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3 May

I started out simply writing about this and that and what ails me. Yes this blog site is about me and my nonsensical love for my inanimate furball Garfield. This blog site is also about me and the difficulties that I face health wise, challenges in work life and Lords that gave me a hard […]

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london 3.5.20 sunday

this post is i think the most important post , to shout out to everyone why we write a blog, it is a reminder to everyone of us who writes and read blogs to always bear in mind; that way we will allow everyone  the freedom to write and say whatever they wish in their blogs without our taking things too personally or to be too judgemental. i will like if this post can be the header in every blog, to be read right at the beginning, and always there to remind us the reason why we blog. 

17 Apr

london 12.49pm 12.4C sunny saturday 2021

sunny blue sky out there, so i was tempted to go out, and decided to go to the tesco store near oval, as the website says it is not busy. i got oranges and gala apples, because tesco was reducing the price via the clubcard, and i bought a sweetheart cabbage to replenish my greens. it was a nice ride over the river, and coming back, i was tempted to sit in the communal gardens with its tulips and cherry blossoms. but i wanted to get back to put away the shopping, and once inside i tend to be too lazy to go out again. so sat by the window where the sun was coming in and got my dose of vit D that way. now i am waiting for lunch.

the food is cooked, stir fried greens, celery, sweetheart cabbage with pork, i am letting the food cook somemore in the residual heat as i am in no hurry to eat. 

i get the bangkok post in my wordpress newsreader and the headline was 3million more deaths from corvid worldwide.12000 deaths every day worldwide.it didnt say which countries top that list. i guess south america, brazil was mentioned. 

this link as on 16 april 2021shows in order of most …no 1 is usa ,brazil,mexico, india. the figures should be taken wiht a pinch of salt, as many deaths are put under corvid when the person tested positive for the virus, and may not necessarily directly die from it. also the opposite may occur with countries downplaying their corvid deaths.

 it mentioned the situation in india, hit by a upswing in cases, and going to get worse because of the kumbh mela in haridwar, with the pilgrims bringing back the infection to their home villages when it is over. they must hope that mass infection will lead to herd immunity .

and it even mentioned uk opening up restaurants and how they are packed for this weekend, all outside tables being fully booked . and here i think is the hope for optimism that we can beat this virus. i will wait for a few weeks from now, to see what the figures show, if it continues to show a low infection rate and low death rate, than we can be pretty confident that the vaccine is drawing the sting out of this virus.



kerb free lunch for me

16 Apr

london 2.15pm 10C cloudy/sunny friday 2021

first day of the opening after a year of lockdown of kerb. i managed to get a free lunch from the draw , they were only givng out 50.

i had wanted to go for the chinese pork rice dish at biang dang, but today they have only baos.

i was chatting to a chinese woman whilst waiting for the steak,at stakehaus and she said their fried chicken over rice is really good. but today they were very late starting, and can only serve baos. their website mentioned the rice dishes but no baos. so maybe today’s cook was a bao specialist. i have not tried their baos so did not know what to expect. also my ticket was for a full priced meal and i suspect the baos are like snacks. cant put a lot of stuff inside baos. though these are taiwanese baos, and are open.unlike chinese baos, which are closed. 

the steak i got was £10. it was a 5 oz steak, and very nice though u have to make sure u chew it properly before swallowing as the piece might be too big. since you cannot cut a piece off yourself, it was cut up by the cook, the first piece i ate was a large one and i did not chew it properly and nearly choked when i tried to swallow that large piece. so have to remind myself to be careful there. normally when eating a steak, you have to cut it yourself and there you can cut off small pieces , so there wont be this danger of eating a too big piece. it was a nice meal, very enjoyable, and being forced to chew it properly i really got to taste it, instead of normally bolt it down which i would normally do. when eating steak you really must slow down and chew it properly and savour it properly long and thoughtfully. that is the way to eat steak, and not like a dog, bolting it down without tasting it… which is such a waste when i see dogs eating meat. i am afraid i am prone to doing it myself. 

steak and chips from that shack on the right
medium rare steak with chilli butter sauce and house sauce. i used my own container, whcih kerb encourages us to do, to save on packaging. and they do give u more chips too, and he even gave me an extra choice of sauce, so that i got two sauces
view of somerset house across the river from the national theatre
the biang dang food shack, but they were only serving baos today

i did not see any of the other fellow freebies who go for these free foods. so i guess they did not get picked for the free food draw. in the past we just go early and queue up and the first 100 will automatically be given a voucher to exchange for the free food. but this time they dont want to encourage all the queueing and bring in a draw instead. 

