the heretics, will storr

17 Feb

London17.2.13 Sunday 8.55amI wrote finding the book yesterday and thought I shall not post it till after I read the book. But I don’t know when I shall finish the book, and anyway I have a feeling my view will remain the same even after reading the book. So I shall post it anyway.

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16.2.13 Saturday.

I have read in a blog about this book, the heretics, by will storr.

It more or less says we all make up stories on the evidence that comes into our brain via sight, sound, feelings, touch ,emotions, what we read, or have people, (our parents, teachers) tell us what to believe, etc. and it says we all do see very selective viewpoints. The brain cannot take in everything, all the input from sight, sound, hearing, touch etc and so constantly edits and selects.

So we make conclusions, (and it means we will get really extreme views) find it seems to work and make our lives seem easier to understand and so we stick with it. Even though we might find later evidence to the contrary but what replaces it is not so good to live with, so we stick with our views.

Some of us do change our views when we remain open to new evidence and so we change our story.

For eg, I used to be told and believe that life is difficult. We have to work hard if we want to succeed, and there is no pain, no gain.
But I discovered that life can be easy, if u let it. If u don’t cook up difficulties in your life by your actions . So I changed my story and now my life is really easy.

Well, this morning I was at the library to read the papers, and saw the book on the shelf. So I borrowed it.

And in today’s independent in read this review of it.

I suppose I would not have bothered to borrow it if I had not read the reviews about it. I figured I already agree with him. So why bother to read him? He will only be preaching to the converted. And I don’t need my views to be reinforced and supported by others. Haha.

I am egoistic enough to hold on to my views irregardless of how many agree with me or not. And I am egoistic enough to believe that I will change my views on my own bat, if there is any evidence to convince me to change.

So there u are, reviews and people talking of it do influence me. I read them and they persuade me that it might be interesting to read how he goes about it and read about his interviews with all those heretics… esp when his approach is entirely how I would approach it too.

My view is let them all believe what they want. Their souls want it.

For all I know, if we are to believe in multiple universes, all these viewpoints may be true in one or more of the many universes that exist all at once, right now.

For all we know, hitler in another universe, have won the war, ( it is not difficult to at least concede that the dice could have swung either way, and given hitler victory instead of the allies; for eg, he quickly invaded and defeated Russia before the winter set in and so never experienced the huge loss ) and there is a world now where Nazism reigns supreme, and is the way of life, and all evidence of the holocaust have been erased from history and jewism as a people or culture is no more, gone like the countless many cultures and societies that have disappeared even in this world of ours now and of which we never knew about.

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