BA , IT system fails worldwide

27 May

london 6.49pm 20C cloudy saturday 2017

for those of us who stay at home and not travelling during this bank holiday weekend, we are having a quiet time of it. i am used to hearing of huge disruption to travel at this time of year, in fact every bank holiday weekend it becomes like normal to expect news of disruption and see pictures of huge crowds stuck somewhere or other. 

we all know to expect disruption for travel around this time, but i think this cock up by BA (british airlines) really takes the biscuit. it must be the mother of all cock ups. to have their computer system break down world wide like this beggars belief. all flights by BA are cancelled for today at both heathrow and gatwick. i wonder if it is worldwide in all their flights elsewhere too. people must be wondering such a huge breakdown worldwide cannot be an accident surely… must be a huge hacking cyberattack on BA… but BA denies it. can such a thing happen in this modern days? oh wait, what am i saying ?  it has happened, it is happening…  when a whole IT system can break down like this? since it can, then does it mean that in future we will get another such accident to another airline, or worldwide business…? sounds rather horrifying. and how come it is only now happening like this. is it true then that their outsourcing it to india may be the reason why there is this worldwide breakdown. is it a sabotage made easier to do with outsourcing it instead of being inhouse. or is the system so complicated now that it is making  contradicting orders that just make the system freeze up.

simon calder has some thoughts on this. noting that it would have been worst if it had been yesterday, which is a far busier time when most travellers fly off  for the holidays. well, not for the first time i am glad i am out of all that. never travel during any bank holiday weekend is my motto, and it has faithfully served me well.

prelude to the bank holiday

26 May

london 21.3C, night now, high of 32.3C but i think it must be a glitch. i was out at the time it was that high, but i did not feel it was that hot. friday 2017

i was on the way to brixton,about 11am and bought my fresh chilli, and got a leaflet from a booth set up to advertise their weekend event, something related to a nation wide celebration of the local market. they called it enjoy your local market. there was  one of those bands using tin drums was playing on the street , with kids drumming the drums. and they promised salsa dancing and lots of stuff. 

if u can read all that.

i had a look at the community fridge, but it was quite empty so it looks like it can be a bit of pot luck, whether someone had made a delivery that day  and if u are lucky to arrive just after they do, otherwise it might be quite often that when u do go there, it is empty. that is what happens if u let any one take things out. haha. still, it is a good idea, and i think perfect for local people who can simply check it out without needing to make a long journey there.

i daresay up and down the land, people are making an effort to do something during this long weekend. there are quite a lot of street food festivals.

one in carnaby st on june 3 does not require paid entry. the local restaurants just dish up £5 food, and they provide long tables for diners. i remember last year they have free icecream to give away. it is always well attended as it is so central. 

there is a evening standard sponsored street festival at various venues, that do require tickets to enter.. and i presume must include food , maybe vouchers to spend on the caterers taking part. otherwise i cant see why they should charge an entry price. i think it is £15, so presumably u will get 3 vouchers. there seem to be an agreed consensus that they cost about £5.  street food seems to be a theme now. 

added. 9.35am saturday 27.5.17. i see their advert in yesterday’s standard paper, and no mention of vouchers for the food. so it looks like that £15 is just to enter the place. they mention DJs, making music so i guess that is what u are paying for. they mention a cinema, but no mention if u have to pay extra to see the films there.

near me, in pimlico, near the tesco, there is a street that is closed to traffic where they set up food stalls during lunch time every day and sell to office workers , and most of the food costs about £5 or less. there is a kebab stall that is very popular and lookng at their food, even i am tempted…haha. maybe they are providing competition to the chain restaurants like subway, macdonalds… subway is promoting £5 foot long lunch including drinks, and snacks. u can get the coupons in the metro free newspaper.

though making your own lunch really is still the cheapest. with £5 u can get a whole chicken, plus enough left to buy bread and salads and last u a lot of lunches rather than just one. to roast a chicken is so easy to do.

but i do know it is really tempting when u see it in the coupon adverts. i mean i get tempted to cut out the coupons, though i never redeem them… and i guess a lot of people may get a bit bored with eating their own food, and want to just buy these, after all, quite a lot of fun of eating out is just letting others prepare it and serve you with it. i am not like that, but then i have often got the feeling that i am an alien, i dont feel like what other human beings feel… i wonder if i am an alien, stranded here in this earth? haha.  

a quiet life, nothing happening, and glad of it.

25 May

london 8.45pm 20C dry still very bright. tuesday 2017

this was two days ago, and since then dont seem to have anything to say.

