a few days of diary entries

10 Dec


9.12.12 sunday

I was browsing in Chinatown yesterday , a Saturday, which just goes to show how disorganised I am because Saturday is a busy day for grocery shopping and it would be crowded. Not a good day to go there if u want a leisurely shopping experience.

I was at see foo in lisle st, and saw their frozen white fish (from Thailand) is £3.50 a kg. but saw the queue was so long I decided to come back another day. Their thin rice noodles are the cheapest at .95p.

Then I went to the big store in Gerard st, and saw their frozen fish was £3.19 per kg. that is cheaper. (glad I did not buy it at see foo)and their frozen fish balls 200mg is cheaper too at £1.50. I bought the frozen fish, there was only one pack remaining. I wonder whether that is the old price, and the price will rise for the new stock when they replenish the supply.

(Added. 10.12.12 Monday. I used one fillet for my dinner. I thawed it overnight first and then cooked it in the rice cooker along with the rice. I put finely sliced ginger, garlic and Chinese chives, thin slices of chilli, and a dash of black soya sauce. Delicious. Had enough to share it with simon even.)

I think I shall buy the frozen fish from now on, rather than the fish balls as it is really so much cheaper than the fish balls. Fish balls are processed food that is why they are so expensive per kg. and v salty too.

Even Tesco and sainsburys sell frozen fish basic range at £3.80 per kg. so Chinatown is better value.

I am watching alien resurrection on tv now , (multi tasking don’t u know); and this scene is a underwater one, and I marvel at how long they can remain underwater holding their breath for so long, and everything is so well lit, so we can see everything, and also I marvel at how they can see underwater without glass goggles. We all know that everything is blur if u try to see underwater without glass googles.

There are so many flashes of light in these scenes it must be fit inducing.

I thought I have seen this movie but it is new to me. So I guess I must have missed seeing this particular one before.

(added. Did not see the film to the end as I switched the tv off as I just got bored with the films and programs on now.)

Anyway, back to my life haha.

It is a happy way of life, my life. Though not much is happening.

I was earlier today, Sunday, volunteering with a charity that provide hot meals to people in need. These people are suffering hiv.

(Actually, I read a blog in wordpress by a guy who was describing his life being hiv positive. It is a very moving blog, as he writes well.



One of his post was about hiv activist vs. safer sex advocates and he said many hiv activist do not think they are safer sex advocates and that the two are very different and he says why not? I agree with him that really even if a hiv positive guy may decide to have unsafe sex, after all u can see the logic of it… what has he got to lose seeing he is already hiv +… he should still tell those who are not infected to practise safe or safer sex. Even though nowadays the medicine is quite effective and not so toxic it is still not very nice to take them. There are side effects.

During the charity session, we go out in pairs, one driving the car, the other , ie me, navigate but the guy who was driving today wants to use his sat nav, so I did not have to navigate the route. It takes a load off my mind and I was able to enjoy the ride. All I have to do was bring the food to the door.

Sat nav makes things so easy nowadays.

The only downside is that it sometimes brings u to busy high streets and into traffic jams. But usually Sundays are relatively traffic free. Though we had to go to earls court area and that road is just jammed, because of a narrowing of the road due to road works.

London has such good shopping and so many food and Christmas markets, that really if u are into those things u will love it. But I don’t really like them, so a lot of the things going on in London are of no interest to me. I know, I didn’t use to be like this. When I first came to London I was really interested in seeing everything.

I am glad that there are so many still interested in shopping, just today I read that the westend took in record sales over the weekend. So good for them, and people… carry on buying and splurging haha. Just make sure u can afford it and don’t be so stupid as to borrow money to spend this Christmas.

Sometimes I do wish there are more things that are in London that interests me but I daresay it is me. I seem to not want to do these things and it seems kind of defeat the purpose of living in London if I don’t do those things. But I don’t care, haha. I like living here. there are more advantages than just shopping and doing the tourist things and visiting museums and art galleries to oogle the art and going to Christmas markets. I have moved on to more hard core entertainment. Haha.

In the gay scene, there are plenty of things to do, and lots of sex too. I seem to take them in bursts of activity followed by hibernation. It is nice to have them there for the times when I get horny. The internet and the gay websites enable us to make contact with other gay guys too and though this is not exclusive to London, London has a v good transport system which enables us to meet up more easily without needing to own a car.

Well, London caters to all requirements. I find it can be a bit tiring to go to all these places , and many of them go on late into the night and I do like my beauty sleep. So I don’t go to those late night places. Haha. But not all places are like that, thank goodness, for London caters to everyone. There is still my favourite sex club where u can get sex with as many as u like for just £6. And that includes free coat check and a free drink and all done at a reasonable hour and still get u back for a good nights sleep afterwards. Haha. They provide lots of condoms and lube.


I went to a naked party in south London on Friday just to let u all know that I do go to these things now and then. Naked parties, both privately hosted and commercially hosted, are still interesting to me (in fact, they are the only thing I like now) so those are the kinds that I go to. It was held in a private house way down south, in zone 6 and near a train station and not a tube station. That is how far it is. Its in the evening, and involved me joining the rush hour of office workers taking the train in victoria station on their way to return home from work on a Friday.

I had a taste of what it must be like to commute everyday. Quite horrible really, not so much the actual being on the train. That was ok, because it was not crowded and people can get seats if they want.

It was horrible because of the dark night and the long journey (even with a fast train, a slow train would be murder) and the sheer tedium of having to do it everyday. Luckily the british are not chatterboxes so no one was talking, except briefly one guy on the phone.

Not to mention the cost, for those who pay it. I don’t. The day’s evening standard was talking of the fares hike in January of the train fares. London fares will be going up by more than the 3-4%mentioned in the papers, to something like 8%.

That guy on the phone on the train was talking about it and saying how pissed he was about it. Well, people, I daresay we can all expect this to continue every year from now on.

Its been like that for many years before too.
Added. 9.25pm 10.12.12 I got back from supermarket bargain hunting and was lucky to find a 2.8kg pork leg reduced from about £12 to £3.75. And the pineapples are still .49p each. They are delicious as I know having bought one the day before and almost finished them. So I bought another one. Haha. When they get reduced like this, you must grab them quick.

It reminds me of nature’s feast and famine scenario. A huge glut and u cannot eat it fast enough or get thoroughly fed up of it, and then the glut is over and u have to wait for another year for that fruit season to come round again.

It is the funny thing about pineapples. I know they have been harvested green long ago miles away, and yet they are real sweet now. How do they do it~? I am sure there is some shenanigans … like putting them in a room of vapor from chemicals to artificially trigger the ripening process. Or using chemicals to arrest the ripening process. But whatever, it is a nice pineapple.

I don’t eat so much of them for me to be affected by any chemicals they use. Haha.

I am not much worried about these things. Maybe I am a fool not to be worried, but hey, it is another way of dying among many to chose from . Haha.

Before it gives me cancer I would have died of something else, or if I do live that long, the aches and pains will make me want to die and the cancer will be welcomed… death is a release. So it is all good. Haha.






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