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3 May

I started out simply writing about this and that and what ails me. Yes this blog site is about me and my nonsensical love for my inanimate furball Garfield. This blog site is also about me and the difficulties that I face health wise, challenges in work life and Lords that gave me a hard […]

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london 3.5.20 sunday

this post is i think the most important post , to shout out to everyone why we write a blog, it is a reminder to everyone of us who writes and read blogs to always bear in mind; that way we will allow everyone  the freedom to write and say whatever they wish in their blogs without our taking things too personally or to be too judgemental. i will like if this post can be the header in every blog, to be read right at the beginning, and always there to remind us the reason why we blog. 

the currency exchange rate

the currency exchange rate

added 7march2022 200rubles=£1

added 8.3.22 unleaded petrol £1.70/litre london

addd 8.6.22 unleaded petrol £1.80/litre

more fool things happening in the world today

4 Jul

london 8.11am 16C sunny monday 2022

my life is very good really. so i shall talk about other things that i observe about life elsewhere affecting other people.

‘like yesterday’s sunday times article which i read in the library about honest burger , whose leicester square shop has decided to drop its all vegan menu and revert to the old meat menu. and then mentioning that other all vegan chains have either reduced their plan to expand the numbers of their restaurants or to cancel it alltogether. and wondering if the trend to going vegan may have run out of steam. there is no demand for it, it seems, with burger king saying they have a constant stream of customers wanting to order meat burgers at their leicester square restaurant when they reopened it and  make it meat free for a trial period march-april 22.  i am familiar with that restaurant, it is in a prominent space in leicestersquare, just opposite the vue cinema, and have an upstairs section whihc commands a lovely view . and it has no competition from other burger chains, as the macdonalds is across the other side of the square, and hidden away. but there is a 5 guys chain of burger joint just by piccadilly circus. but 5 guy is an upmarket burger joint, so not in direct market targets . they said it is not helped by the fact that the vegan burgers cost more than the meat burgers. they said people expect it to be cheaper, but dont realise the vegan burgers are highly processed so more expensive to make.

 then there is the report about the tiff that tesco is having with heinz, who want to increase their prices by 30% and tesco is refusing that increase saying it is too much. it seems there is a constant battle with supermarkets and retailers about the price … i dont understand how it works really. why is tesco so concerned about it i wonder. if the price is raised than let the customer decide to buy it or not. if people object to it, than no one will buy it and their sales will drop, and then they have to decide to continue or reduce their prices. right? that is market determining demand. so why is tesco fighting them over it? i cannot believe that tesco wants to protect their customers from high prices… so maybe they are worried their profits will be hit, but how ? if heinz is too expensive, customers will switch to other brands, surely? or even their own brands. or like me go full hog and buy their own supermarket  economy brand. so tesco can still make money from buying other products sold in the store. 

quote below , might give us a clue as to why tesco is bringing all this out into the open. it is a ploy to try to get preferential treatment from heinz not to raise their prices  by the same amount that they apply to the other retailers…, so that tesco can undercut the others in their pricing of heinz products in tesco stores. and i thought tesco was doing it out of the goodness of their hearts for their customers haha. 

Tesco’s latest row with a major supplier comes six years after well-known brands including Marmite and Ben & Jerry’s were pulled from its shelves in a row with Unilever.

A deal was reached within 24 hours of that row going public after the share price of both companies fell.


added. it looks like the same thing that caused the price rise last time with unilever is happening now with heinz. the fall in the £. heinz is an international company and so its profits do depand on the £ keeping its value. so it is not inflation that is causing all this international companies raising their prices. as to why the £ is falling… i have no idea. i mean if it is inflation , then other currencies should also fall , and so in relation to each other they should maintain the same rate. but maybe it is only the us $ rate that is important… and the $ is strong and all others are weak… why it is stronger than all others, i have no idea… today £1= US$1.21

i saw yesterday in my tesco, selling reduced priced 4can pack of heinz cream of chicken soup for £2.40.(60p each) it is a good price, because the normal tesco own brand soup is 55p. it was the only 4 can pack left, so i suspect it is a clearance item by tesco to get rid of all their stock.

