Your Christmas gadgets aren’t getting much cheaper this year

22 Nov

there is this reblog facility in wordpress which i have a fancy to try. just to see what it is like. and this post about the price of laptops is one that i want to comment on.
the price has not changed much, still about £300 , but the specifications have bettered considerably. so just comparing the price does not tell the whole story.
now for the same money which i bought my laptop 5yrs ago, i can get one with 4G RAM, and 500GB HDD. compare that to my old laptop which i am still using 1GB DDR2 , 120G.
however, the old laptop still has plenty of life left in it, so i dont need to change. i am waiting to see what more i can get. like there is now on offer £225 for a google chrome laptop. and another an acer costing £199.

there are so many choices now, and they are getting cheaper. and the technology is by passing the need for big RAM or HDD. the only thing i dislike is the size of the screen. i like my present 15″ screen.

this is because i dont carry it around but use my laptop at home. so size and weight or battery life is not a important factor for me. though power usage is, so i wonder if long battery life means it uses v low power, or is it just a powerful battery that can keep up.
but all this is not enough to get me to replace my old laptop. until my laptop gives up the ghost, i will carry on using it.
now there is smart phones to compete as well. but again to me they are not desireable as they have very small screens and keyboards so i cannot touch type with them.
but i know nowadays no one learns to touch type anymore. they know how to type using thumbs of both hands instead.

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