stream of thoughts

5 Jan


I got an email from ikea. I joined their family ikea card long ago , even though I am not a family, there is only me haha and I live quite a long way from the ikea branch in Wembley, and what is even more funny, I don’t buy stuff from ikea. Double haha.

and it says I can have a free breakfast before 11am from 7-13jan. Oh, so that is why I joined. I shall go as I have not been there for some time, and it would be a pleasant way of spending the time, and get a free breakfast to boot. They also give card holders free coffee too. Rather nice I think. If I live nearer I shall go more often.

It is at their Wembley branch. I like the poang chair that I found a few winters ago, and now I see it is on sale for £49. Well I don’t need another one, but it is rather nice to know that the one I found cost £79 new.

They have big fat candles for 50p too. Pity it is not scented candles. I wonder if I were to drop lavendar oils on it will it scent the room? I don’t like lighting candles in the flat as they are a potential fire hazard, but if they can be used to scent the room, that would be a good reason to have them.

With winter here, we keep our windows closed esp at night, and it does tend to get a bit musty inside.I open the windows even in the winter in the day as I am a fresh air fiend.

My flat is an old one, and the carpets have not been cleaned for years. Luckily I don’t have pets otherwise it would stink even worse. As it is , it just smells old. It does not help that my boyfriend , simon , is a smoker. He opens the windows when he smokes and try to breathe out through the window or blow the smoke at it, in the fond belief that it will disperse the smell of the cigarette smoke but of course it does not. I can still smell it. But fortunately it does get dispersed if I leave the windows open but I guess some of it lingers on to add to the general mustiness.

I may have to remind him to smoke in the kitchen where the cigarette smells wont be noticed amongst all the cooking smells. Haha

I know people burn incense, or buy those commercial air fresheners but I don’t like to spend money on them. The incense burn down to a lot of ashes that can be rather a bother to clear up. I prefer to just open the window and let in the fresh air. Haha.

This winter is so mild, last night it was 9C.

This morning I went to visit a shag buddy. We have known each other for years. It is nice to have a few shag buddies though he is the only one I have kept for so long. Haha.

I got a phone call just now from someone with an Indian accent saying they got a notice from Microsoft to check on me as they have found that my computer is slow. How do they know that, I wonder. If I were a bit paranoid I suppose I shall be worried that there is someone can get into my computer. But I am not paranoid and I don’t care who gets into my computer as long as they don’t disturb me.

Hmm, I certainly am not going to follow his instructions and let him access my computer that is for sure. Even if he is really from Microsoft. so I told him it is working fine (even though it can get quite slow sometimes) and not to bother and thanks anyway.

I doubt Microsoft is so kind hearted to pay for this service, and anyway I have a feeling that microsoft can gain access by remote to my computer from the internet via my windows program and fix it from there.

The funny thing is I have stopped using internet explorer as my preferred browser, I am using google chrome now. Sometimes I get a warning before I log off saying an upgrade is needed to fix the internet explorer. But I don’t bother to download it. And it has not appeared after a few warnings.

Do any of u find google chrome rather better than internet explorer? To me the best thing about it is that I don’t have to bother with the constant upgrades that windows keep giving me. You don’t know if that is a spam, or to allow it.

I am rambling in this post of course, but that is the nice thing about your own blog, u can just do it, and talk all kinds of cock. It is like a kind of meander within your thoughts and is like a kind of easy reverse meditation… thinking all kinds of things instead of emptying the mind. Haha. It can be just as restful.

During the post Christmas days I bought a lot (5packs) of pork and fig stuffing at 20p (reduced from £3 each, such a ridiculous price). I thought they were pork burgers and only when I opened one that simon told me it was stuffing.

There was a Chinese woman there too taking all the pork stuffings and there were a lot of them. I wonder whether she had realised her mistake, or did she really wanted all those pork stuffings.

I fried the first pack, and it was quite ok, it was edible but not really like hamburger.

Anyway, I was at asda, and saw they were selling sausage rolls packs reduced price to 40p each pack. And I thought hey I could do that using the pork stuffing. So I bought their ready made short crust pastry(now I think of it maybe I should have bought their puff pastry instead as it is very difficult to make your own puff pastry) but anyway I have the pork pastry baking in the oven now.

If it comes out nice I shall take a picture for u to see.

These pasty are very useful for picnics and packed lunches. I tend to go out and bring my own lunch and these will come in useful then.

 it is baked now, but i made a mistake and put them on wire racks, and the bottom got stuck to the rack. no wonder they always use a baking tray for these things. 

its quite tasty because the figs give it that sweetness, and gritty texture, and it is very filling as there is a lot of fat in these things which is absorbed by the pastry, which itself is fatty too. 

so not a healthy snack and i wont advise anyone to eat this a lot. now and then is fine. 

here is the picture of it, even though it did not turn out good. 

i turned one over so u can see what havoc that rack caused.


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