at one time i got addicted to these cream of chicken soups… i bought the own brand, costing 33p then, but when it raised to 55p, i gave that up. and i did not buy those 4packs of heinz, even though it was 60p each. it is amazing how quickly i can get out of the habit of eating something like that… but i might be unique , as i dont think most people can change just like that.

if u consider there is hardly any chicken in those cans. 3% i think, it is the cornstarch and flour they put in it to thicken it, so that is what people like about it plus all the artificial flavours


Water, Chicken (3%), Modified Cornflour, Rapeseed Oil, Cream (Milk), Dried Skimmed MilkWheat Flour (contains Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Flavourings, Milk Proteins, Cornflour, Salt, Yeast Extracts, Onion Extract, Stabiliser – Polyphosphates and Sodium Phosphates, Garlic Salt, Spice Extract, Colour – Beta-Carotene

so really, those cans are a big con. the trouble is they are so addictive, some people might even prefer them to real chicken soup. that is why when i see these cans in the shopping of a family that has been complaining they cant afford to eat… i suspect that is why they cannot afford to eat…. hahaa.

a big electricity cut off in our flat yesterday

1 Jul

london 7.26am 14C sunny friday 2022

yesterday we experienced the first time we had a electricity failure . it happened after the workman came to do up the bathroom ceiling, which was damaged by flooding from a leak water pipe in the flat above us. during the work, he used the plug in the hall to operate his machinery. the mistake made was i had a unstable extension , and jiggling it when using the hoover, caused a make and break contact with the plug, and that caused not only our circuit breaker in the flat to cut off , but also the main circuit breakers for all the flats in our block of flats which is stored in the cupboard on the bottom of the block. and that is locked.

so when the electricity cut off , ( long after the workman finished and had left, so u could argue he has nothing to do with it)we called the emergency electrical man, who replaced the burnt fuse in our circuit breaker, but he could not access the main ones  , because of the locked cupboard. simon had to call the estate emergency service who sent a man over, to find that inside the cupboard there were two locked sections, one containing the fuse box for all the flats that are leasehold, the other all the council flats, and he was the council electrician, and so had no key to the leaseholders section. so back and forth he calls to his boss and they arrange for the company who deals with the leaseholders electricity emergency to come and do it. it was late at night and early morning and simon had to stay up late waiting for him. i went to sleep, and vaguely was aware of simon coming to bed , but not know what time.

this morning when i woke up i am happy to say our electricity is back. it does make me realise how depandant we are on electricity. you can cripple a country if u attack its electricity supply . we dont have a back up either, my flat is all electric. no gas or other means of power. so we wont even be able to heat up food, or drinks and the fridge frozen foods will defrost if it is out for a long time. so we wont even have food . 

this is the culprit. an unstable extension . this design is unstable, unlike the others, an extension cord leading to a multi plug .

i know this is a unique situation, caused by using a unstable connection. simon had warning too, in that the circuit trip off a number of times, when the workman was operating his machine and he had ignored the warning and just kept resetting the circuit breaker… next time we will be aware of it, and not keep letting whatever caused it to trip but to  find that cause and avoid it. it is partly the bathroom plumber’s fault, for using the extension instead of plugging direct into the wall socket. but then he is a plumber and not so clever about using his electricity machine. or he might not be familiar with it,  this type of extension is new, or newish even to me…and we too did not suspect it is so unstable.  i usually use the ones with the long extension cord that lead to  a long row of plugs . that sits firmly on the ground and so dont rock about so much.

i think  i will not use that multiplug connection for the hall socket . (in fact, just as i finished writing that,i stopped writing and went and  removed that connection mulit plug  and plug the router direct to the wall socket.i dont want anyone else using it again if i can help it. ) i am not going to use that unstable connection anywhere near a socket where we use a hoover on it.


