a visit to poole

20 Aug


I have just got back from visitng my friend in poole.
Went on thurs and back today.
Went via megabus.com on a £1 fare , costing £3 return (50p booking fee each way). it may call itself megabus, but it is not the bus i got, but the train. 2hr trip for £1.

The cheapest fare , beating the national express coach fare , and the coach is 3hrs compared to the2hrs by train.

It’s a nice short holiday for me, but it kind of reinforced for me that I like London and staying at my place.

I went for the naked party that my friend was host.

This time he decided to make it start at 3pm instead of earlier and not have food on the table at all. He provided a non alcoholic punch, and made it a bring- a- dish or -snack naked party.

It is a good format, because guys just got on with interacting. He also invited a guy who is very into sex. And so he sat the tone of the party. You do need a few guys who like sex to make it an orgy. Otherwise everyone feels inhibited.

So that was a nice party, at one time I lifted my head from my own sexual doings and saw a foursome that looked like a porn scene. The guys were tanned and looked good naked.

I have come to realise that I don’t like travel just for the sake of travelling, anymore. I know this is a good aim that many travellers like. Just the act of travelling is enough for them, rather than the destination. A bit like Life really.

But I think it is enough for me to be travelling via my Life, rather than physically travelling from one place to another.

That is why even though I enjoyed my visit to poole, I doubt I shall do it often.
Part of it is because I don’t seem to want to sightsee anymore. In the past I travelled because I wanted to see new sights. And there is a lot of new sights to see all over the world.

Now, I wonder if there are any amongst you who also had enough of travelling just to sight see. I think most travellers graduate from being merely sightseers to just wanting a change of scenery and people so they can adopt a new persona. So the purpose of their travel to another place is so they can change their persona. Try on a new one, as a manner of speaking as everyone they meet will be a stranger and wont know their old persona.

Or they can just be a sex tourist. Haha. Like me when I went to poole. (i think to many people sex tourism implies paying for sex. but it is not always necessary to pay for it, esp if u are gay).

Though I did manage to buy something from the charity shops. Not so many good bargains as long ago, but still, poole is the only place I know where u can get items for 10p. like this pyrex bowl. The knifes i use to spread jam, etc. their flat shape lends itself nicely to that. as well as they cut meat very well too. in the past i use to buy one for 10p each. 


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