some memorable posts in wordpress (to me anyway)

20 Mar

I woke up this morning with 3 posts in wordpress blogs running around in my head. They are exceptionally vivid.

So I thought I shall collect them together in this post.
A very frank account of the conversation between two guys who have broken up and the offender wanting to get back again.
A personal account of a young chap who seem to have come to terms with himself. Good for him.
Asking why gay people want to follow religion (it refers to islam, but I think it can apply to any religion I think, not only the muslim one) that don’t want them. I can only wonder at it.
Perhaps it is the same impulse that makes someone want to join a club that do not want them.
Or is it a perverse desire to join in so that u can change their culture. If enough gays join the church maybe it might make it change its stance on gays. Who knows.
It is like a woman insisting on joining a men only club, so that she can change their rules.

Or how about it is some people wanting to conform. It reminds me of a small kid wanting to join the big kids in their games and not being allowed to do so.
Well, don’t take all the above reasons too personally. It is just me putting in what I think might motivate people to join places (straight women wanting to join gay places or go to gay clubs); or institutions(marriage, kids) or straight society where it is clear that they don’t want you.

Last night I saw a re run of I, Claudius, a bbc series based on robert graves book of the same name.

It is on bbc4 and I saw it at 10pm on Tuesday. There are 13 episodes. Most probably it continues every Tuesday.

I saw this tv program ages ago, when I first came to the uk, and thought it marvellous. it made me read the book. The book is much better, but if u have not read the book u will find this adaptation fascinating. A lesson on how to adapt a classic without a lot of money and making it fast paced and contemporary without resorting to fancy costumes and archaic use of words. In fact a lesson on making a soap opera out of classic material.

Seeing it again, I am struck at how much I have forgotten. And I can see the limitations of money forced them to resort to talking heads. (I don’t remember that but now of course we are so used to action and fabulous props and clothing, it is obvious ).

But the acting is marvellous and the script very good, conveying the essence of the book without getting too bogged down with the details.

The book gives the details, so I would suggest u go back to the books for a more satisfying read.

But this visual representation of the book is a good effort. The series continues and I shall follow it to recapture a bit of nostalgia.


2 Responses to “some memorable posts in wordpress (to me anyway)”

  1. aguywithoutboxers Wednesday March 20, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    Interesting point on belonging to institutions that really don’t welcome the same gender loving community. I’m Greek Orthodox and living in the USA. I go to church when I need a “cultural” bridge to the Mother Country. I’m made to feel “at home” because of my ethnicity. When my partner accompanies me (which is often), he’s treated the same although he’s African-American. Our parish welcomes us (at least to our face, I’m sure tongues wag behind our backs). If the reception was different, I don’t think even the desire to be among “my own kind” would be strong enough for me to attend. Obviously, I go for the social and cultural reasons and not the theology. As for my boyfriend, he goes to be with me. When we attend his church, we are treated with respect but everyone refers to us as “friends” even when they no different.

    Great post, friend! 🙂

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday March 20, 2013 at 8:14 am #

      thanks for this input and giving us an insight into why people join in. Social and cultural reasons are certainly good reasons esp if u want to mix with your own ethnic group.
      i guess it may be the same reasons why a gay nudist would join a straight nudist group or resort, as in a single gay man wanting to join a landed nudist resort, for the socialising…. even though these clubs very often make it very clear single men, whether gay or straight are not welcomed. interestingly enough, single men may resent it but they accept it. but this way of accepting dont seem to be applied to religion. Religion seems to be a special case.

      i think for muslims, they have no choice. you are born into that religion, and are not allowed to leave it. gay muslims will just have to be in the closet.

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