hunting gathering

30 Oct

(written last night 29oct.)
I have been foraging for food in the supermarket tonight. It was raining, and normally I would not bother to do it in this weather, but I have not been out all day and felt it would be nice to walk out for some fresh air and rain.

The first supermarket I went to did not have any bargains. Correction, there were reduced breads but not breads that I want, nor were they reduced to 10p which is what I am used to.

The next one did have reduced meats in the reduced shelf but the prices were still high. I wandered over to the meat shelf and saw one reduced pork shoulder 3.1kg from £10 to £5.19. That comes to £1.67 a kg. better than the cheapest pork in asda which was £2.50 a kg.

It was leaking so I got a plastic wrap and put it inside and took it to the self help payment till.

When I got it back home, I found it has a bone in it. Still good value. It goes to show we are so used to boneless shoulder, that I at least am surprised when I see a bone in it. Haha.

Now I come to think of it, the original price for this boned shoulder is rather high, £3.3 a kg.and this pork is supposed to be their basic range.

Simon came home and asked me what I would do with it. I said I might roast it. He said he liked the black soya pork that I cooked some time ago,(he said when he ate it he thought it was very mild curry beef; haha.which makes me believe that pork is such a mild meat it can be masked by the herbs, I put some paprika too, u put in and maybe that explains why it is the Chinese favourite meat.)

so I decided to cut the meat in half and cook one half as black soya pork, the other I thought at first I might roast it, but I think I shall just cut it up into smaller pieces and freeze them to use in stir fry or whatever in the future.

Pork is a very versatile meat and can be used in any number of dishes.

I am glad I can still get these reduced meats in my supermarkets.

U can really eat well if u follow this strategy of going late in the day to the supermarkets for the reduced foods.
I need to go tomorrow to Brixton to buy ginger. We have lots of garlic but I have run out of ginger and ginger is essential in that soya pork stew.

Added 30.10.12 last time i was in brixton, i got the ginger for 40p a pack if i buy  2packs from the usual price of £1.  this time i got it for 90p.

I like these foraging expeditions to the supermarket. It is like a hunter gathering or so I would like to believe.

(come to think of it, cruising for men for sex is a bit like hunter gathering too. Maybe that is why we gay men like to do it so much. It is not something that we associate with women. But maybe u know better, my knowledge of women is nil really.)

And my desire to look out for found objects in my wanderings around my area that I can pick up for free may be also a hunter gathering instinct, a throwback to our genetic makeup for survival.

What else is happening in my life.

Not a lot. Been going to the gym by taking the bus which stops right near my flat. sometimes I can strike lucky and the bus comes just when I arrive at the bus stop. It happened yesterday, both going and coming back from the gym; but other times it may take an age.

When I first joined this gym, I thought I shall have to cycle there, or walk there, but I got a free travel pass so I have more or less stopped using the bike now.

I still walk because I feel it is v important to get the exercise, rather than take the bus all the time. But I have to admit for longer distances I take the bus.

In the past, I used to walk to Chinatown in soho, or bike it and bike to Brixton , but now I go by bus to soho, or by tube to Brixton.

(written today 30oct)
Why am I telling u all this? Well, since I am not writing anything in my profile, it is a way for u to get an idea of who I am.

I am sure u have guessed I am a gay male by now. Haha.

I am not adverse to being frank about what I do, or think. And the reason why I hide my identity is to prevent my friends from finding me.

This is the opposite of what the majority of bloggers want to do. Haha.

I will make categorical statements about anything, so I am sure u will catch yourself ‘saying that is not so‘.

Sure and you will be right, because I can only see things from what I have experienced, and so make conclusions from there. But they are not universal truths, so just don’t get too upset or offended about some of my pronouncements.

I am pretty sure I shall change my opinion when I get to see things that contradict any statement I made. That is why when I read some , to my mind, silly statements in the press (for eg, this guy saying gays caused the hurricane sandy ), I just laugh. And I wish the article would also laugh at him.

Those people need to be laughed at.

It is a sign of our times that newspapers and the internet will quote these guys, when they are plainly nutters. But by writing about them, they get the publicity and than others get enraged, or confirmed in their own views, and so it goes on .

The merry go round.

People should learn to just discard things that they don’t agree with, whilst acknowledging that the other person can say such stupid things. It just shows up their ignorance and they should be ridiculed. Haha.

Nowadays it is not politically correct to ridicule someone for their views, but I think that is not justified.

just as u have the freedom to write and talk crap, we have the right to pour scorn on you for saying it. Haha.

And u might like to defend what u said with facts and figures to support your case, otherwise u will have to shut up and realise that u have made a fool of yourself.

But beware, what u think is crap may turn out to be quite profound truth, because u are too ignorant to see it. So it cuts both ways.

We should all say this to anyone who talks crap…

Stop talking crap.

But also we should be able to go back to that person later and say u r right, I am wrong. I doubt I shall need to go back to that eg I gave to say he is right.haha.

Feel free to write in to tell me I am talking crap. Haha;

My crap I hope do not offend anyone, but if it did, you have allowed yourself to get offended. Why should my opinion offend you unless u allow it?

I would even say if u are racist , homophobic, or whatever, u have the right to hold those views. As long as u don’t act on them, by killing others, I don’t see why u should not hold those views.

I would not like to befriend you, but hey, that is no loss to either of us. Haha.

Though if u are hot, I might just make u my sex buddy. A guys opinion should not impinge on you having sex with him. That is why sometimes it is better not to know what he thinks but just have great sex with him.haha.

In this age of instant communication, we will hear a lot of things that we wont like. People will criticise us for our looks, our lifestyles, our opinion, whatever.

It does not matter.

As long as we don’t meet, and they are not in a position to enact laws that discriminate against us, they should be allowed to say what they feel.

That is why the law must be neutral and not discriminate. I think a truly civilised society will ensure its minority are protected and allowed to have the same priviledges that are given to the majority.

But I know there is a minefield of exceptions and extremes that the minority can exploit . Humans being what they are, give them an inch and they will demand a yard.

It is one sure human trait that is common and widespread in every human being.

I think I shall post this now otherwise it will get so long it becomes boring, if it hasn’t already.haha.

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