Trouble Below The Surface

6 Jul

have you often wondered why in a country formerly having a dictator who have been overthrown ; after an election and a democratic govt has been elected that there is so much unrest and disruption almost amounting to a civil war? this small island of maldives may give u an answer as it encapsulates the problems inherent in a country where the forces are evenly divided and no majority rules. for democracy to work, there must be a consensus amongst the people … rule of law, respect for the rights of everyone, no vested interests or clan loyalty or loyalty by race or religion. no big crime lords or general rampant corruption . you can see these are not conditions that are widespread that is why i  believe that those countries that do not fulfill these requirements are not ready for a democracy. these countries need a benign dictatorship. the trouble with the maldives is that it is unlucky that the dictators are not benign. so for its sake, i hope democracy wins.

it is a question what u really think is more important, that a country is ruled by a benign dictator who maintains the peace, allows trade, runs the country so that things work even though some factions of the society are disadvantaged and put down. or do u want a country run by an elected govt but whose majority is so small that it cannot pass laws effectively and thus cannot do anything without the opposition stopping it. and cannot control the main factions from trying to push legislation to favor them.

i am sure many will disagree with me, but i think given the two alternatives i would prefer to take the benign dictatorship. i mean look at egypt.

What about you?

perhaps this article in the gulf news extracted from the financial times gives my point better than me. though its conclusion, to pump in more money to help the elected fledgeling democracies to enable it to survive reversion to authoritarianism to my mind just means democracy for those countries is not viable.

i have found out that maldives actually have a democracy, but a crazy one. where the elected prime minister has been overthrown, the opposition  using the law to accuse him of some wrongdoing and bringing him to trial. the previous prime minister did not attend and so was arrested, and the opposition has taken over the govt. it is a mess. normally if the primeminister and leader of the ruling party is arrested and cannot be primeminister, another from the same ruling party which won the elections will be elected leader and be prime minister. not someone from the opposition party; it reinforced to me that just having elections are not going to make a country governed by the people for the people. all it means is that one set of thugs take over the govt. someone commented somewhere that democracy in cases like this is mob rule.

it has some very draconian laws against women as seen in this report about flogging of a child for being raped by her stepfather.

added. 7.713. read this today in the guardian that there are mobs going in tahrir square in cairo, under the cover of doing   protest demonstrations and targetting women, surrounding them and raping women in the open just like that. it seems it is prevalent and not an isolated incident. these countries regard women as fair game to harass and abuse with impunity. it is their society’s general attitude to women that underlies this blatent sexual assault on them.  another reason that these countries just are not ready for democracy.

looking beyond borders

Picture the Maldives, and you’re probably imagining crystalline waters and perfectly groomed white beaches. Yet outside the five-star resorts, real life is very different and the image of an idyllic paradise has been tarnished by the growing problems of gang violence, drug addiction, unemployment, political corruption and religious extremism.

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