i did not give that plumber our hoover to use , my lodger did, and he did not unravel the lead from the machine and give him  a long lead for the workman to move that hoover about without tugging on the socket. ah well, hindsight is a good thing haha.

not to mention i had noticed the router not working at one stage, and the reason was when the workman put in his plug he dislodged the extension gadget and pulled it half way  out of the socket. so he had been making and breaking the connection with the socket whenever he pulled the plug in and out . on hindsight i should have realised the danger and removed that muliplug connection. so we had plenty of warning and ignored them all. i hope that teaches us a lesson not to ignore any circuit trip out, but to find out what caused it and quickly remove that cause.

with that bathroom work done, i am glad we have finished all the repair work from the flooding and can put that behind us. it has taken 2 yrs to get it sorted out , but at the end of it we got a nice redecorated flat, and new shower , and the new condition of the flat encouraged me to get a lodger and i discovered getting one solved all financial problems at one stroke. haha. so that my go to solution to anyone saying they dont have enough money is ‘get a lodger’. haha.

update 10.40am today 1.7.22

that workman came back today. so he had still not finished his work. i am hoping i wont see him again, because i associate him with causing the damage to our electricity. i am glad i took away the multiplug connector, so he cannot use it. as it is  i saw he has plugged in his machine and it is not fully plugged in. so i pushed it in . so my concern about this guy who does not seem to know how to plug in his electric machine is fully justified. i am keeping a close eye on him from now on. and making sure that he does not pull the plug out whilst he is handling that machine, because if his lead is too short, that is likely to happen.  i told him he was the one who caused our electricity to kaput with all his fiddling . he noticed i had taken away the connector and i said it is to stop him from repeating what he did yesterday . i think he is an idiot workman, not to do simple precautions , all the other workman who have worked here did not leave and conk out our electricity. i want him to do the job quickly and get out of here forever. so i hope he finished today. 


i am surprised to see it is the start of july, and june is over. last month was noticeable for the extreme heat wave that europe got , but not us in uk. this is one time when i am sure everyone must be glad that the uk summer is holding true to itself,staying wet and cold, haha. bet none of us are wishing we are in europe last month. hahaha. those who still do and had gone there are idiots and deserve all the  heat stroke that they get.

added 8pm


the workman on the bathroom finished today, he had left for good. that is great. he did a nice job of the bathroom actually. 

we have a lot of free time nowadays, having freed ourselves from having to hunt for food. though we replace that with having to work for money

26 Jun

london 7.43pm 19C sunny sunday 2022

these few days i have been really lucky stocking up on meat and veg from the bargain price shelves. i got 8 beef burger patties 900mg for £1.39 from sainsburys and lots of cucumbers (4) and two iceburg lettuce from the tesco in piccadilly circus, for 7p each. yesterday i got lots of tesco jumbo sausages , 14 for £1.31, 1.15kg, i bought two packs. so i am well stockup with meat, and veg. its a bit of pot luck really as i dont really predict when these things come up for reduction as they reach their sell by date. its quite a nice game to play, a bit of chance  finding food bargains.

and the weather has been really great, in the low 20s. and no hay fever at all. 

because they can be frozen and stored for the future, it means i dont have to quickly finish them off  to prevent them going bad. i dont think i could eat so much of them at a short time. so thank goodness for the freezer. we humans can store food for much later so dont have to spend so much time foraging for food unlike every other wild animals. in times of glut they have to gorge themselves with food to store it as fat , and this they do to build up fat reserves to tie them over the winter when food is scarce. this scenario, of feast and famine is quite a familiar one in nature.

well, we humans ,we dont have to spend all our time hunting, foraging for food like every other living thing have to do. though it has to be admitted that we have not replaced our thoughts about food into higher intelligent thoughts about philosophy or the meaning of life, or enlightenment. or even inventing nice things that will uplift human kind… it only takes one person to invent something useful and all the rest of mankind can take it up and build on it and spread it around to everyone else. so there is really a lot of time to waste by everyone, and stands to reason we all dont spend it thinking of high flying thoughts and useful things. instead we end up gossiping, insulting each other, putting down others, bitching and backbiting, and killing each other, or hurting others… or creating laws and rules that just put down others , or make life difficult for everyone else , petty laws and small minded rules, they call social etiquettes, or nowadays fussing over our chosen pronouns. and we get all het up about it too as if they are the most important things in this world. 

update monday 27.6.22. 

i have today cooked 7 of the sausages, and one of the beef patties, and they are really very delicious. with the burger slightly charred and got such a lovely aroma of barbequed beef and  crunchy texture. heaven!!

nhs sued by trans woman who was castrated by gender reassignment surgery 4yrs ago.

