finding a job when u are close to retirement

9 Sep

Monday 9.9.13
Its been raining practically the whole morning, a fine rain which has been the characteristic of the rain falling around this time of the year. No big torrential rain with thunder like  in summer.

I had been out earlier in the morning, taking the bus to Brixton to buy garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes. I can get them for 50p a pack, unlike in supermarkets.
Brixton is quite busy even though it was raining. Not so much the stalls, but the main road, where the buses run through. Many people taking the buses. One lady I was standing next to, lost the wheel on her shopping trolley. I told her she might like to put it back on, and she asked me to do it. So I tried to, but it was not easy to put it back. When her bus came, the wheel rim came off again. She just smiled ruefully at me, and dragged it to her bus.

Now I am back for some time, and had my lunch of spaghetti pasta with homemade tomato sauce using 6 tomatoes I bought; and looking out at the rain falling on the ground, and being rather happy that I am inside and the rain is outside. Haha.

added. 14.9.13 i like a bargain, even though i am not really that destitute that i have to buy cheap. i like to buy the basic spaghetti, as i dont taste any difference from the expensive ones; and i am glad to say the tesco in clapham south is selling them at 15p for 500mg. i used to buy asda basic spag for 18p, but recently i went there and found that it is now 32p. glad to know that tesco is still selling them at that low price. it used to be that u can get the chinese instant noodles for 11p at asda, but now they have revert to their higher price of 15p. spag is just as good for use as noodles.  

I notice that i might have given people the wrong impression that i am rather poor and have to seek out cheap goods. it is because i seem to harp on about buying cheap goods. dont get me wrong, i enjoy it. it is something i do to make my life interesting. pathetic i am sure u will be thinking, but then if it makes me happy, why not? right? haha. 

I might go out again, just to the library, and to the sports centre for the swimming pool. I shall see how I feel. It is lovely not to have to work and have all the time to do what I like.

Talking of work, there are still old people who want to work. I have been reading a blog for oldies, where it reprinted a article by the oldie, a magazine that u have to pay for, and normally cannot read it but because he re-blogged it u can read it free in his blog.
It is written by an old man who was made redundant and his experience trying to find another job at 59 yrs old. U can tell he wont find it easy to find work. The mere fact he is so close to retirement will make any employer reluctant to hire him and train him. Not to mention the employer also knows old people are not easy to train.

When u read it, u can see he does not want to get new certificates which he have to do if he wants the jobs. Simple jobs like truck driver, still requires a certificate.
He actually found a job , a good one, quite early on, in the part one of this 2part article, but he found he cannot cope, it was too much for him and he had to leave.

So u can see old people being made redundant from their jobs have high expectations and also reluctant to learn new things. and they dont have the energy to do the jobs in the first place. he mentioned he was tired out during that first job he had. its no wonder so many are reluctant to hire an old person . i know it sounds like i am very unsympathetic. maybe it does, but i think i am only voicing some simple facts of life. we all have a working life span, and are at our optimum when we are at a certain period of our lives. when we are near retirement, that period is past. 

2 Responses to “finding a job when u are close to retirement”

  1. Kristin Maack Monday September 9, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    Work online! Be your own boss! You already have a blog that you are active on. That makes you one step in the right direction already!

    • alifesgayventure Monday September 9, 2013 at 1:56 pm #

      hi kristin, its wonderful that u can make a good living out of your blog. i am glad that i have reached a stage of my life when i do not care to make any more money. i know it is a unique position, everyone i know wants to make more money. i have more than enough to live on and making more will not make me any happier. perhaps that is the secret of a happy life, knowing when enough is enough.

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