selective vision

22 Nov

london 9.27am 14.7C (lowest temp was 13.7C at 7.15am) cloudy/bright  wednesday 2017

first time i got a scam call on the phone by someone speaking chinese… i guess it must be mandarin but since i dont speak any chinese languages, not even my family dialect, which is hakka, it was a easy decision to put the phone down on it immediately. haha.

in all these times, i have never had a call by those people using chinese. i wonder if phone calls like this are only a phenomenon in uk…

do other countries have this same problem? i think we all here in uk must be used to these calls and like me dont even chat to them but just put the phone down on them. i dont even bother to dial 1471 to get their number to block them. i could not be bothered really. if they want to call again let them, i hope they waste a lot of their money making the call. though i think they get round that and make free calls.

ah well, another of those things in our lives that we learn to ignore. like adverts. i for one have learnt to block them out and dont even notice them now. a very useful thing to learn, to block things out selectively so u dont even see them. this applies to a lot of other things too.

i call this knack to notice things u want and to ignore those u don’t ,life skills. that way u remain focused. maybe that is why i dont have anxieties , or panic attacks, because i tune out those useless worry thoughts and ‘what ifs’ thoughts. 


warm spell now

21 Nov

london 8.40pm 13.9C been raining but stopped now. tuesday 2017

these few days it has been warm. hovering around 11C-14C practically all day , even night. it is due to a plume of warm weather that has moved up north from the atlantic ocean, covering the lower parts of england. it happens because the gulf stream has moved further north of the british isle. it will come down around friday when temp will plunge to the norm.

but as usual the weather forecast starts off by saying it is a miserable morning with rain… haha. they forgot to mention it is warm so not really as miserable as you would think, if u really are living under those rainy skies. the forecasts tend to use words like miserable , to describe the weather. it is very subjective and i would like if they dont use it. they should say it is a lovely wet day today feel the fresh day as rain clears the air  and decorate the leaves with dew drops. 

my friend in poole mentioned how his friend he was visiting has put up the central heating so high, he felt real uncomfortable with the heat, and even got a severe cold when he left but fortunately he said the cold lasted just one day, he took vitC, and he got well again.

i wonder why people got their thermostat so high. if u have to switch it on now, and it is really very early to do so, at least set the thermostat to 18C or lower. but this person is an old man, so it is quite possible he does not know where the controls are to set the thermostat. with these new computer operated boilers, it is perfectly feasible that no one knows how to operate it.

life is really very nice in london hope everyone is having such a nice life like mine.

yesterday i went to that free chicken burger offer in this pop up restaurant in a pub. we are so used to these things going smoothly so it was rather a reality check being reminded that not everyone can organise these things smoothly. the kitchen could not cope and they tell us there will be a half hour break before they can continue taking the orders. i decided to give it a miss and left. but i hope they will have learnt a bit and be more organised the rest of the week. they deserve A for good intentions. it is not easy for us to remember that it takes alot of organising to make these things go smoothly.

added. i am seeing on tv a program by ben fogle , new lives in the wild; talking with people who have chosen to live in isolated places. this one is a guy who wanted to build a hostel in a remote area of guatemala. it is really strange to see their lives and what made them do it. 


a strange apology

20 Nov

london 9.39pm 13C warm night. monday 2017

i was browsing the online guardian and saw this article, that paperchase has apologised for the free wrapping paper offer and joining forces with the daily mail to offer it. what an extraordinary thing to apologise for. just because some small numbers of people in the social media has criticised them for associating with the daily mail, which they say is against transgendered just because there have been some article written by the daily mail questioning it. in the process the paperchase people have alienated all the readers of the daily mail. i find this bullying by a minority is the norm now… truly this is a snowflake generation, being offended by the slightest thing, and imagining slights where there is none intended. i wonder where it will end. 

20 Nov

london victoria library 12.35pm 12.7C rain monday 2017

today’s free metro newspaper has the tourist rates £1 = Aus$1.66, canada$1.61, euro 1.07, singapore$1.67, US$1.26. this is what we uk people pay to change our £s. i bet the rate will go in the opposite direction if u want to change your currency to £s. it always is, so i bet if u want to buy £s with US$ their rate will be $1.38 or higher. and after paying the commission god knows what awful rate you will end up with.

the official rate £1=1.13euros , US$1.32, Sing$1.80. tourists always get fleeced everytime. but i think a lot of tourists will come to uk, because with the 10% drop in value , it is a bargain; their money goes a longer way than in the past. and what is more, anything they buy here they can reclaim the VAT when they leave. what not to like right?that is 20% off just like that.

i am glad fresh food in uk do not have VAT,(value added tax, 20%) so that is one way locals can get round paying extra . just buy fresh produce. all the fresh meat, veg, have no VAT on them. i think that is the single most important concession we got out of the EU, where we were able to get fresh foods exempt from VAT. i think everywhere else in europe, there is VAT on fresh foods.

and i have found out even singapore has VAT (called GST, goods and services tax), 7% i think, which the govt is thinking of increasing it. i presume all those countries that have this kind of tax include fresh foods… GST in malaysia is 6%

another way is to buy second hand, from charity shops for eg.  and if u are small size, children clothes have no vat…so if u can fit in the largest children sizes , you will have a lot of cheaper new clothes.

