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17 Dec

London16.12.12 sunday–2m-victim-cancer-unable-children.html

A woman who has been awarded £2million for an error where the smear test did not detect the cancer in her womb, causing her to develop the cancer and to have a hysterectomy to remove the tumour; now says she wants £20million for not being able to have any more babies.

I find that is the trouble with our modern technology. It increases costs all round. First for enabling the mass testing, then to either miss the cancer, or misdiagnose it, and either way, being sued, and paying out huge amounts of compensation. don’t forget the cost of the operation too. Both remove the cancer, or the non cancer as the case may be.

It could have been the other way round for that woman, that she was misdiagnosed cancer , had her hysterectomy and end result , more money for compensation. Haha.

Makes you think that maybe medicine should not aim at trying to be god, and just treat as and when the cancer shows symptoms.granted some cancers will be detected late. But I figure it is just the soul wanting it. I for one don’t care if I get cancer and don’t know it and it is diagnosed late. In fact, I prefer not to know and just ask that the cancer remains symptomless till the final stage, then give me the symptoms, and then the doctors find it is cancer, and then I conk off soon after, having just time to clear up my affairs. I do like quick goodbyes rather than the long lingering deaths that cancer can sometimes bring.

I think it would be preferable to let things remain the same and not bring in all this prevention procedures. Or have a legal proviso telling all patients ‘u follow our advise at your own risk‘.

Nobody comes back to reward them for detecting the cancer, or saving their lives. People are so ungrateful. In fact some have sued doctors for saying they only have months to live, and then live for longer.

People!! Maybe that is why what ever happens to people I just say their souls wants it. I know that u can get sued if u try to help some of them.

Some helpful guy can make u worst if u got a broken neck and that guy try to move you. U can sue them if u survive, becoming paralysed because of his well meaning interference.

So that do -gooder make things worse whilst thinking he is such a do -gooder to want to help. And then gets angry when he gets sued. Haha.

Cant help but laugh, otherwise u can only cry bitterly or be very anti people.





Life!!! sometimes I think it better if we all just carry on our lives, some of us will get cancer , some wont, so be it.

If our souls wants it, the cancer will be diagnosed and found early. Otherwise if our souls wants it , it wont.

But letting things go its course and letting fate decide wont happen of course, with medical discoveries making us want to catch it before it kills us, or prevent it. Whilst all the time, nature will go its merry way we shall all die of something of other, and our souls will decide.

I know, this view is fatalistic. And not all will agree with me.

I prefer this way of looking at life, so I don’t worry about living or not. Haha let my soul decide.

But I foresee everything will go up in cost in future. That does not take a genius to forecast.

One wonders how people will afford medical treatment in future. Maybe only the v rich will get treatment. The nhs cannot afford some of those medicine anymore. Ah well, thank goodness I wont be alive to see it. Or the lack of money will stop me having the treatment and I conk off. haha. If that happens so be it.

Added. 16.12.12 I went to oxford st this afternoon, to primark. I thought of getting socks as so many of mine have holes in them, so it is time to renew the lot and get a new batch.

It was very warm in the store, because I was dressed in 3layers of clothing. I don’t know how those people in there can stand the heat. It was crowded with people. In fact many of them were sitting outside in the ledges of the window displays. Waiting for friends who are still inside shopping.

So busy, and this is a Sunday. No wonder primark is making such huge profits.

I went to the first floor to the men’s section to find that the socks were about £1 a pair being sold in packs of 5 for £5. There were 3 for £4, £2.50 etc. mixed fibres, 55%cotton.

(added 17.12.12 8.38am. Nice morning today in London. I read in this article that the weekend just past has exceeded the takings record last weekend. £200million. So I was in the middle of a record unfolding yesterday when I went to oxford st to primark. I did not go into any other store, because of the heat. I don’t know how these shoppers can stand the heat inside the stores. From the interviews in that article, all of the shoppers are 21yrs old. Haha. I think they were spending their parents’ money and foreigners. Otherwise how can they afford £800 presents. There was a banker age23. Are they recruiting them so young now?

I remember seeing the 99p store in Bournemouth selling cotton socks5 for £1, wish I bought those instead.

Anyway, I decided I would like to buy the 99p store socks here in London and will go to the one in Brixton, and see if they sell those socks there. I think I prefer cotton socks 5 for £1. Granted I expect for that price the quality wont be very nice, and from what I can see through the packing, there was some kind of football club logo on it. Haha.

