more ordinary days in london

17 Jun

I went out today to the library at around 1pm, and took my fleece hoodie. Outside I realised I may have taken the wrong clothing. It was warm. And I found myself thinking that is the difficulty of deciding how to dress on going out in uk.

These past few days it has been chilly, (due to the cold wind I think). Anyway, I have got used to wearing the fleece.

But today it is distinctly summery. There is a perceptible warm change in the air.

So when I left the gym, which I went to after the library, I got changed into shorts and t shirt after my shower and walk out in them. It was very cooling on the legs, which makes me wonder why women still wear pants on this day instead of skirts. They could wear them to keep cool. Men only can change to shorts. I read that a train company refused to allow the men to wear shorts to work, and so when the summer got hot, the men started wearing skirts and that was ok , it seems. Haha.

I happened to see the weather forecast in my laptop just now, and was surprised to see Wednesday is forecast to be 29C. I know they have been saying so last week that this week we will be getting high temperatures, but I have got so used to not believing them, that sometimes when they do get it right, I am surprised. But better not raise my hopes too high, or rather, the forecast is thunderstorms in Wednesday and so I would think that would cause a reduction in temperature. With any luck it wont come to that high a temperature. 29C is too uncomfortable really.

Still, Wednesday isn’t here yet, and I have often in the past been disappointed when their forecast did not come about.

So I don’t think I shall hold my breath for it. Haha.

Everything is very green around here. I think I shall be happy if the temperature just remains like today, about 21C.

Passed by some cherry trees and seeing small cherries on them. I wonder if we shall get cherries from those trees this summer. They were trees growing in a housing estate I pass by on the way to the gym, so might be worth while passing by them again in july or aug just in case they are edible cherries. It is very rare to get edible cherries. Practically all the cherry trees grown in London are ornamental and sterile.

I think because the fruits can be messy as they fall on the ground, if not harvested, and gets squashed on the ground.

I know a gingko biloba tree , one of 4 in Pimlico had been cut down and another grown in its place. It is the only female tree, and it sprouts a heavy load of fruits every year, and they stink and splatter on the ground all around the tree making it rather slippery. it’s a pity it is cut down, but I guess the residents who live there must be fed up with the smell and mess it makes.

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