spring forward

31 Mar

I forgot to change my clock time to spring, and woke up and thought it was 7am when it is really 8am. Couldn’t quite believe it when I saw the time on the clock in my laptop. Until I remembered that the clocks are supposed to go forward today. So I went round my flat changing my bedroom clock , my living room clock and my kitchen oven clock.

Clocks always spring forward on the last Sunday of March. Usually the tv and newspapers warns us. But this year it happened to fall during the easter period and there are no papers today.

And the library is shut throughout this period so I was not able to read any from Friday onwards.

Even the free papers were not publishing because of the holidays.

It is fun with clocks every year here in these northern countries like uk. Every year we get to spring forward and fall back. That is how I remember which way to jump the clock during spring and autumn.

Today it is sunny and bright outside and it is only 8.21am (though really it is really 7.21am).

Though the outside temp according to the weather website is 0C. Some areas of London like Finchley is -.4C but I think it might be a glitch.

Whatever the temperature, I am warm in my flat. it seems to stay a constant 12C whatever it is outside. I don’t have the heating on as usual.

Last night I walked to the supermarkets, hoping to find bargains, it being the day before Sunday when the supermarkets close all day. But there were not many bargains. Even the breads were reduced to 34p instead of 10p. I had run out of bread so bought a Tesco basic bread for 19p. Not much reduced from the normal 47p.

Now and then I have a desire to eat toast. That is why I buy bread. I know it is not really good for you. But simon eats it all before I get to it. If left to myself, that bread would keep for a long time in the freezer for the times when I crave toast.

It is funny that I prefer this basic wholemeal bread to the hovis seeded bread that were reduced in sainsburys from £1.50 to 34p. Would u have done the same? Somehow I want wholemeal bread. The seeded ones are plain white bread. And I would only buy them if they are 10p each.

I guess cost wise, it would be more of a bargain to buy those seeded ones , even at 34p. But I want wholemeal.

I was discussing the sainsburys price reducing strategy with a Chinese lady who was also on a bargain hunt like me. We noticed the 50/50 bread have all their crust removed. Even then instead of selling it for 10p which they do, it was 59p. I said even if they reduce it to 10p I wont buy it. I like the crust. What a waste really to remove it.
She asked what do they do with the crust?

I said most probably the bread is very old, and the mould have formed on the crust that is why they reduce it and repack it with a new sell by date.

I know they slice the bread that is close to expiring and repack it with a new sell by date. I have seen them do so. But this removing of the crust is a new one on me. 

Later the sainsburys brought out a batch of bread that they reduced to 34p, instead of 10p. I think it is because there was a crowd of people waiting for it and they know if they reduce it to 10p, there will be a fist fight.

As it was, there was no rush to buy the bread at 34p.haha.


These holidays are boring to me. In that the library is closed and I cannot read the daily papers.
And the religious nature of the events that happen are not of interest to me. Take for eg, the re enactment of the crucifixion in Trafalgar square on Friday. It was quite a cold day and I thought that actor playing christ must be freezing his arse off, unlike jesus . Though I guess it was a nice trade off between really being nailed to the cross to freezing. Haha.

There seems to be a huge fixation by people to enact the crucifixion. And in some countries, they actually nail the guy on the cross to make it real.

Ah well, their frixxging souls want it.

That I guess must be the genius of the human condition. We are capable of the heights of soaring achievement and the basement of mad behaviour.

added. i just saw the time of sunset and sunrise today. it is 6.37am and 7.32 today. without the clocks changing it would read 5.37am and 6.32pm. but with the new time we all think it is later setting than it is. this playing around with our time sense is playing havoc with our biological sense of time. 

It is no wonder people get depressed come autumn when the clocks go back. suddenly they find their sunset comes one hour earlier. that would make anyone depressed. 

Added.I think people seeing me foraging for cheap bargain food which are near expiring may get the impression I am doing it out of necessity. Not at all. I enjoy this. And it is a choice. I can well afford to buy bread at the full price but just as I would seek out discounts entry to gay clubs, I don’t see why I should pay full price when I can get them for 10p each. I don’t have any false pride or beliefs that would deter me from taking advantage of it.

I have not gone down that route of raiding supermarket refuse bins for food thrown away. Not from any distaste in doing it, but that I am too lazy to do it. Haha. It involves going in the dead of night. I am too lazy to do it. But I am all for it, as I think it criminal that supermarkets can throw away such a lot of good food.

I know my local Tesco throws away food regularly, because their cooling system constantly breaks down and whole shelves are cleared of food. It happens often. We are met with empty shelves when I go there, and a notice telling us about it being due to a malfunction. Instead of letting us buy it cheap they prefer to throw it away.



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