15 Apr

london 2.42pm 9C rain thursday 2021

today , every thursday,is when the supermarkets feature their new bargains reduced prices for their 5 a day, so i logged onto the tesco website to see what their clubcard prices are and found £3/kg for the pork. (it normally sells for £3.50/kg)that was what i wanted, so i went to the store in kennington, their temporary one, which replaced the big store that used to be there, the place is now a building site of  luxury flats being built. in fact the billboards advertise it is open in May it seems for bookings and are showing off a show flat for potential buyers to book the flats before completion. flats from £700,000 (1 bed roomflats) so not cheap really. they got a few for shared ownership. cant imagine who are the ones who will buy these flats, especially since just down the road in vauxhall you have that huge amounts of luxury flats in battersea and around the US embassy . 

and i got my shoulder pork. i got a 1.7kg joint, which i have cut up into 4 portions when i got back and they are all in the freezer. the morning which started out quite sunny is now overcast and raining. so quite a normal day weather wise, and event wise too, from what i can get from the news, nothing much is happening.

and i got my lunch cooking. it is stir fried greens and celery with chicken pieces in jerk chicken sauce. hope it is as nice as the previous dish using that jerk chicken powder. 

added. 3.08pm

i ate it and it is just as tasty as the first dish i did with that powder. so 

i have my 2nd jab

14 Apr

london 8.44pm 8C dry wednesday 2021

its been brought forward 2wks from the 30th april. but i did not notice in the text message to inform me,  that the venue is changed from st thomas hospital near me to guy’s hospital, in london bridge.  so after queueing in two lines in st thomas’, i was told that actually i should go to guy’s hospital. luckily i know how to get there from st thomas, in quick time, by going to waterloo station nearby, and taking the jubilee tube two stops east to london bridge, then walk to guys. and there was no queue in guy’s vaccination centre. unlike in st thomas, where it was long queues. and the whole thing, including all this travelling between venues, took up an hour, from the time of the appt which was 10.30am. even including trying to find where the vaccination centre was in guy’s hospital. pretty good time actually when u come to think of it. 

anyway, mine is the astra zenecar jabs. i got the 2nd jab now, and without much side effects. none with my first jab, and only a slight headache with this 2nd one,which i slept away with a short nap. i think the uk made the right move, to vaccinate everyone. lockdowns are not the answer, because the economy will never recover if everytime someone dies of it, you lockdown the whole country.

afterwards, i went to sainsburys in nine elms, to buy raspberry jam. it is very flavoursome, you can smell the fruit in them; out of all the jams they sell in the sainsburys own brand costing 75p and i got 100 points for it with the nectar card. that is worth 50p.whilst there i bought the chicken thighs, £1.65/kg, which is very good value. and thighs have so much more meat on them, than the other cuts. only breasts beat them, but they cost £5/kg. not worth it really. but u can get two breasts if u buy the whole chicken which costs £1.65/kg. that is what i do, i separate the breasts and freeze them, and cook the rest in a curry. 

i came back and stir fried them with greens, using a jerk chicken powder that simon got, and i dont know if that is the thing that made it so tasty…it was the only thing i used, no garlic, nor onions so that  i was real surprised at how nice the sauce tasted, so much so, that simon had 2nd helpings. i was quite tempted to do so myself.  i forgot to buy sainsburys garlic , they have a bunch of 4 for 55p, but i did not see it when i was there. but it looks like jerk chicken powder can be just as nice if not better than fresh garlic. 

good morning from london

13 Apr

london 11.15am 11C sunny tuesday 2021

simon cooked breakfast today. the sausages have apple in them. at first i thought they were fat, the apple were in chunks they looklike lumps of fat. i ate them anyway, and only later when i asked him what those sausages were, he said it was sausages with apple. first time i heard of apple being mixed in with the sausage.

a nice sunny morning today. sunlight streaming in through the windows. 

Good Morning … From Kerala ! — Santiago the Shepherd

11 Apr

A morning without a newspaper is unimaginable for most of Keralites … The day begins with a hot cup of tea and a news paper. It’s no wonder why some of the Malayalam (mother tongue of most of Keralites) newspapers are listed among the top ones in the world by circulation. This image was captured […]

Good Morning … From Kerala ! — Santiago the Shepherd

london 9.40am 7.2C sunny sunday 2021

this picture reminds me of the old days growing up , in malaysia, when the newspaper gets delivered. by that i mean it is rolled up and thrown over the gate more like. haha. it was a daily ritual, which we all partake esp durng the weekend, with the sunday papers. with us kids zeroing in on the cartoon pages. and i am pleased to see that it is still so in kerala. and i was prompted to go to the link about world wide newspaper circulation, and noticed india seem to be big in newspaper readers. perhaps the world press should go there and try to find out why they still read their newspapers so avidly, when the rest of the world has gone digital , or abandoned newsprint reading altogether.

the guy in the picture was turning straight away to the back pages. so maybe that is the secret what is in that back page? usually it is sports. so is that it? they are all sports mad and want to read the match score?

here we in london can see the drastic result of this corvid, in regards to print circulation. even free newspapers are finding it hard to get taken up by people. and i myself have taken to going straight to the online news websites as i suspect many have,to get my news, instead of getting it with the daily newsprints. we get it instantly and in real time, as soon as it happens. whereas printed news is old allready when it comes out. i think from past experience, the attraction to the printed papers was its analysis, and the writing style of the correspondent and its local content, not so much the stop press. and those are dropped as money got tight, making us even less eager to buy it or read it. 

life goes on as usual

9 Apr

london 2.28pm 13C cloudy friday 2021

big news today is prince phillip has died. he was 99yrs old. 