24 Jun

london 8am 16C sunny friday 2022

this is the first case of someone sueing after reassignment surgery . i thought the nhs is going to get into trouble for getting involved with it… but i did not think they would get sued till much later in future when all those who have been castrated get older and begin to regret it.

however, karma has come earlier for the nhs with this case. it is an old case, (though it is only 10yrs old why i think of it as an old case i wonder. it must be the time when gender issues are getting to be popular) done in the early days when consent was not so carefully conducted and extreme care  taken to make sure that they are fully informed. nowadays i am sure they make sure of it, and list all the things that can go wrong, and add a clause stating unknown side effects or rare ones to be included;  and  get written consent by the patient, that they have understood and read it …so that they have a watertight case.  so i doubt anyone who gets the surgery now can win if they changed their minds and decide to sue in future.   changing your mind after surgery or regretting it  is no reason  to sue. though if it is done to a child, i wonder if the child can say it is too young to give consent to that kind of surgery…. i htink they might win . and it might not even apply to surgery, drugs use on kids to prevent puberty may be eligible for any action by the person to sue them in future. that means the doctor who prescribes them and the institution that he works for may be liable to get sued in future. i wonder if the opposite might apply, someone in future can sue their doctor for not prescribing pubertal blocking drugs or not doing reassignment surgery… or not doing it soon enough. well it looks like if u are a lawyer, get into litigation work.. will be very lucrative work in future.  

but this one may well win, because it is possible  the nhs did not strictly adhere to the consent mechanism when they did the surgery on this patient. would they have listed out all the things that can go wrong or have rare side effects when u get castrated, because that is what gender reassignment means . according to the patient he was not told of what to expect.   they might not even have gotten written consent. for the nhs sake it better have and kept the record .  if they did, would that written record even be found, i wonder. the nhs better hope that there is written record of consent and that it is preserved, otherwise it will be in for an expensive litigation. but even with written consent, it would be unlikely to list all the things that can go wrong or what to expect afterwards… so the patient can still win. 

update 29.6.22.

this link to more info about that guy who is sueing the nhs

eating habits

23 Jun

london 7.45am 17C cloudy thursday 2022

we have been having cloudy days recently, and low temperatures of about 23C highest which does wonders for the hayfever, it stops it . but the funny thing is the pollen count is high , according to my weather website. so it looks like the type of grass pollen that i am allergic to has finished production and another species of grass pollen is now on the ascendant. or the readings are false, and that grass pollen really is overall decreasing. later today they forecast rain, so that will definitely decrease the pollen count. 

my lodger is making porridge and giving me a portion. he makes it out of milk and adds a dollop of butter to it. we usually eat porridge for its bowel releasing properties, at least i do, and i dont add milk because it makes me constipated. so his method of using milk in the porridge is contradictory… just as well he does not make it often. i am in two minds about eating milk porridge. it makes me constipated, but on the other hand, it does taste delicious. i think it is the suger in it. that is the conflict with sweet things, we like to eat sweet things, but they are so addictive that we endup eating too much of it.

