entertaining friends

10 Jun

So today, Monday, all my guests have gone. They have come to stay for the naked bike ride in London on 8june, and now they have moved on.

My two guests from new Zealand are now in paris, staying with other naturist friends and continuing their European tour.

My friend john will have just caught his train to poole.

Yesterday, john and I were wondering where to go and decided on visiting Portobello street market, in notting hill, but we found out when we were on the bus 148 that the buses are not running there, as there is a huge burst water pipe. There was a similar incident in regents street some time ago, which disrupted bus traffic too.

So we ended up in shepherd’s bush, and decided to go to the Westfield shopping complex there. It is a pleasant place, with lots of chairs where a lot of people were sitting on and sleeping on it even.

I wonder if they might have made it too comfortable, so that shoppers become disinclined to visit the shop and prefer to just sit there.

It is tough to shop keepers to get people to buy your stuff, at least that is the impression I got, from the many shoppers there who seem to just enjoy the place without any evidence of shopping bags to show they are actually buying stuff.

That day, it was cloudy and chilly, so it was ideal to get indoors into a warm sheltered shopping complex.

I confess I find it difficult to recommend any place to bring visitors to in London. Maybe I am just jaded, or that my interests do not involve eating out and shopping, which are the biggest way (and sometimes seems to me to be the only way)to entertain yourself in London.

If u are not interested in those things, and not interested in seeing old pictures and furniture and things in museums etc you will find it rather difficult to find things to do.

I guess just wander around the little villages, like soho, Chelsea, hampstead, spitalfields, Camden, borough, etc just to see the people doing their thing and people watch.

Though even then, u might most probably find your fellow countrymen doing the same thing, and no locals in sight but lots of foreigners who have come to work here, or are visiting like you.

We met two Malaysian girls looking at the menu in a Malaysian restaurant , (named penang, they do a free cocktail class weekdays at 5or 6pm ), in the alley leading to the Westfield centre. They were visiting from leeds, (and come from penang in Malaysia) and when I said I like the curry laksa instead of the vinegarish penang laksa; they recommended the laksa in a restaurant in Chinatown. She only knows its Chinese name and wrote it down for me, but it is in Chinese. And she did not know its English name, but she did say it was in an alley off the eastern end of gerrard st. she said they do very good curry laksa there and will be there that evening.
It only occurred to me much later that I guess if I were straight it would be a hint to go there to meet them and make friends with some girls.Haha. But at that time, I did not really think of it that way.
I am sure the girls did not think of it as a come on either… they really were talking only of telling me of the restaurant so I can try the laksa there.

Later I googled it, and found out it was C&R restaurant in 4,Rupert Court. I have eaten the laksa there long ago and it was very nice. It cost £8.50 then, (about 5-10yrs ago I cannot remember exactly) but get this, the menu online now showed the price now is £6.50… Amazing, it‘s cheaper… but maybe the ingredients are less.

But it kind of illustrate that in London, u are more likely to meet your fellow countrymen than the locals.

I find it really hard pressed to recommend where to go for visitors.

My friends from new Zealand knew where to go, and have their plans, so thank goodness I don’t have to exert myself to entertain them.

They went to a afternoon coach trip to Stonehenge, costing £24 each.(reduced £5 because they book online) Includes entry fee. And they went on another day to the tower of London to see the jewels. Which when I saw it a long time ago, looked very fake, because they were so huge. Haha. If I did not see them in the context of the tower of London, I would have thought they were very good replicas. Haha. It is just that such huge diamonds are so rare, u just cannot believe they are real.

Actually for all we know, they might well be replicas, and the real thing is kept under lock and key in a security vault. It wont surprise me at all if that is the case.

I have a friend who is registered disabled, and he asked me to go see it, and do you know carers can get in free, if going with a disabled person. And u jump the queue too… but even that did not tempt me to go join the crowd to see it.

