8 Feb

This is rather interesting to me because it seems i am the type who drinks the so called ‘nastier’ kind of coffee. haha. i dont mind being called a drinker of nasty coffee. haha. it is just a matter of taste.

I find the coffee in starbucks too strong for me. i am sure it is a superior coffee to the instant coffee i like to drink, but my tastes for weak coffee do not lend itself to these expensive coffee made with arabica beans.

i wont know the difference as far as tastes go. all i notice is that strong coffee is very bitter to taste. too bitter for me. whilst weak coffee is mild and i dont need to add suger or milk to mask the bitterness. it is rather similar to my liking weak tea.

Or rather i should say i make my coffee mild, because of course u can vary the strength with the amount u use when u brew it. i simply use just a small teaspoon full of my instant coffee powder to make a mug full.

of course, people who think they are dedicated coffee drinkers will be aghast to hear the way i make coffee. haha.

ah well, it is rather a good thing that in this world there are so many people all having different likes and dislikes. so that there is a niche for every taste. the world is big enough to accommodate us all.

it looks like there is another aspect of this story. it seems that in the past when arabica shot up in price, coffee makers have mixed more robusta beans, and find there have been no complaints. and found their sales went up.

So now that arabica has come down in price, will they revert back to arabica? it seems not. it seems consumers dont taste the difference. it seems i am not the only one who equates strong coffee wiht being bitter. so the more bitter it is the stronger the coffee and that is good. or so we like to think. we feel we are getting our money’s worth if we buy strong coffee instead of weak in the coffee shop. it seems the robusta beans make things more bitter, and so u can get bitter without spending on arabica.

The report below makes me think that might be the case.



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