mark up on retail goods

27 Jan


26.1.13 saturday

I picked up a brochure when I was in north west London that afternoon I was there on a shag date. it was lying on the pavement on the high street. It was a trade pricing sheet for autumn winter 2013 by ruby + ed. A company I have not heard of but seem to do a lot of faux fur items. Even hot water bottle covers.

For eg, it lists a jet hooded coat, also a mink hooded coat trade £110 RRP £275
Pack price £330 I like the hoodie on it.
Does it mean if u sell one item at the full price, u will have covered your cost? I wonder how many items in the pack? It seems depand on the items.
For eg, for clothing and coats, there are 3 items, one each of small, medium and large size.

There was a mink hooded jacket ( a shorter version of the above mink hooded coat) which might be more practical and which I quite fancy, trade £98 RRP £245 pack price £294. There is no reduction for buying the pack. If I were a buyer, I would not bother to buy the pack but order just 3 of the coats 2 of the medium and 1 of large size.

I think the small size may not sell so well. With coats anyone can wear a bigger size, and still look good, whilst if u get a small size, not many can wear it, and also it looks real cramped. And you might find the small size don’t sell at all and u would have lost money there.

On the tube train going to north London on Friday, sitting across me was a foreigner, a guy , wearing a really tight fitting down jacket, and it was stretched and looked like he was constricted under there. And I doubt he could wear a sweater or anything underneath it. Layering would keep him warmer too. It looked as if the down jacket was too small for him, and he was a slim guy too.

Coming back on the bus that same day, I saw a lady came on board and she was wearing a real nice looking fur like coat. it must be a fake fur, and it has a hoodie of fur, and I thought that is a nice thing to get. I wonder if I can find it in the recycling bins, but I doubt it, as it is not the kind of thing that is thrown away. Haha. It was knee length which makes it rather voluminous. I wonder if that cost her £275. If so it is rather a lot to pay for a coat. and if she can afford that kind of money what is she doing on a bus? Haha. (Maybe she got a freedom pass, because I have noticed quite a lot of richly dressed people taking the bus in my area. You can tell they don’t take the bus much, because they got up and stood by the exit, but did not press the bell to stop the bus, and got upset when the bus sailed right pass their stop.)She got off at the st johns residential block. It used to be Westminster hospital turned into luxury flats.

I saw the fake fur jackets in that brochure I picked up and it looked good. They are for women, but I dare say a man can wear it if he is daring enough.haha.
There is a bear fur jacket which I thought would suit a man. It is trade £79.60 RRP £199 pack price £238.80 no hoodie though.





The company was called ruby + ed.
And there I saw their jaguar fur boot reduced from £40 to £16 which is really a very good bargain buy as from the brochure I found the trade price is the same amount. But there is a £5.50 delivery charge.

All that fake fur looks very enticing esp since the weather had been rather chilly. But all is going to change and the temperature is rising from today. Already it is 8C. Good ol uk, esp London, where the temp is never cold for long. So it looks like all those who got fake fur coats will have to put it back to storage for another year.

I think I will still be able to use the beanies I found. We might still get some cold weather in February.

As usual, so much of these clothing is not necessary.

It is not usual for me to devote so much space to writing about clothes. I guess I am fascinated by the faux fur.

I found a blanket like that. It is made of fleece which is what I think these faux fur coats are made of. Like cotton, fleece comes in different qualities. And that fake fur blanket I found does feel really nice. So I imagine the faux fur coat must feel even better.

On another note, I went to the library this morning to read the Saturday papers, and saw they have been putting out a fresh batch of new books. One of them is ‘les miserable‘, the book. I have not read the book, and not seen the musical nor film, (and don’t intend to do so) and at first I was not going to borrow that book as I am put off by all the hype over the film and musical. But I read the first page of it and it looks promising. The translation from the French is quite readable. So I borrowed it. I am prepared to read the book, rather than go see the film or musical when they do change things or place different emphasis on things.








just a picture of the noodle soup that i made . i just post it for fun. the noodle in chinese is called hor fun.

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