is at processing suger until u come down with type 2 diabetes. maybe just dont eat suger in any form, as far as possible, as a preventive measure.

that is the way for me. no fizzy drinks, nor suger added to my tea or coffee. and no sugery snacks and that includes chocolates, sweets, etc. people may think it a deprivation, but to me it is how i have been living all my life. first because we were too poor to eat those things. my parents just dont buy them. then as a dentist i have seen the harm it does to teeth, that was another incentive not to eat suger… 

we wandered around soho him going into shops to fulfil his suger cravings… and me being a spoilsport reminding him that he should not be having it… so much so that he got to asking me to read out how much suger in whatever he picked up. haha. they all have lots of suger in them. 

in the end, he got himself a coconut drink, which still contains 3teaspoonsful of suger. coconut water from the fruit is a slightly sour tasting drink, but of course once they sell it in those cartons, they will have to sweeten it or no one will drink it. i think it overpriced but there you are… haha. anything is overpriced when i fill up my water bottle with tap water.

my friend’s craving for suger is so strong. i am glad i dont have this craving for suger. plain water is good enough for me, because if i want water it will be to quench my thirst. and nothing is best for quenching thirst than plain water. so i carry a bottle of tap water with me .

though this time, i am not wanting any water as i did not go to the toilet to piss after our meal, and all that chinese tea was having its effect. haha.

 i was feeling very full to bursting and want to go. so when he left me at my bus stop , he going on to his parked car, i swiftly walked up to the shop window and the pillar there and took out my trusty empty bottle which i keep for such this purpose and pissed into it. haha. whilst pretending to look into the shop window. it is my all -purpose piss bottle. i can tell you i am right glad i got it. it has saved me loads of anguish trying to keep in a full bladder. now i just get relieve anytime, without having to hunt for a toilet. i would recommend it to everyone. haha. but anyway i enjoyed that dish i had.

it is rare for me to go out after dark like this. so it was interesting to see soho at night. and being reminded of ourselves when we see those young guys sitting outside the coffee shops cruising …to think we were like that so long ago. it feels like another country. and a bit sad that those days are long gone for us.

there were a lot of policemen gathered together in a group with their motorcycles and police car. and we saw two of them come out of bar italia, carrying coffee , and they were armed. 

added 8.48am wednesday 19.7.17 20.3 sunny. i thought i shall ask google what is the cause of type 2 diabetes. interesting that no mention of suger intake being the cause. it seems it is genetics, and lack of exercise and obesity. genetics also include hereditary. the closer the relative , the higher your chance of getting it. but also asians are prone to getting it. age is another cause. just growing old . sigh. it confirms for me that going old is a big factor to everything… my friend is in his 70s. and he tells me he went to the doctor recently about a skin lesion. turns out to be a skin cancer, and he is to have it removed. see what i mean about going old. it piles up and on, health problems comes one on top of another…depressing isn’t it? 

added 4.09pm wednesday 19.7.17. i went to chinatown today and thought i shall have a look at the wong kei menu. and found that they charge £5.80 for a ho fun fried noodle with beef and veg. almost £2 cheaper than that place we went too . though wong kei does over salt their dishes. i got chatting to a family who were also looking at the menu and they ask me if wong kei is different. i said it has the cheapest menu in all of chinatown. if not london. haha. she liked shrimps, and i looked at the menu and saw prawns, so i said here we call them prawns. and when i said i find that wong kei tends to over salt the dishes, she said her husband likes to put salt on his food. and she pointed out her husband and i saw he is quite slim youngish looking guy. so he should not have much problem with high blood pressure so salt should be ok for him. i think. haha. anyway we had a pleasant time talking of food.

the price in wong kei is still very low . they dont do duck pieces on rice, only pulled duck. another restaurant, a few doors down from the one we went to , have rice and duck for £6.60. which i thought was quite reasonable. and i think better value than what we got . 

looking around

17 Jul

london 6.27pm 26C sunny monday 2017

i was lookng around my flat this morning and later this afternoon and not a single fly in sight and i thought how come? this good weather we have been having should produce a crop of them. but just now i saw one flying about and pestering me. haha. so that was the first fly of the year. at least where i am concerned. it has been rather unusual for so few flies. even the lack of them. only one so far.

i read in a blog i follow that penang is fogging the area, where this blogger lives. i think they do it regularly, or when there is a risk of dengue. it is meant to kill off the mosquitos that carry the dengue fever. it used to be malaria, but now it is dengue.

