suger and obesity

4 Jan


Read this article in the guardian about suger being the cause of obesity. 
It works like this. The suger raises blood levels which raises insulin levels and the insulin deactivates the leptin hormone, which is released by fat cells when they are full to tell the body to stop storing fat. 
Whatever the mechanism, it seems suger is the culprit.

And suger is everywhere hidden in processed foods. That is why people advise u not to eat too much of those processed foods.

It cited an eg, asking how much suger do u think in those bottles of flavoured water that they sell instead of just plain water. 
They are delicious to drink, even for me, which makes me suspect them. Haha.

They have the flavour of whatever fruit is on the label, most probably chemically induced because we all know how clever they are at mimicking flavours with laboratory made chemicals, but it seems they have a lot of suger in them as well.

And all those low fat foods sold in ready made meals, or yoghurt or whatever, it seems removing the fat makes it tastes awful so they compensate by using lots of suger in the form of corn suger.

So the article argues that obese people are not to blame. By eating all those processed foods, drinking soda, etc, they don’t realise they are eating a lot of suger . Their high suger intake makes them fat, and makes them gluttonous. And they don’t realise they are eating so much suger.

I think I had suspected long ago that a lot of processed foods have suger in it, and that suger is not good for you. That is why I stopped adding suger to my foods or drink. And stopped eating processed meals, or pizza, or cakes, or cereals. I don’t have desserts.

Fortunately, it is not a Chinese custom to have a sweet dessert after a meal. nor to have a starter for that matter.

We just put all the dishes on the table and eat. It stops us overeating, because if u have food coming one after the other as courses, u tend to eat more.

Whereas once you have all the food in front of you, and u soon eat your fill, the dishes all get emptied and that automatically means u stop eating.

Most people dont ask the hostess to refill the empty dishes and bring in more food. once the initial hunger is appeased most of us will have enough.  Haha.

It is no hardship not to eat those sweet things, though many of u reading this must be thinking, what a sad life to deprive yourself of all those goodies. Haha.

Well, it is easy to stop eating those things because I have not made myself crave them. It is all in the mind. I just made up my mind that I don’t like sweet things. And as a child I have never been given sweets as a treat so never get to believe that sweets are a treat. Something that parents should refrain from if they don’t want their children to develop a sweet tooth.

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