a visit to canary wharf

11 Jan


the shower container that i found in the gym. i like the design. 

Friday 11.1.13
Canary wharf is offices with a lot of eating places underground with shops scattered about along the underground passages that link the offices together.

That is what I came away with when I visited it for the first time.

As usual, I went for the free breakfast at ikea. It will be the last time as the offer closes today. I enjoyed it as usual.

Then back to the tube to go across London and south of the river to canary wharf.

It has a great buzz during lunch time which was when I arrived. Lots of people eating, filling the restaurants to busting. I particularly liked the jubilee place shopping centre. A high ceilinged central area with a great buzz esp when it was full of people during the lunch hour. I like the atmosphere there.

And they provide seating too for those of us who bring our own lunch. Or more likely bought a takeaway. No one there were eating their own prepared lunch, as far as I could see, except me of course with my thermos and container. Haha.

Well perhaps the office workers are all paid very well so they don’t need to do that.

There was the ice exhibition going on… with people invited to have a go at carving a ice sculpture. It is a lot of hard work to carve it by hand. I told the guy who asked me if I want to have a go, no thanks, and that the professionals will most probably use an electric tool.

I saw Boots, the chemist were having half price sale of its toiletries.
In my gym I recently found a discarded shower container. I thought it was a good design, with a loop at the base which u can use to hang the container , and it can be clipped away into the base of the container when not in use. Rather useful that. I kept it as I can refill it and use it when I shower at the gym.

And there were these containers of this design being sold at the Boots. For £1. Half price.

The shops are quite difficult to find, and are quite scattered, so not really a place to go if u are not working there.




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