i read in another blog that they can catch and test mosquitos for plasmodium, which is the main cause of malaria. and so can start fogging the area before it infects people. it takes 7 days it seems when they are infectious, for the symptoms to get serious enough for these infected people to present themselves in the hospital. by which time it is too late to prevent the disease. it is time intensive to catch and test the mosquitos and only then, to test them for malaria… but i was thinking maybe do what the penang govt is doing, just fog the area regularly… that way if that fogging is as effective in killing mosquito as they say, u just kill off the mosquitos whether they are infected or not. i dont think there are anyone going to try to save the mosquitos. haha. maybe fogging is not effective in open areas where the wind can just disperse it. it might work in penang which is an island, and so not so easy for the mainland mosquitos to come in over the water.

how safe for humans are those chemicals used in the fogging? i wonder. must be quite safe or they wont be doing it right? and if they are doing it outdoors, maybe u can close the windows and keep the fog out. but on the other hand, u might want to fog the inside of your place to get rid of any that has crept in.

how common is window screens? in my family home in pj, allthe windows have mosquito screens. but it does limit the wind that comes in, and the room can get very stuffy without a breeze coming through easily. means that the fan must be on all the time. or the aircond, though it can make the room get too cold.

 i am glad flies dont carry disease. nor do they bite us. as pest they are the most minor of pests. 

added , it seems the fog is quite safe, and they even ask people to open their windows whilst it is going on , to let the fog into the house.

when i was a kid, a man/woman with a tank on his/her back would spray oil on anything that collects water. even inside plants. it is a effective way of killing off the larvae, which needs to come up to the surface to breathe, and then have its breathing pores clogged by the oil and it drowns. but i i think they use a chemical and it was found to cause cancer and so it was banned. and so they stop all this spraying… but i think they should bring it back and use kerosene instead. 

i think the british weather has got better over the years.

16 Jul

london 6.59am 19.3C sunny sunday 2017

another fine day, something i have to remind myself otherwise i forget to note it and take it for granted. and then years later when i look back on this summer i would not think it any different from the usual perception of summer in uk, that it is wet and cold.

we have been having fine summers in the uk for quite some time , many years in fact. i dont become aware of it, because it is such a gradual shift , but now it has become quite established , enough to be noticeable even to people like me who dont take note of these things.

if it is due to global warming, than all i can say is bring it on. as far as uk is concerned warm summers (and more importantly mild winters) from a warming cycle in world climate is welcomed. of course if u have been living in the part of the mediterranean that has ideal weather when u were growing up but now suffering drought, and wild fires and really hot dry summers, than tough luck. time to give someone else a turn at the good weather.



this is the snapshot of forecast for 22.7.17 saturday for europe. so much red, to some , they must be thinking great, such hot weather to holiday in and lamenting that it has missed the uk. but those people are foolish. these hot weathers are not anything to be excited about. they are murder for those living there.


i think climate has its cycles, some places have yearly changes , others maybe once in 10yrs, whilst others changes so much in a 20-30 yr cycle that once was lush lands are now deserts. and then there are the ice ages that comes round every 1000 yrs or so or whatever the interval is for these things.

the modern conceit is that we humans can influence it…i dont think so. what we should be doing is adapt to these changing conditions. in the old days people migrate. but there are no undiscovered lands anymore to move to. or rather long gone are those days when we can invade someone elses land and steal it from them. so i think we should use our intelligence and inventiveness to make our environment comfortable, airconditioning i mean, and by that harnessing a way of getting energy that is cheap and plentiful. that would be the holy grail to find. harnessing the energy of the sun i think. we should be putting our resources and minds into this rather than trying to carbon control . that is a problem for future generations to tackle.

but right now, we in uk can just enjoy our long warm summers and mild winters and revel in this ideal weather. 

what is it really?

15 Jul

london 7.35am 17.3C sunny saturday 2017

i have been using this little thing i found on the bus as a coin box. yesterday i saw another one on the seat in the bus. so i took it for a spare. i find it very useful for keeping coins in. but what is it for really?this box has a leaflet inside it. 



i googled sprinty, and it brings up a video game with racing cars so perhaps the little box contained a small model of a racing car. and u can get a race track and play with it, as well as play online in a video game. but whatever it is , i find it great for use as a coin box. 

added. i found out what it is. it forms part of a kinder surprise chocolate egg, it is placed inside the egg, and contains a toy. there is a app in that leaflet which the kids can download onto a smartphone. i am wary of apps but as  dont have a smartphone, it is ok, i dont have to bother with it. haha.