But I don’t mind. I know ,it is very cheapskate of me, but I don’t really care for any fancy stuff and want the cheapest socks I can find. Haha. Socks are socks to me.

And no matter how expensive they are , socks always get holes in them. In my case, the holes are at the heels.

I think it is because my heels get chaffed by my shoe and so it gets worn out. So no point buying expensive socks as it is my way of wearing the shoe that caused the wear. I daresay if my shoe fits me better, it wont happen. But I like my shoes to be slightly bigger than my feet so my feet don’t feel so cramped inside them. I like to wriggle my toes and feet in the shoe.

These trainers, which are adidas, that I am wearing are ones I found at the recycling bins, about 2-3yrs ago. So far they are good for another year maybe. Haha. I shall have to keep an eye out for another pair for when these ones go kaput. So the fact they are slightly too big for me is purely due to circumstances. Haha. As usual I did not know I like them till I have been using them for so long now that I find it is just what I want.

I sometimes don’t know what is good for me, till I have them for some time and then It dawns on me that they are really very good and just right for me. It is serendipity at work. Or so I want to believe. Haha. Or maybe my soul wants it and so it attracts things to me.

Many times I find things, and keep them, not really wanting them, but some impulse made me pick it up and keep it. Then many months, or years later, I find they are what I need.

Does that happen to any of you? It happens quite often to me.


On another note, I read this in my wordpress reader of blogs that I follow. I ‘liked’ it even though I don’t really agree with him. It is rather a nice thought provoker. It basically says films etc seem to slag off Christians with impunity and people buy those films instead of boycotting them and so make the film makers more bold in slagging Christianity even more.
I did think he has made a good point there. If Christianity have been more bloody minded and call for a fatwa against the film maker as the islamists do, than maybe there wont be so many films so against Christianity. On the other hand I know the Christians and the islamists go for the easy target, like gays… we get so much flak from those two religions. But do gays call for a fatwa against these two religions? Maybe we should .haha. I think those who realise these two religions are hitting out against the most helpless, gays and women in society, fight back by making films that ridicule Christianity and make us laugh at them. Christianity in particular.

So far no one makes fun of islam , or rather those that do end up with fierce death threats.

Those muslims have learnt from the olden days of Christianity where they excommunicate and hang people for heresy to keep their critics in line.Muslim religion practises in so many ways are living in the medieval ages and it is not for nothing that their calendar is still in the 1400s.

So in one way, he is correct in asking why Christians willingly collude and buy films that mock their religion, but he should also mention that Christians in their turn mock and condemn gays. If u are going to mock , then be prepared to be mocked .

I know, it is the nature of Christians, and muslims, to condemn gays. It is in their teaching. That is why for any gay christian out there, maybe u should ask yourself why u believe in that god who is so much against u… why try to join a club that does not want you?
Either u change and become straight, or u have to give up that christian god.

Naturally those views above are my own, and should not be taken as the final word. Haha. I know they are a bit extreme, and I am conscious that it is only my view point. Maybe a christian gay will see clearly it is perfectly right s/he holds that being gay and christian are not contradictory and that s/he wont get his/er knickers all in a twist for holding on to such opposing views. His/er gay nature pulls him/er one way, his/er christian faith pulls him/er the opposite way. Somethings got to give…

But let us not get too angry about all this, because in the end, it is your life, and u can live it however u like. So if u want to believe 10 contradictory things before breakfast, do so. Haha except I will get away from you and not want to know anything about u as I don’t really like those kinds of people. Having said that, I still have a christian gay friend. He call himself a Christian, but he is not very religious. So maybe he just use the term Christians without thinking of the implications. Or he pick and choose his brand of Christianity.

I sometimes wonder why god tolerate so many different religions and gods…if I were the real god, I would smite all the others dead. No question and make it clear who is god around here. Haha.

either he is very tolerant, (which doesnot sound like him at all, considering the old testament is full of a jealous god who don’t want anyone worshipping other gods before him; or do u think that old testament god has mellowed a bit, or more likely irascible old men who write those things don’t have a monopoly on writing anymore now that we have the printing press. Haha.)

or it doesn’t matter at all. All paths lead to the same thing which may be nearer the truth.

Added.6pm.  westboro baptist church i hope will be outed as a hate group if this petition to obama succeeds. we are very familiar with the fatwa of the muslims, but christians are not above doing the dirty too. 


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