like this rice muller yoghurt that i bought, it was reduced from £4 for 6pots to £1.24 at the tesco recently… i have not eaten it before, now that i have i find i dont really like the rice in it. i would prefer it just ordinary yoghurt instead, so i must remember not to buy it again. but i find that the sweetness is making me like it, and i can see why sweet things make everyone addicted to it. even i am falling victim to it, and i dont really like sweet as a rule. and i think if even i get fixated on it, others will be even more easily tempted and get trapped to liking sweet things and eating more of it. i noticed this morning, he has added sultanas to it, and i htink it is not so nice. maybe the sultanas raise the level of suger and makes it cloying. i think i prefer it plain, wihtout any butter , or sultanas . but i think eating this all milk porridge will make me more constipated and that is a good reason not to eat it anymore, so when he next ask me if i want some when he makes porridge, i think i shall have to decline. the thought occurred to me that this is how we get fat. we live with another person and they cook and offer their food to us, and out of sheer inertia we just accept and eat it. in fact, if it is a loved one, it would be a mistake to refuse food they make, they might take it as a rejection of themselves. so out of habit we eat, mindlessly, and that is why couples make each other get fat. i have noticed i dont eat that much anymore. yesterday my lodger make porridge and i ate it. he cooked an omelet and spinach and told me it is for me , but i was too full so i said later. at about 5pm i woke up and felt hungry and looked for that omelette, but it has gone, i guessed he must have thought i dont want it, and eaten it. whcih is fine, because i made my own omelette out of 3 eggs, and ate it with a cut of that baquette hebought. but after i ate it, i realised it is very filling, it made me feel so full up. i am surprised it filled me up so much, so that for the rest of that day i did not need to eat anything . i think as i get older, very little fills me up, and quickly too, so i dont need a lot to eat, unlike in my younger days. yet so many old people get fatter as they get older… they ahve trouble keeping their weight down, whereas i find it is not a problem for me. maybe i just eat when i feel hungry and never have to feel i have to eat just because it is time to eat, and nevermind if i am hungry or not. 

i am down to my last pot of that muller rice yogurt, so thank goodness i dont have to eat anymore of it. i must remember not to buy any of it when i see it reduced. just because it is reduced in price does not mean i got to buy it. haha. i wonder if that is the reason why people say their food costs have risen. if t;hey buy these sweet desserts at their original price, no wonder they feel the pinch. £4 for 6 pots of the muller rice yoghurt can buy them a whole fresh chicken, or 1.3.kg of fresh pork shoulder and that can last them 6-12 or more meals.even at the reduced price of £1.24 which is the price i paid, it can buy them thighs or drumsticks chicken which can be like 2 or more meals. 

( or as i did recently bought a 2.15kg pork joint half priced reduction for £4.30 at the piccadilly tesco, i freeze it in 4 portions 500mg each which should last me 2 months i think).


more mundane living

20 Jun

london 6pm 22C sunny monday 2022

sunrise 4.44am sunset 9.22pm

its a lovely day today, not only is it sunny and bright, but for a wonder, no hay fever  , even after i went out to the chinatown to buy black soya sauce. the last time i bought it was 24.4.22 , when it was the mushroom flavoured soyasauce,500ml, £2.15. now i bought the pearl river bridge black soyasauce, 500ml,£2.45. so it looks like it takes about 2months to finish a bottle. i can remember it used to be quite viscous, now it is more watery. so much so that it is as watery as  light soya sauce.  that is why i now combine it and not buy two separate bottles of light and dark soya sauce. so u can see over the years i have changed my way of using soya sauce. i guess it is a natural tendency to adapt and rely more and more on british made condiments, like i noticed i use the supermarket own brand brown sauce quite a lot nowadays instead of oyster sauce. the effect seems to be the same. and i use fresh chili now and hardly ever chilli sauce , the slightly sweet malaysian version which we are familiar with.  and seem to have combined the sweetness of ketchup with my fresh chilli, to mimic the sweet malaysian style chilli sauce. 

anyway it was nice to wander through chinatown and see how people are behaving now that we are free of the corvid restrictions. no one wears masks anymore. not even in the buses which still have notices saying we must all wear them . i am glad of it that no need maskings anymore. i wonder whether other parts of the world still insist on masks? maybe in china, because now when i see the video live recordings of street scenes in china, where in the past no one were seen masked, now they all are. so it is funny, in quoted commas, that when the west was so rigid about masking i used to see all those unmasked people in china who at that time was relatively free of it, and used to ask myself why they dont seem to force people to mask up. now the reverse is the case, where here in the west, the masking is got rid of, and china masking is now enforced. how the world have turned , what was so certain can be overturned to the opposite just like that.