I know, I come across as a bloody jaded old man, and maybe I am. Haha. But just pottering around London, and my area is very pleasant experience for me, which I enjoy a lot and satisfies me . It is all the excitement I want. I am afraid as I go older, I find I don’t like excitement very much. Because I know from experience that ‘excitement’ means a lot of bother…
Like this latest excitement we are experience in the flat now… the old washing machine had conked out and cannot be repaired and we have to buy a new one… and it will be delivered in 18june. Such excitements I can do without frankly. I hope once we got the new one, I wont have to go through another one like it for another 10yrs at least, that is how long I expect any new electrical appliance to last me.

(my soul dont want to be bothered with it, because it was simon who found it not working, and he is the one who had to go through the bother of trying to repair it, took the whole thing apart it seems and found it could not be repaired…and he ordered the new washing machine too. i did not have to do anything.haha.)

So keep all that ‘excitement‘… give me a nice quiet life without them. Haha.

I happen to read this article in quartz, about how to make yourself employable.

Often u hear people say , I have years of experience and good at my job but nobody wants to hire me because I am too old, etc.
This article gives a very unusual take on that.

Quote an extract from it  ‘For example, if the problem is that I am being discriminated against because of my age, then I cannot fix that problem without changing the minds of billions. But if my failures are my fault, then all I have to do is change my own mind. This is one of those general rules I have come up with in my old age, even though I cannot remember the specifics of how I came by it.’ unquote.

read the rest here

added. my friends bought me carnation evaporated milk. 2cans. they are v expensive , double what the aldi, or tesco ones. i thought they will be nice and taste exactly like those evaporated milk that i tasted in my childhood in malaysia. but it is not so. they dont have that taste at all. i thought the aldi , and tesco milk dont taste like the malaysian ones because they were cheap, but if the carnation milk tastes just the same as the aldi, i dont think i shall bother buying the carnation at all. thanks to my friends, i am able to judge for myself the carnation milk without having to buy it. 

added. 12.37pm 2016 paddington library london 19.1C cloudy. saw this article on my wordpress recommend . it is 3 yrs now, and that washing machine is still going strong. but then i would expect it to, as it is only 3yrs old. at one stage it acted up and did not spin strong enough to dry the clothes. but after a bit, with us doing nothing to it, it corrected itself. at that stage we thought we had to replace it with a new one. but glad it got over itself and started working again.

2 Responses to “entertaining friends”

  1. sarahinguangzhou Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    When people visit me I normally take them to Camden market or Southbank or somewhere similar; I don’t like shopping either but I enjoy watching other people. Failing that I just give them a copy of Time Out and get them to pick something they fancy. Tate is also good, and it’s free.

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

      i agree, camden market is really very nice, john and i went there last time he was here. it is a great place to watch people and just look at the stuff they sell. I thought the hoodies quite reasonable price too. but we had been there so we wanted to go somewhere else. borough market (not exactly southbank, it is nearer london bridge than waterloo)is quite good too, i went there late afternoon and they were reducing their foods. my friend bought a venison pie for £3. it was a huge pie.
      the tate is a mixed reaction. my friends went to the tate britain, it is near me, but they did not like the modern art. they like the tatebritain better than the tate modern , they said because at least in the tate britain there is some traditional art and statues.
      i think a lot of people go to the tate modern because it is near st paul’s and there is no place to sit and eat near st paul’s whilst the tate modern has this marvelous view over looking the river . it is a nice cafe with a museum attached. haha.
      actually if u like seeing old pictures and objects, the wallace collection in manchester square a bit north of oxford st is a marvellous place.
      but nowadays i just dont fancy seeing old things and pictures.
      in fact, any of the commercial art shops in mayfair can be a lot of fun. they sell the art, but they dont mind people just going in there to look.
      wish there is more to do than eating, seeing art, shopping.
      having said that, i have to confess it is me, i am lazy about getting off my arse and go to these things… for eg, there is a club that teaches people kayaking in the thames, that sounds nice doesn’t it? it is just near me too…but it sounds like alot of hard work kayaking in the thames. haha. so it is just me being lazy for not joining them.

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