just another weekend of demonstrations in london

3 Jun

There was some kind of demonstration going on in parliament square saturday and yesterday because the bus I was on had its route diverted.

There is always some kind of demo going on at weekends in london, as being the weekend, it does not disrupt traders too much and it brings in people into the centre of town and they have to eat… haha.

Anyway it turned out in today’s online news that it was a fight between two demonstrating groups, both protesting because of the woolwich murder of the off duty soldier.
There was also a bike ride for the woolwich killing , in aid of the heroes fund.
This is quite a normal weekend for London.

Even though I live in the middle of it, it does not affect me nor do I see any of it. This is because I live in a backwater away from the tourist routes and demo routes, the only thing that makes me know something is going on is the constant drone of overhead helicopters.

People overseas reading of it might think I will be caught up in it, but not so. I was actually in Chinatown earlier on Saturday, but no demos start till late, in the afternoon, so u can still do any business in town before they clog up the roads and delay bus journeys.

But then, demos here in uk are peaceful. if there is any fighting it will be between demostrators. 
Unlike in Istanbul, where I hear the police were using tear gas.

I have friends there now, doing their Europe tour, and coming to me tomorrow to stay with me. I wonder if they are caught up in it, but then maybe not. Because as I know from my own experience, even if they are in the centre of town it is possible they might be able to do their touristy things without noticing all that trouble.

Well, there will be another demo next Saturday, which I will be a part of. Haha. It is the naked bike ride in London. It starts late at about 3.30pm, so businesses will not be affected.

And it will bring in lots of people, either to take part or to see the naked people riding.

And they will all want to eat and shop afterwards. So businesses must be rubbing their hands with glee.


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