Related image

its costs about 80p for a 20mg egg. quite a big egg actually.

a mundane life really but i like it

14 Jul

london 7.16pm 20.8C sunny/cloudy friday 2017

i read in my newsfeed that the diner is giving away free milk shake today from 11am-12pm. well, i thought i had not been to the liverpool st area for some time and so i went.

they are in spitalfields market. it may have been an old market place long ago selling fresh produce but now it is just a food court. lots of restaurants and also food vans, that are like hawker food stalls that we see in here it is more hygienic. (hmm, when i read back and see that comment, that it is more hygienic i wonder why i assume they are compared to the hawker stalls. prejudice i suppose that we tend to think western places are more hygienic than any place in in all my years of living in i have never heard of food poisoning from the hawker foods. yet here in uk i have heard reports of foodpoisoning from these so called hygienic places , not the food vans, but proper restaurants too, ones that we should expect not to happen. that are supposedly strongly regulated by health laws and inspectors that watch over them. just goes to show how prejudiced we can be. 

 though i dont see any water to wash dishes. and this is because they use disposable plates and cutlery. life now is just full of  these disposables, everyone is using them it seems. makes me wonder at  the amount of such waste must be enormous.

i suppose even in disposables are becoming the norm now. adding to the worldwide mountain of such trash.

i remember in the old days,hawker stalls in the food courts in and by that i mean specifically malaysia and singapore have access to clean water to wash their dishes. perhaps they have all moved to providing disposable plates and cutlery now.

anyway, when i went there to get the milkshake, there were only a bunch of school kids and a adult man and woman in the queue. i dont know if the milk shake i got is their regular offering, but purely judging from the one i got, it is not really very nice. mine was chocolate with peanut butter. there was not much choice. my standard to judge these things is the prime burger milk shake which i now see in retrospect is very nice indeed. oh, i got another email from them for next monday’s freebie. it is fries, which i shall have the same as before, with cheese and bacon. that one is lovely, even though i dont eat much of those dishes. i dont eat fries normally. 

anyway i got back to my part of london and put in the points to the daily mail promotion and got a free £5 voucher from the daily mail promotion where they give one for just 1000 points instead of normally 2000. today i accummulated enough points to fulfil their requirements. you have to add numbers for a month to get it. it is a marks and spencer voucher, which i later went to redeem for a fresh 1.5kg chicken which i have now in my oven cooking away. haha. i would not have bought that chicken normally as at £5 it is very expensive. and it is very wet too, suggesting that it has water added to it. the wetness wont roast well, it wont produce a nice crisp skin. i should rest it out of its plastic covering, to dry it out. but i dont want to wait. 

a normal priced one in tesco would be about £3.00. which is quite dry too and roasts very nicely. tesco’s is £1.99/kg, this one is £3.33/kg. you can see it is not very good value and i would never have bought it if i have to use my own money. i think they dont expect people to buy it either, because it is vacuumed pack with the plastic tightly pressing against the chicken, and squashing the chicken. it does not look very appetising actually, unlike the normal unpressed packing where the chicken looks plump and shapely. 

but since it is free money… and i have to spend it there, i bought it. they have a promotion where for £10 u can get a chicken, nicely seasoned too and about 1.6kg, plus dessert, and side dish for two. and a bottle of wine. so it is good value if u like wine. unfortunately, or fortunately for my liver, i dont like wine. haha. nor anything sweet. these promotions are tempting and i am sure will be popular with the usual customer. 

ah well, you can see what i get up to and it is all very mundane i am sure. haha. i kind of like it. it’s  a bit of fun these free food offers.  thank goodness it is not a matter of life or death. i am glad  i am not so poor i have to rely on these promotions to survive. if there are anyone who are in this dire straits i pity them. it is not a nice life if they are that desperate for food.

but food is cheap as long as u shop carefully and buy unprocessed fresh meat and vegetables. i live here and shop here, for my food, and so i am very puzzled when i hear people say it is expensive to eat. that food costs are high and they cannot afford to eat. i have to ask myself do we live in the same london? which alternate universe are they in. maybe they dont have a oven, or cooking stove. so have to rely on ready made packaged foods. or simply they dont know how to cook. though that is not a good excuse. even a fool can put some salt on a whole chicken and put it in the oven and set it to 200C and take it out 1hr later. how difficult is that? i ask you. well my chicken is cooked and here is it. quite nicely golden and the chicken wings are crispy. it is so easy to do, and the result is very nice. roast chicken is one of the joys of life. 

the chicken looks like it got feathers still sticking out of its breast. but it is only a photo effect. the skin is stretched and the streaks make it look like feathers. when i took the photo the chicken looks nice, but now i have a look at my photo, it does look rather obscene doesn’t it? haha. is this what they mean by food porn? haha. actually despite that picture of it, the chicken came out well, nicely crispy skin, and plump looking when it came out of the oven. and nice colour. the picture does not do it justice. the lowlying sunset streaming in through the kitchen window gives out shadows on the chicken that makes it look odd.