electricity bill 1May-31July2013

7 Aug

My electricity and gas bills for the quarter (1May-31july2013) arrive today. i post it just for my own reference and for others to compare if they like.

No surprise there as I have given them my readings and know that I used 318kwh of electricity for the period .

318kwh used over 92days = £56.08

First 181kwh @21.17p = £38.32
Next 137kwh @12.96p = £17.76
Total £56.08

(Vat 5% =2.44
Direct debit and dual fuel discount 2.44+.92 =2.63
Cost incl vat £55.35)
0.176p per kwh
60p per day
3.456kwh per day average

According to their annual statement, I used 1287 kwh for the year.
(funnily enough in their annual statement they said my current tarif is the standard one, and it is 22.229p up to 720kwh and 13.611 thereafter. Yet as u can see in the actual bill, I pay 21.17p for the first batch and 12.96p thereafter. One wonders why this difference? Is it because it is a special rate for low usage customers? Hope so and that it is not a mistake on their part otherwise they will be telling me I have back payments to make. If they do I shall tell them it is their mistake and they should absorb the cost).
The good thing is that the basic figures are so low, it wont be much. That is the good thing about not using a lot of kwh…

It is a bit like not eating a lot… your foodbill is less, and you don’t get fat, and u avoid all the health problems associated with being fat. What not to like right??

And compared to last summer same period I used 331kwh last summer.

My gas bill remains 0.

I am rather pleased at keeping my usage so low. I think I have reached the limit to how much lower I can make it.




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