cities are great to live in

21 Nov

I really like living in London.
Transport is so frequent that it is like having a personal chauffeur to take me around.

For eg, yesterday I took the bus to my gym, and then I walked to the tube station, and took the tube from south London to north London for a shag with a friend. Hardly any waiting time for the bus to come along, and the tube is even more often.

If u follow me, u would have known that I had expressed a wish to have more daytime shags, and I got it. 3 of them all within this week. That should keep me busy and coming right after a shagging sessions on my short break to poole too.

Anyway I practise edgeing, so that came in handy to enjoy them all.

But I want to say how easy it is to get around when u are living in a place like London. Or in any big city really.

In fact, that was what I told my friend, that if u are thinking of a place to spend your retirement, u would do well to live in a city instead. I don’t know why the consensus from all the people talking of retirement is to go somewhere , for eg, another country, or into the countryside or small town, or village instead of telling everyone to get themselves into a big city and stay there. If u can get yourself a city by the sea that would be even better. don’t get into a small town by the sea as these seaside places are dead in winter.

Most cities have a lot of public spaces, so if u are thinking u will miss all that open space, think again.

Well the above is just a thought. I doubt people will follow it.

I guess it depands on whether u are a city person or not. If u are, it would be folly for u to uproot and go into the country to spend your retirement , just because every adviser tells u to.

If u already own property in a big city, it would be folly to sell up , (with the intention to downgrade and free up capital) and buy a smaller place in the country. U would be better to buy a smaller place in the same city.

Or , even better, rent out the spare rooms for regular and increasing -with- inflation income for years to come.

But of course there is no money for the advisers if they tell you this course of action.

I keep up with a yahoo group for the London naked bike ride and got an email from them saying there is a fund raiser for the brighton naked bike ride with a daytime session in a naturist club near London.

I was delighted to see there is a naturist club so near London. It is just at the border of the freedom pass network. The freedom pass is a free pass for the tube, bus and rail network in London for over 60s who are London residents.

Now here is where the club agreeing to be included in this fund raiser, offering their club premises , will pay off because they have reached a group of nudists who are able to travel and who live in London and who will be interested in a naturist club within easy reach of transport .

We all want to live a naked lifestyle, but it is too cold to do so at home, without spending lots of money on heating, so a naturist club membership would answer our desire. And there are other fellow nudists to be social with too.

However, before I say anything, better to check it out first and meet the owners just to see how they are with single nudists. Wait and see I think.

Still, come a nice summer day, it would be great to have a club like this to go to. And if I can make friends with those brighton naked bikers it would make it more fun to attend the brighton naked bike ride as well as the London one.

Brighton naked bike ends at the naked beach near the marina. Which makes it more interesting than the London one.

It is a bother to take the bike to brighton from London. I shall keep an eye out for skates in the recycling bins. It is more potable to use skates. And it is easy to take them off and use the bus if ever I got tired. Haha.

It is with sadness that I read the san Francisco council have voted to ban public nudity in the streets of the city, specially aimed at the nude men who gather near the castro. That means the last place in the world where u can be naked everyday in public is now gone.

Barcelona used to be open minded about public nudity but they banned it from the city . It looks like the tide against public nudity is getting higher and stronger.

It is the encroachment of moneyed people into the castro area. When it was a poor district, nobody cares about its image, so all kinds of strange events can happen there. But now with big business buying into it, they want to keep it clean.

Naked events are still allowed. But depand on it, one day it too will go. This is the thin end of the wedge, that will outlaw all public displays of nudity. As more and more locals desert it, and rents there go up, and property there become too expensive except for the v rich to live there it can only be the trend to come.

San Francisco today has lost its uniqueness where anything can happen. It is just another american city now. Except there is a humongous earthquake to come in the future. It is long overdue.



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