getting in shape and fitness

23 Aug

This weekend will be the last bank holiday weekend till dec when Christmas/new year comes.

So enjoy it while it lasts.haha.
This does not apply to me of course as I am in the wonderful position of being off the mainstream of society. Everyday to me is a holiday.

Its been very warm today, but I see from the forecast that here in London it will rain. Again not a matter of much concern to me. Haha.

I daresay most of us in London are not dependant on the weather so I think we shall not be too bothered if it rains or is overcast. This is not a seaside town and there are plenty of things to do indoors.

Certainly when I went to the sainsburys this evening to buy bargain loaves of bread (I bought two for34p each of 800mg hovis granary wholemeal) the restaurants near the supermarket were packed with customers.

The supermarket itself had lots of empty shelves so it looked like not many bargain meats will be left over for reduced sale after the holidays. I suppose the good weather have encouraged people to buy meat for barbeques.

I don’t mind that the bargain reduced priced for meats are not available anymore. as I have decided to reduce my food intake. Just to get back into shape. I noticed I have been putting on weight eating pork. I still got a lot of pork in the freezer but shall eat them in small amounts and finish them over a longer period.
This warm weather makes me less wanting meat.

Saw a tv program called the men who make us thin, showing a guy with an operation on his stomach whereby a tube leads out where he can drain a third of the food he has eaten into the toilet. Rather wasteful I thought, throwing away food like that.

This is rather an extreme alternative to those buliemic people who induce vomiting after a meal. it works for him because his before and after photos show a loss of weight.

Someone said in the program that the way to lose weight is to eat less, and then he adds, that is not possible.

I disagree … of course it is possible. In fact it is the most sensible way. You don’t eat so much, u save lots of money and u lose weight , and if u couple that with exercise you will feel fit too. and fitness may turn out to be more important than weight.
What that program concluded is that it is not the weight that is the end and be all, but the level of fitness, and fitness is not equal to thin. Thin people can be very unfit, whilst the converse is true too… not all fat people are unfit. Fitness is measured by stamina… how long u can do some exercise without stopping exhausted. If u run for the bus and find yourself gasping for breathe and feeling faint, u are unfit, no matter what u weigh.

Eating less is better than going on those diets, or drain the food away , or eat 2 meals of kelloggs super k cereals, which was one of the diets featured in the program.

So I am just gradually reducing my food. I usually have breakfast of porridge, and I eat more vegetables, less meat (chicken mainly) more fish, and one main meal a day… I find it quite easy to do. And I go swimming everyday. i noticed that i can swim more laps more continously now. 

I thought I shall just do some body shaping, my shoulders and lats are getting bigger from the swimming, which I do mainly breast strokes, so I thought I shall trim the waist with my reduced food intake just to get that v shape look.
Also this way I get fitter which may be the most important aspect of exercise.

jacques peretti

the bbc episode3 (expires in 13days and u might not be able to see it if u are not in the uk.)

 what i found revelatory was him doing exercises with two big size ladies, and they were out performing him, continueing long after he became exhausted and had to stop. it shows that fitness is more important than weight. 


 Added.18.9.13 i saw this post about sumo wrestlers , the video show one of them lifting the other and so end the fight. these guys are fat yet he must be quite strong to be able to lift the opponent. u might think they are fit, but i wonder. strength and weight are the requirements for this sport, but not fitness, as in stamina because the contest is over quite quickly.  the sport favours those who are very heavy yet strong
















2 Responses to “getting in shape and fitness”

  1. sarahinguangzhou Saturday August 24, 2013 at 10:41 am #

    Yes I do find it irritating that there’s this implication that thinner people are fitter. I have quite a few friends who stay slim by smoking so I would dispute that they are fitter. I stayed thin throughout my 20s by living off diet pills; I was really slim but couldn’t run any distance.
    The diet industry is such a big money spinner and it is such a con and at the end of the day, yes, the answer is simply ‘eat less’. If only it were really that simple to be that disciplined.

    • alifesgayventure Saturday August 24, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

      it is easy for me, but then i have noticed i am unusual in a lot of ways from other people. but even if i do know how i do it, it wont make money as people will eat less and there wont be any tie in with sponsors etc selling food and might even cause the death of the food/restaurant/catering industry. so maybe just as well the world is not so sensible. haha.
      it maybe that people are not bothered about fitness because they just want to look good. and losing weight, up to a point, does make a person look good.

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