6.43pm london 22.4C(highest 26.5C sunny today ) thursday 2017

i dont seem to have anything to say. haha. so i shall just ramble on and just talk of nothing at all.

yesterday i thought of buying a lottery ticket, because the newspaper says there must be a winner, when they hit £25million jackpot, they are not allowed to rollover. so if there is no 6 numbers winner, it will go to the next slot, 5numbers plus the bonus number. i actually hobbled all the way to the corner sainsburys near me, to buy it but along the way there i had a time to think about it, and decided there is no point my buying it, if i dont win it is a waste of money, and if i win, it is too much bother. i dont really know what to do with that much money nor do i need it. so i just wandered around in the store, looking at such a lot of people buying stuff…the prices here are much higher than in the big sainsbury stores.

 it was the lunch hour, at about 12.30pm and really so full of people buying things, and long queues to the self service tills. where did they go in the past when there was no sainsburys here ? it has only been here for a short time, (by that i mean about what? lesss than a year, i think)and allready it is so busy. i think it is on the main bus route so is very visible. whereas the old tesco store that has been here for ages is hidden among the back street, and so have not captured so much business of the hordes of civil servants who work in the  home office complex nearby. i am sure it must have destroyed a lot of business to the other small shops in the area. i kind of sympathise with them, esp a small shop inside the grosvernor estate, which features buildings designed by lutyens, (believed me i had to google his name several times because i forgot how to spell his name). those buildings have a checker board look on the outside, because of black and white bricks he used. he was more famous for designing the buildings and layout of  new delhi. but that small shop used to be busy when there are no other grocery shops nearby… but i think its business must be devastated.  

earlier, i had waited ages at the bus for the 88, thinking i shall go to brixton to seek out the community fridge that i was told by this blogger in her comment on a post i made. it gives away fresh food and don’t means test those to whom it hands out the free food. but the bus was so late, i saw 3 bus 88 and 2 bus C10 coming along on the opposite side of the road going towards trafalgar square, and 2 bus C10 coming this side. so i decided not to bother going and that was when i decided to walk to the sainsburys to buy the lottery ticket which i did not get. so that day, it was yesterday ,was a day of aborted things.

today, it was a toss up whether i should go to brixton, or go to morrisons in camberwell, and morrisons won… i wanted to buy pork, which they are selling at the cheapest price, £2.66/kg, so that was where i went. brixton will have to wait another day.

perhaps i shall go tomorrow, because the chili that simon bought from sainsburys, (such a small amount, only 100mg and costing 90p, and it is not even hot). is very quickly depleting and i will need to go to brixton to top up. so i shall check out this food handout place whilst i am there.

oh, look i have managed to fill out the post. i wonder if others too are having a quiet time… perhaps most people are, and rather glad of it, better a quiet life than all the horrible deaths inflicted by that bomb in manchester that is even now filling the pages of the newspapers and the website columns.

so i am sure we appreciate our quiet life with nothing happening and are grateful for it. 

`sunny day

22 May

london 1.35pm 25.3C, (this temperature is a surprise. and it went up to 27C for a brief bit.) sunny blue sky monday 2017

such a beautiful day today. sometimes a day can start very beautiful and then cloud over but not today. i decided to go to the sainsburys to enter the points that simon collected when he bought stuff there yesterday, he bought £65 worth but got 55points, because they dont count alcoholic drinks. they are selective in what they wont allow. beer they allow, but not hard liquor and cigarettes/tobacco. so far i got about 1100 points. not quite enough for 3 coffees, haha. i would prefer if they give me it in cash, but they only allow me to redeem it in cash if i shop online, which would necessitate paying for delivery, which kind of cancels it all out.

so far i have been using other people to accumulate points on my nectar card. my friend from usa used to shop with them and he and simon tend to buy heavily… the nectar people were right to exclude liquor because both of them drummed up a lot more spending on liquor but it was not counted because of that rule.

i got advanced noticed recently from my mail (the daily mail points system) of a change they want to make.  they do a points system where u collect points each day by putting in the numbers that u see at the back of the daily paper. i have been doing it, and get £5 every 2months. free money really. but they say they are changing the system come this autumn. instead of giving u a voucher to the value of £5 for 2000 points, to spend in the supermarket of your choice, they are linking it to the nectar points system. 2 of their points to 1 nectar point. so it wont be so good as before because i cannot redeem the nectar points for cash. ah well, the daily mail have been doing it since 2011, (though i only got into it about 2-3yrs ago) so it has been a good run while it lasted. haha.

on the way to the sainsburys, i was on the bus and saw a man come out of his white van and carrying a tray of packed sandwiches in their triangular plastic containers, and threw them all into the roadside litter bin near the bus stop.  i assumed they must be over their sell -by date, but my first reaction was ‘what a waste’. so that is why they have been talking of how much we throw away foodstuff. it is the businesses doing it, these are corner shops and convenience stores and it is too few and too random to donate to charity and get a charity to come and  collect it on a regular basis. there must be thousands of such small stores, doing this…

when i saw them being thrown away, right after my thought  that it is such a waste, my next thought was that these prepacked sandwiches are not really that healthy. they are full of suger and salt and really should not be eaten too regularly… so it is rather mixed feelings that i see them being tipped into the bin. haha.