i have my friend john, who lives in poole, telling me of his walks with a gay group round his area, and ending with tea at one of the member’s flat.  so that is one way of enjoying free activities. as for me, i amuse myself by going for free food when newly opened restaurants offer it to celebrate/publicise their opening. 

added. 2.35pm this restaurant giving out free food is really very good. i just got a reminder in my email from them, saying they think a lot of people did not get their email with the voucher, so they are giving it again… and warning people to come early, as if it is gone it is gone, implying there might be a quota each day. the offer is everyday till friday… free chicken burger from 6pm-10pm. i wonder does it mean a person can go there everyday and get that free chicken burger??? or it is only one to one person for the duration of the offer. 


free wrapping paper

19 Nov

london 12.45pm 11.3C sunny sunday 2017 paddington library

well, here i am in the library, have read the papers, only two, the mail on sunday and the sunday times. 

Digital StillCamera

earlier, i went to the paperchase branch in piccadilly to get this free wrapping paper via the voucher  from yesterday’s saturday daily mail. some might even use it as wallpaper to decorate their room and give it a festive look.

quite a lot of things going on in regent st, and whitehall. whole roads closed to traffic. there is a toy parade sponsored by hamleys this morning, so that might explain the road closure. kids might like it. it would certainly make them pester their parents for those toys as presents. 

i was at the virgin lounge earlier, to see the film grumpy old men, jack lemmon and walter matthau starring, but i did not see it to the end. those two have made it a fine art depicting grumpy old men. haha. but it is a bit depressing to watch. even though it is supposed to be a comedy. perhaps it is just me. getting old makes me see myself in them, makes me wonder whether getting old is inevitable we all get to be like that… grumpy…i hope i do not become like that, i dont think i am; but then, i am the last person to see myself. it is for others to tell me if i am grumpy. haha. i can tell you gone are the days of my youth when i can be spontaneously happy for no reason at all. haha. i am glad i experienced that when i was a kid. i was a happy kid. i did not have any of those growing up angst. and i still dont. so that is something to be happy about.

there will be another film, ‘free birds’ they will show at 1pm, for kids . not sure if i want to go there to see it. there will be lots of kids about and it wont be pleasant really.

18 Nov

london 7.15pm saturday 2017 9C rain,

it’s been raining all day. i ventured out at 12pm, to the victoria library and it was raining then. a light rain, not big enough to put up an umbrella. it was not cold even though the forecast was for a early morning temperature of 2C, but it was wrong. coldest it got was 6.7C around 6.30am.

the daily mail on saturday is having a detective murder mystery for us to guess who did it. the prize is £25000. i wonder who will be the lucky winner. every week there will be a winner, for 4wks. the paper also have a voucher for 2 wrapping paper, redeemable at paperchase… fortunately it is valid today and tomorrow as it is so rainy that i did not fancy going to the shop to get it today.

weather like this makes me glad to stay indoors and at home. haha. i think a lot of businesses must be quiet today, as i think quite a lot of people are like me, not wanting to go out at all if they can help it.

but london has so many visitors, i think i might be wrong and business will still be good. we hear so much of other cities their local citizens complaining that there are too many tourists, but in london i doubt you will hear much of that. somehow the city is so well organised, locals dont feel crowded out by the tourists. at least, i am a local and i dont feel crowded by tourists.

i think london is very efficient that way. perhaps other cities might like to come and see how it is done. and the restaurants dont sneak in hidden costs unlike in venice, where a chinese man and his parents were given a huge bill, over 100Euros it seems the restaurant serving them dishes they did not order. i think they got a reputation for charging a lot; so much so that the tourist keep away , and so when they do get one, they just have to make hay and screw him for as much as they can get.haha.

this publicity about it will just mean no one will eat in any restaurant in venice at all and that cannot be good for business.

anyway i am glad i am not a tourist, having to rely on restaurants for my meals, having always to eat out, it can be very costly if u do so… but i also think it can get boring. somehow i like my own cooking and the foods that i prepare. even a simple dish like a stir fried veg over rice is so much nicer , and i can eat that everyday and not get fedup at all. it is strange that, maybe because it is not salty, unlike food that you buy out. 

sunrise 7:23 AM

sunset 4:07 PM

17 Nov

london 2.07pm 14.2C sunny virgin lounge friday 2017

i saw the power of the sun in bleaching things, when the bus passed the shop window of some expensive carpet shop on piccadilly. they have huge carpets hanging on the window display and all of them were bleached white, all their colours and patterns gone. i thought it was quite an unnerving thing to see… and certainly did not make me want to buy a carpet. haha. but it did forcefully show how the sun is great for making whites whiter. if u have often wondered why indians in india are always seen wearing such brilliantly white clothing, making you think how do they get their clothes so clean and white… and spotless… now you know. it is the sun. 

i have been talking of how unfuturistic my world is and have wondered is it just me, or   maybe others live a more futuristic life with voice command in their houses to control things. and i read this today about a parrot who have discovered it…. ordering alexa to switch on all the lights and when it did, having a good chuckle over it. haha.