here in uk, the corvid seems to be over, but yet i just read that singapore is warning there will be a new wave of corvid infection coming and asking all the elderly to get their booster shots. so who is right? or are they just behind us inthe west, where we had our booster callups, and now they assume it is being continued for the rest of the world to catch up.  but isolated news like this, can make us takethings out of context and ask why is it news in singapore, does it mean it is rearing up in singapore? or do they mean in s.e.asia… thailand too? malaysia? but another more likely explanation of this is that it might be just a continuation of the booster strategy that the west allready had gone through and now working its way round the rest of hte world to follow. 

and then there is the tuberculosis scare. in wales, an outbreak , someone died of it, and infected 3 others. it seems it is quite difficult to get infected with TB, you have to have prolonged close contact .TB is a bacterium.

in london, there is an outbreak of monkey pox. 

ah well, people are now more jumpy about getting infected now . are they more afraid of being in crowds? there is glastonbury coming up this week, and there will be lots of people all mixing closely with each other. so how are they making sure corvid , and other diseases dont rise up after that festival , and then spreading to everyone else once that infected crowd disperse and go into the rest of the world. one thing though it is an outdoor event, so maybe it wont be spread so easily unlike if it were an indoor event. 

floods in the rest of the world

18 Jun

london 7pm 16C rain saturday 2022

no sun

lovely blessed rain . it is a misty sort of rain too, just perfect for cleaning the air of pollen. to me that is heavenly. i read the press saying many will be sad that the high temperatures are gone, but i think the press is mistaken to say that. i think a lot of us will welcome this drizzly weather. there are a lot of us hayfever sufferers, and even plenty of us who dont like the over 30C weather. but the way the press always gets excited when they talk of high temperatures and always cast gloom when they forecast cold or rainy weather is brain washing people  to believe hot weather is to be welcomed. it is not. i am thankful that the hot weather we had lasted only one day. now that is something to be happy about.

and after reading news reports of floods in bangladesh, and floods in yellowstone park , i am glad we here in uk dont get that kind of weather. in india, if it is not floods, it is drought, so one minute they are crying out for rain, next they are drowning in it. the whole of bangladesh is a flood plain. one would have thought after all these centuries they would have adapted to it and lived with it. but maybe nature is much stronger than anything and it is man who is foolish to think it can defeat mother nature. so if man thinks he can defeat climate changes, he got another thing coming. ha. mother nature will change the climate, whether hot to cold or vice versa, and nothing man can do can change it. that might be the lesson we should learn , that we can only adapt to it … man is supposed to be an intelligent species, and should be able to use his intelligence to ameliorate whatever the weather throws at us. that is why we are in every sort of environment on earth, from the arctic to the equator man have colonised it. if u are an optimist than u will be in the camp where man adapts and is successful and thrive, if u are a pessimist, then u will say man will become extinct. meanwhile let us all enjoy life and living here and now. i am enjoying my dinner of steamed soya sauce pork over rice , garnished with fresh green chillis, and finishing off with a nice cup of hot coffee…a delicious meal and drink. yummy.




16 Jun

london 7.12pm 27C sunny thursday 2022

i have just come back and had a nice shower to freshen up after going out at about 5pm today. i was going to a macdonalds promotion , to celebrate their 5yrs of their delivery service. they had a icecream van parked at the south bank giving out free macdonald’s flurry… i had thought they will provide free hamburgers, but that is too much to expect i guess. not to mention the idea of fried food does not appeal so much in this hot weather we are getting. 

i see the south bank is back to its usual busyness with tourists. the beer sellers are doing a roaring business. it is a british quirk, to sit around with friends drinking beer and nothing else. not even food. #  it has fully recovered from the desert that it became during the pandemic.

