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18 Dec


17.12.12 Monday.

Went to Brixton to the 99p store today to try to find socks for 99p. But there are none to be had. I may have to go to Bournemouth to the 99p stores there to get them. Or wait till the new year sales at primark.

Whilst I was at the 99p shop I bought Johnson’s baby oil 200mg. I have run out of baby oil. Very useful to moisturise the skin after a shower.

There is no rush as socks are something that have no urgency. Haha.

Seeing I was in Brixton, I went to the market to buy ginger and garlic.

Here in uk, the shops put out plastic bowls where they fill it with fruits, etc to sell all for £1 each.
I saw a shop selling quite a large amount of ginger in the £1 container outside the store. Must be quite the biggest amount I have seen.

The ginger was not only huge but there were two big bunch of them. So I bought it. And they are not old either which usually they are when they are put out like that in the containers to be sold at £1.

The shop which I usually go to, where the owner gives me a 10% discount is manned by a young guy this morning when I went there. He did not seem interested in my custom. So I figured I wont be able to get him to give me any discounts.

So I went elsewhere to buy the garlic. I bought 5 small bulbs for 69p at another store. Yet, his store was selling 7 bulbs of garlic for the same price. I know I should have bought from him, but it just goes to show how an uninterested shopkeeper can influence your decision to buy from him or not.

Then I stop by a store where I know they sell 6 onions for 50p. Quite cheaper than in the supermarkets for sure. There was no price notice and I would not have known about it. Except last time I visited I saw a woman gave him 50p for them, and that made me realise they are quite a good price. So I go there to get my onions now. Haha.

U might well say stop boring us with these prices of ordinary foodstuffs. I know it is boring if u don’t live here(in London or uk), or even if u do haha. But I like talking about it. Haha.

Most people talk of frugality, but not mention much about the small transactions like these, 50p here, £1 there may not sound like a lot, but they mount up.

But the most important thing they do is to tune your mindset to a less expensive mode.

For eg, if u are used to buying stuff at £5 or so, anything less and u think is a bargain. for me who buy things at £1 or less, only 20-50p will be a bargain.

That is why when I went to primark and saw their £5 packs of socks, my initial reaction was ‘that is cheap’ until I realise that it comes to £1 a pair of socks. That is not cheap. Remember these are run of the mill socks. And not even pure cotton either.

I think I can easily expect them to be reduced come the boxing day sales. I read that the tube is going on strike on boxing day. Hmm, might it be less crowded and so be worth going there on that day?? I might go there by bus in the morning and see what I can find. Might escape the big crush later on in the day.

And as they say, take care of the pennies, and the £ will take care of itself.

(added. Google provides an app called Finance41 f41 (finance-for-one, geddit?) and I have been using it to track my outgoings. It is the middle of the month and already I have spent £27 and it is from buying small items. Only two items are about £3 . One on pork2.8kg, the other on frozen fish1kg.

I know my expenses are very small, but I can see it is the little bits of 50p , £1 that mounts up. My usual spend a month is about £50-£60. It was half in the past, when I was less spendthrift, haha. I have loosened up a bit these days.)

I forgot to look out for a plumber’s plunger, to unblock my kitchen sink. For some reason, the cold spell had caused a blockage.

I have a plunger but the rubber tip is eroding and melting. It must be about 20yrs old. I like to make things last and really use them till their last dying breath. Haha.

I think there are no plungers to be sold in Brixton area. I have to go to balham and the hardware stores there. I saw plungers for sale there the last time I visited the area. Cant remember how much they cost.

Added 10pm. I got back from the supermarket having gone there hoping to find 10p bread. Well, I was lucky. When I arrive, the bread were there, by the entrance, and they must have been hauled there only recently, as there were plenty of hovis wholemeal multi seeded bread800mg for 10p each. So I bought 3.

It being Monday, the usual hordes of shoppers like me were not around so that might account for me being able to get these multiseeded bread.


There were lots of white bread, wholemeal own brand bread, etc too. Sometimes I buy Warburton’s white bread. simon likes them.

My freezer is not very big, so I cannot really stock up with a lot of bread as they take up so much room.


Added. Read this ,

I have been there years ago, mid 90s, and did wonder than why they have this peculiar law that insists that the centre of the town is not nudist. So we had this strange situation when we walk to the centre of town naked, and once there have to put on a slip of clothing. In an island that is supposed to be a naturist place.

I thought that part of ile du levant have been bought from the army which occupies the rest of the island and made into a naturist place and so is private land. But it seems the town centre is subject to French laws.

Why now have it come to arrests? those nudists have been arrested for being nude there Usually people observe the law, esp the locals who live and work there.

The local shopkeeper was fined for being naked in the terrace of his shop. And a local refused to cover up when told to.

So many places that are naked have been subjected to this sort of harrassment. In the past the law was usually unenforced. Now there seem to be some people who deliberately go there to enforce the law and make naked people forced to get dressed. It seems to be a sign of the increasing intolerance of nudity that seem to be the trend these days.

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