23 Jan

i wonder whether the girls are also at it, rent a girlfriend for a boy to bring home to meet the parents. it is all good commerce haha.

Seeing there are more boys than girls i would think the girl- for -hire scenario is more likely.

i wonder if there are many gays in china who have to hide their sexuality from the parents and so have to hire someone to bring home to parents for the cny reunion.

some of them marry lesbians or straight women to hide their sexuality from the parents.

and it is a puzzle to me why the girls find it hard to find a boy to marry. one would have thought with so few girls around, they would have their pick of boys. but i guess money is important . No girl want to marry a poor boy.

I have a thought . Since parents just want grandchildren, why dont the gays marry a surrogate mother and get a child? that way they can fulfill the desire of their parents for a son, whilst being free to live their gay livestyle without any nagging from the parents.

I guess it wont happen it is too simple a solution. added. not only a simple solution, it is a very expensive one. haha. the surrogate mother is not going to do it for a pittance, that is for sure. so this solution is only available for rich people, and even then it is a partial solution, as no rich person will want to marry the surrogate mother, and the parents will not be willing to accept a bastard child.

So it looks like i have discovered why this solution  is not going to be simple or popular. ah well, back to the drawing board. haha.

I am just glad i dont have that problem. it just goes to show if they just be honest and tell their parents about their being gay it would make life so much easier for them. it wont make life easy for their parents as their hopes for a son is dashed forever, but u cant tell, they might be willing to accept a surrogate birth, if the son uses his own sperm. of course, it might be a daughter and that is another kettle of fish to contend with, seeing daughters are not popular amongst the chinese parents.

Ah we humans, we do like to make life complicated dont we?

Death Noodle

snakeSince China’s gradual opening up to the world post-Mao, a whole generation of youngsters have grown up free from the life or death choices that faced their forebears. These Little Emperors – the result of China’s controversial one-child policy – have had it pretty bloody good when you consider their parents’ and grandparents’ generations faced the horrors of the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution and flared trousers. They may be blinged up with iPhones, Gucci handbags and Burberry scarves but one thing the girls at least still can’t get their hands on these days is a fella.

Now, it’s not quite clear why this might be, given that the one-child policy and a cultural predilection for a son and heir has led to a gender imbalance in China which could mean 40 million more men than women by 2020. Maybe the women need to try a bit harder, put some…

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