and now i know why i dont go out much during the summer even though it looks so good outside. my hayfever, it got real bad when i was coming back. sneezing continously and itchy eyes and runny nose and eyes mainly. so i was right glad to have a shower. and very refreshing it was.  but it is a reminder to me not to go out at this time. i was out earlier in the day around 11am to the lidl’s, and that was alright. so i suspect  the pollen may have been worst in the evening. i thought that being near the river the pollen might be less. but i think it gets blown all over london and no place is immune. perhaps indoors are the only place where i can get away from it. so staying inside my flat may be the only way. the temperature is set to rise even higher on friday. that is tomorrow! it is forecast to hit over 30C which is properly high. but lucky it is only hitting that high only for a day. thank goodness if it is so. i am not a fan of over 30C heat. 



more free treats

14 Jun

london 2.12pm 23C sunny tuesday 2022


today, a company selling icecream is doing a promotion, giving away samples of their goods near goodge st tube station. in the park nearby. they are called little moons. I have not heard of them, so this promotion has achieved its aim in letting people know who they are. i got a matcha icecream in a dough. the matcha is not a good choice as it has no flavour. so i did not like it. its not sweet, unlike other icecream, normally i dont like sweet, but this one being both tasteless and sweetless is not very interesting to eat. i dont taste any cream in it, so this icecream mightnot be made of dairy.

i saw a crowd of people standing in front of their billboard . there were hands coming out of the holes in it, and they were interacting with people , giving away packs of icecream … there were 6 of these dough covered icecreams in each pack. presumably they are the other flavours that they are selling. i did not join in as there was too crowded. 

anyway i took the bus to john lewis, and got a cheesecake using the voucher they gave me. the voucher says a cake, but i figured it would include a cheesecake. this new york cheesecake (£3.50 without the voucher) is very plain. usually they have a topping of fruits.  its nice. and i was able to get online in the cafe. last time i was there it could not connect to the wifi in the store. but this time , a popup message asking me to say yes to their cookie, which i did, and that must be the reason why i was able to get connected this time. my default setting is to refuse cookies, so that might explain why i failed last time to connect to it. its a bright sunny day and i expected the pollen count to be very high, but rather to my surprise i was able to walk about in the open without being too much affected. i ony have itchy eyes, no itchying throat nor sneezing. 


simon bought a deep fryer.

13 Jun

london 1.30pm 19C cloudy monday 2022

i find the arrangement of the petals very attractive. it is a hydrangea
the fryer that simon bought . he seems to like fried food now

after he bought it, and it was delivered, i read an advert for a air fryer, and i told him maybe u should have bought a air fryer instead. he said something, but i could not catch what he said. an air fryer would certainly save money in that cooking oil, (i now found out u can have frying oil, though how it differs from ordinary cooking oil is a mystery to me) is now very expensive, £1.38perlitre in lidls. in my local sainsburys it is £1.80/litre.)

i post this just so i got a record of it , so i know if later it goes conk, how long it lasts.

simon likes to fry chips in it. he used to fry it in a wok, but he said it is a bother to prepare fresh oil for it everytime he wants to fry it. and then what to do with the oil . he says he throws it away… which sounds very wasteful to me. he says he buys a fryer so that he can save having to throw the oil away. it can sit in the fryer for the next time.  by rights he should use lard instead of cooking oil. but i have noticed that people are very careless about the cost it is especially prevalent in poor people who cannot afford to waste money like this. and then they go off telling everyone they cannot manage on what they get from their pension. no body tells them off , because people think you should not scold someone who is poor and old and ignorant for wasting money. they all assume that person is getting dementia, so it is not their fault for doing those silly wasting money ways. 

luckily for simon and i (or should i say ‘me’), we are not scrapping the bottom when it comes to money… haha. and now we got a lodger and simon got a sainsburys weekend job, we are rich… so we can afford to be wasteful a bit. afterall, no need to be obsessive about saving every last penny. we cant take it with us when we die… so lets indulge a little , it wont break the bank.