its a paradoxical situation. here are people paying good money to buy these sandwiches and it is making them fat or giving them too much suger and salt. and if u give all these leftover sandwiches to charity, you are giving these unhealthy meals to all those homeless people they give to. giving them to eat these, makes them used to salty , sugery foods, and that makes them even less likely to reduce the salt and suger if they ever were to cook food themselves.

i dont have an answer to this… just as well that i am not in charge of the world.

i think i have an inkling of how a god must feel, you want them to have free will etc, yet if they do something u know will lead to bad things in the future do u want to warn them of it, or not? it would mean u have to micromanage all of them… if i were god,  i would think , they all have souls, so let their souls decide and whatever they decide is allright with me. 

just some thoughts

21 May

london 2.46pm 18C sunny sunday 2017

9.02pm 18C interesting that it has remained this temperature for so long. the sun is just setting now. or according to the weather website, sunset is 8.54pm, but there is still a glow in the western horizon.

i just saw a tv program link in bbc4.

with new findings about what caused the death of king tut. and it seems he inherited a family condition, due to the brother- sister marriages of his grandfather and his father to their sisters. he got temporal lobe epilepsy which can lead to falls, and violent movements  resulting in his knee fracture, which killed him at age 19yrs. previously they thought it was due to a chariot accident, but he got club foot which makes it very painful to walk, nevermind stand on one of those chariots when it is going full pelt.

incest is very bad for the  children of such unions. i think the pharaohs are a special case. i think they are unique, in that they marry brother -sister. 

 coming down to modern days, first cousin marriages  are the problem with the bangladesh community in uk, amongst others, because they marry their first cousins, there have been many medical problems of children born to these marriages.  and i remember reading an article about it, one prominent person pointing it out,  and its strain on the nhs, and being criticised for it by the bangladesh community in uk. but i cannot find that article again. first cousin marriages are legal in uk. 

luckily for me, the chinese dont do close cousin marriages. in fact, there have even been some against marriages with the same surname… though that is going a bit extreme, though they have got the principle right. 

20 May

london 2.21pm rain 16.6C saturday 2017

6.26pm 15.6C dry sunny. a quiet day for me, though from the papers, its wedding day for kate’s little sister. put that way, u might think who is kate, and why the fuss over her sister’s wedding? and you would be right. it should be just another society wedding of no interest to anyone other than those involved. but somehow it has ended up in the papers with wide press coverage.

perhaps it is a slow news day. it must be really difficult to put out a newspaper everyday and try to fill it with news. most days it will be rather trivial stuff. something we readers should bear in mind, when we read the newspapers. a lot of stuff there will be to fill up blank spaces.

if u take your own life as an example, you can see a lot of time nothing much happens. haha.

today the only thing that was unusual was a chap on a bike with a attachment carrying his stuff offering to give me a lift when i was walking to the library from the main road. rather nice of him, but i was thinking i would fall off if i were to sit perched at the back …haha.

but we got to talking, and he told me we humans are ruining the planet. he said he was arrested for riding his bike on the motorway. it seems it is illegal to do so. and when u think of it , it is logical, and a law made to protect foolish bikers rather than inconvenience them. but i dont think he sees it that way. haha. to him it is another example of authorities restricting the freedom of individuals.

he was concerned about the environment , saying we humans are killing it, and ruining our planet and he say in 20yrs time when he reaches 70, he expects a lot of species will be extinct. i must say i kind of implied, well so what? unless we have a nuclear war, or a meteorite hits us, it wont be a catastrophe.   as for species going extinct, well plenty have come and gone over the years, it is what nature do… (hence, my casual, so what?) and we are foolish to think we must save them all, esp if they are cute and cuddly. haha. the dynamics of life on earth is just that, species comes and goes, rise and fall, they have their time on the stage of life, and then they go, having played their part.

i suppose we humans too will one day go extinct, or else we evolve into something entirely different… and i dont mind at all.

but he does not see it that way. we had a bit of chat by the road side, and he brought up that people were only living for today, with not a thought for tomorrow… i did remind him that the gurus do advocate that kind of life. live for the now… be totally present in the now … so it is not a bad way of life.

i can well believe some might agree with him that that philosophy is putting your heads in the sand whilst the earth goes to hell. if everyone lives for the now, they will say, the world will go to hell in a handcart. 

but i have to, of course, get on with my life, so i wish him a good life and went on to the library. haha. 