3.10pm sunny 16.2C 

its 3 o’clock allready . i had a double take when i saw the temperature now. 16.2C!! is that so really? another website says 14C. and on this website the surrounding areas show 14C temperature. so it might be this particular location has a defective temp recorder. i have noticed it tends to show a higher temperature than the surroundings. ah well, i suppose life goes on as usual for the rest of us.

i got a text message on my mobile phone tellling me i have an earlier appt to get my 2nd vaccine jab, it is next week, rather than 30th april. so the jabs are going to plan, and even ahead of schedule if they can give me an earlier time. in fact, i thought it might happen when i got the first appt, and glad i kept my mobile on instead of usually switching it off. i think they will send me a letter to alert me, in case i miss seeing the text message.

i have been doing the usual things, buying groceries. yesterday i went to the upton park east london fresh market to get chillis, and was able to get them at the usual price, £1 for 250mg, and when i came back and had them with my meal that day, i was pleasantly surprised that they are very potent, they kick a punch. they were the small chillis, which should make me realise they will be potent, because from experience, small chillis are hotter. and there were 500mg green grapes for 50p each pack, so i bought two and am enjoying them now. they make a nice change from oranges and bananas.

all businesses will open from next week too. 

3.32pm 17.5C

even as i speak, i see it has gone up the temperature


3.34pm latona road peckham se15. but nearer me at oval, it is 14C. it might be more accurate
my lunch, stir fried cabbage with pork

sitting in the sun in the communal garden

6 Apr

london millbank gdns11am 5C very sunny tuesday 2021

very nice day, though a bit cold, so that i am glad to have my fleece hoodie whilst sitting on this garden bench in the communal garden of the estate, just behind the tate gallery and i am using the tate gallery wifi. i am glad that even though the tate gallery is closed, they still broadcast their wifi.

there are not many people in the garden, so that i can have lots of choices of where to sit. the sun is beginning to warm me up now, so i am shedding the layers of clothing i have on. ya, spring is a time when we go through the ritual of shedding and putting on layers of clothing, a constant dance of robing and disrobing.

oh the sun has gone behind a large black cloud, and two robins have come out to play and are hopping about . the wind is coming up too and it is getting chilly. so back goes my hoodie. but the sun is out again, and looks like it will be out for sometime, as that was the only black cloud in the sky. so that is good, i was half thinking that i will have to interrupt my stay in the garden and go back home. the sun sure makes a difference and demonstrated that in a dramatic fashion just now. we take the sun for granted, at least i do, until something like this reminds me it is indeed life giving. i have taken some pics in the garden but willhave to wait till i get back to load them onto this page

the sun going behind this cloud

easter monday

5 Apr

london 10.23am 6C cloudy easter monday 2021

very cloudy today, so i thought i shall post yesterday’s pictures i took when the day was much nicer, with cloudless blue sky. just to remember what it was like. though how quickly the memory of it can be forgotten. i am trying to remember the feelings when i was sitting out in the sun, on the garden bench in the communal garden,basking in the warm sunshine and seeing the following scene in front of me. 

memory is very illusive and photos are the only way we can evoke it or store it and even then , it is not a very effective way.

easter sunday

4 Apr

london 12.50pm 11C sunny easter sunday 2021

quite a sunny day today. yesterday was cloudy, and dull. sometimes you can get cloudy and still bright, i dont know why it can be so. unless what i read that sahara sand is being blown into the high atmosphere and that affected the sun. that might explain it, why at ground level we dont see any dust, but yet the sky has that dull look about it. that has been so the last few days. 

today the big supermarkets are closed, they have to because the law says so. i did not realise it was the law, previously i thought the only day when the law says it must close is christmas day. where even the smaller express stores must close…. unlike today the smaller express stores can remain open. so people can still buy groceries today, and no one is left out unlike in the old days when i first came to the uk, the hours were quite restricted and sundays were closed. in those days it is milk that we have to go out to buy. fresh milk can go bad and can also be used up, so that was the most often thing people bought on a sunday. but now i dont even drink milk anymore. i use coffee whitener now. not even milk powder. even in my lifetime my eating habits have changed, so i can imagine if it were 100yrs ago. 


3 april 2021
3 april 2021
trafalgar square 3 april 2021