2nd day without internet, dan brown’s inferno

31 May

London friday

update, 12.35pm . library. 

just got a call from the talk talk engineer telling me the service is back on. i asked him what went wrong. he said it was a wire got loosed and touching another. and he is calling to tell me that because the line is working he will be disconnecting the routing of calls to my mobile from now. so i am back online now.

Yesterday I was at the library using their free wifi to get online, because my landline phone had stopped working.

It is still not working today, and I am back at the library again.

But yesterday I saw a copy of dan brown’s new book, inferno , on the shelf, and borrowed it.

It is a really good read, and I finished it.

There are lots of red herrings, so much so that sometimes I have to pause and leave reading it, because I got kind of frustrated at it all, but still had to return to it to find out what happens next.

Another thing that i find tedious is the re capping of a lot of scenes, that video recording that was meant to be broadcast on that date in the future for eg, it was replayed so many times when it was viewed by different people. the description of it rehashed from the beginning everytime; so boring really. and stretching out that video, letting us see only snippets of it, each time… 

That guy really knows how to string u along, and keep u coming back for more, even though u sometimes feel like throwing the book across the room.

For eg, after a big chase across the city , Langdon chasing sienna, she jumped onto a boat and was free to ride off and disappear forever, having thrown the pilot overboard, and then what do u know, the boat stopped when it could have dashed off to freedom, and he made the woman come back… saying to Langdon she did not know where to run to anymore.

Ha!! Double haha!! That was the one time when I felt like throwing the book across the room.

But it is all part of the fun of reading this book. He is real good at telling a story.

The whole story was supposed to have taken place in a day. Bloody long day I can tell you. Haha. And no stops to eat… at all… only once were we told Langdon had something to eat. Ha. There were many flights on planes, and I was thinking no delays at airports… that is the only unreal feel about the story. Haha. I mean ‘unreal real’ feel, (if u know what i mean) as the whole story is unreal of course. 

So many chases. I can see it will make for a great action movie as I am sure it will be. I bet he wrote it with half an eye out for the movie contract.


And the final piece of the puzzle makes a lot of sense to me. Some reviewers were not happy at it, but to me it was a brilliant solution.

And I only wish it was true. Haha.

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