yesterday i got a phone call from my friend. initially i put the phone down on him, because when i pick up the phone and said hello, there was complete silence, so as is my usual custom, thinking it can only be one of those nuisance callers, i hang up. but it seems it was him, and he text me, and then called me again. it seems he called because he wanted to warn me against filling up a survey sent to us in the malaysian in uk group that i introduced him to recently. he seems to think it is a scam to get your details and grab your personal info. i told him it is just their way of trying to find out who are interested in volunteering but he will have none of it. funny he should be so concerned now, considering that scam calls have been going on for ages. i mean why else would i put the phone down on him. he was telling me off for doing so, and when i explained to him why, he still did not see the connection, that i am well aware of these scammers. maybe he has just discovered the wheel as it were. haha. i think a friend had recently alerted him to it, and so he is galvanised because he has found something new to him… rather unusual not to be aware of it . i used to think everyone must be aware of these scammers now, but it seems i am wrong. there are still some who are in the dark about it.

though i think there are also some who go the other way and act like everything is a scam… like the old couple who tell me they dont use the freedom pass, because it pries into their movement and they dont want anyone to know it. they say they want to preserve their privacy… well, i thought that is overreacting… but there you are. if they can afford to refuse  to get free stuff, i suppose good for them… haha. perhaps it is people like them that makes the freedom pass affordable to the govt so that they dont end up abolishing it, or means testing it. 

the tory manifesto

19 May

london 5.56am 12C cloudy/rain friday 2017

daily mail article spelling out the tory manifesto. it is the only one to take note of as the tories will very likely win the election and what they say will matter. forget what the other parties say they want.

i am sure there will be parts of the manifesto we dontlike, but we cannot pick and choose, so when they win, they will implement all of it, whether for good or ill, time will tell. they intend to keep the foreign aid…(though they say some of it can be diverted to defense) so maybe that would help the defense bill. they will change the criteria for getting the aid too… so that might free up more money for defense if fewer countries fulfil the tougher criteria for aid. that might be the reason why they still keep it  when they are so willing to clobber the old for paying for their care.

there will be a huge cost for care for the old. maybe they realise it is not possible for the state(by which i mean the local councils, with the state compensating them for it) to bear all the burden for it, not even if they divert that 0.7% of gdp that is earmarked for foreign aid into it… and that the old has houses that should be used to bear some of the costs.

that bit of the manifesto that says leave the single market and custom union… that is a really bold one. that would mean rely only on World trade organisation tariffs… and what will happen to financial services if it cannot get full access to europe. that is a hell of a lot of customers there. unless the city of london provides a unique service, not available anywhere in the EU, so that they have to use london. in other words, the EU  have no choice but to use the city of london because of it’s financial clout.  the fear is that gradually expertise will move to europe, over time. and the city may lose its clout. but how much real is that fear? europe with its high tax rates to individuals, its high corporate rate to businesses, its lack of english as a common widely spoken and written way to talk to each other…is not very attractive to work in. ( i know, u in europe will say stop being so english centric. haha. but financial services are all done in english… i would say all the laws that pertain to it is in english, so u have to know english whether u like it or not. correct me if u know better…)

or the city will get to have so much reduced tax  on them by the govt , the govt being forced to keep tax on financial services so low just to undercut any services that wants to relocate to europe…

the EU intends to impose a robin hood tax on the stock market and financial services, and that might mean it is cheaper to do your business in london. as it is corporation tax will be 17%. only ireland is lower at 12.5%. (corporation tax rates in EU . germany and france are about 30%) many of the financial services may move to ireland to gain access to the EU whilst having such low business rates. even then the EU can impose a tax on it like they did with apple. though all of them wont be able to escape a robin hood tax , or any other taxes drummed up by the EU in a future date.

and no one really knows how much trade uk will make with the rest of the world once it is free of EU restrictions to trade with the rest of the world. it might really be so big, that it dwarfs the losses from leaving the EU.

i see there is no mention of whether we will continue to be subjected to EU law and EU court of justice.

they have left the bus freedom pass alone.  perhaps it is not really that costly… but then local councils pay that and it is not really a burden on the state. and the older that people get, it is used less or maybe council simply let the bus services deteriorate so much that buses dont run that much, and so reduce the incentive to take them. this has happened , so that the bus services are so cut down now, it has become a joke. not in london though. but london is special anyway, as the bus pass includes tubes and train, and trams. 

added. 10.49am 13.3C rain i was really surprised to see this , sweden have dropped assange rape investigation. after so many years, 5 yrs, they decide to stop it. assange is now free to walk out of the ecuador embassy. this comes when they came to london to interview him 6months ago about the rape allegations. why they could not have done that before… one would like to ask them. but i read this report that the police will still arrest him, because the original offense was he jumped bail. so it looks like he still cannot walk out of the embassy without risking arrest, though he might just do that and get it sorted out. it shows that the original arrest warrant by sweden is an overreaction… they have no grounds to arrest him other than the word of the women who accused him, on the strength of that to issue an arrest warrant sounds like a misuse of that.