i found two pairs of reebok shoes

30 Dec

I was on my way to the gym at waterloo when I pass the recycling bins and saw a pair of reebok shoes. They look hardly worn, with the soles still intact, and there was a black bin bag near, and inside was another pair of reebok shoes, so I took them and carried on to the gym.Digital StillCamera

Earlier on I went to Brixton to buy garlic, and got 8 cloves for £1. Which is rather a good price. And onions for 50p. Simon loves his garlic. I myself don’t bother to use them because in uk the garlic is not very strong, and u can hardly get any flavour out of them. That is why I don’t buy them often. However simon last night mentioned to me there was no garlic, and so I know I can get them cheap at Brixton, whilst if he were to buy them at the supermarket they are wickedly expensive.

I am glad I decided to go by the recycling bins when I went to the gym. Usually I go by a different route.

So I am happy to find not only one pair of trainers, but two and reebok as well. They are a very good brand. Very well made, and light and nice to wear and lasts ages.

Haha. Such small things like this make me happy. U can see it does not take much to make me happy.

I have been looking at the sale prices of reebok in the shops and they are about £60 or so. Actually i can afford them, haha, but i am so used to finding things in recycling bins for free, that i just dont want to spend any money at all.

It makes me rather happy to save these shoes and prolong their working life as it were. 

added. 8.1.16 one of the reebok pair have finally sprung a leak and have to be discarded. it has lasted about 3 yrs. the other is still going strong. its the pair with the dark reebok trademark.

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