battersea power station open house

21 Sep

It’s the London open house weekend so I thought I shall see the Battersea power station site. It seems I am not the only one, when I arrived , there was a queue stretching all round the block to the beginning of the queue.

When I saw the long queue, I decided not to bother to join it, and made my way to Chelsea bridge.

There were two queues converging on each other and on the bridge I met a group of women who were talking about all those queue jumpers. When I told them that was the queue stretching all round the block, they said they were on the correct queue, one that stretched along the river back to the peace pavilion in the Battersea park. They had been waiting 1.5 hrs they said.

Ah well, what surprised me was that there were not more queue jumping because it was quite easy to do at the steps leading down from the bridge.

I did not reckon on the popularity of anything in London. People here are kind of desperate for anything to do, as witness the long queues that form waiting for food at the pop up eating places that temporarily get put up all over the city. People here will queue up at the opening of an envelope , it seems.

That is why people flock to London to do business, it is so easy to get customers.

I asked the women who said they have been in, what is inside. it seems it is just a shell inside. They said ‘it is not the point, it is historic…’

There was a guy there who I asked if he had gone in. he said no , and doubt if he would bother. I said there is not much to see inside.

The guy said pink floyd and the flying pig was featured over this station. So really the outside is what u want to see, I said. No need to go inside. He said they do make films with the inside featured. I said, it is easy to make a mock up of the inside in a film studio. So it is not necessarily the real inside that is featured. He did concede the point.

I asked him if he was from London. He said he is irish, and had been to germany but now lives here.

I asked ‘u been to germany and yet chose to come here? Why?
He said he did not like germany.

The germans are too unimaginative and dont appreciate what he do. he is a circus performer, and he finds they are not interested in hiring him. whilst companies here  would pay him £350 for a 15min performance.

Here in uk he said companies hire people like him for their functions. He does dance and choreography whilst performing  on a vertical wire and hurl himself down unfurling from a banner all the way to the bottom, saved at the last minute by the unrolling banner. I can see how it can be quite thrilling. I mentioned how come you can do that without health and safety stepping in to stop you?
He said, ‘u would think that, but no, they don’t stop me. I laugh sometimes when I see they allow me to do this stunts , no restriction, whilst health and safety officials have all sorts of restrictions to stop people from doing things on the ground.

Well, perhaps that is why people flock to London and make it so vibrant.

On the way back walking along the river opposite the power station, I took some pics and videos.
I put the video in dropbox, but for some reason, could not get it to work. nevermind, it is only showing the outside of the station as i did not go in. Image


where the two queues meet

here is a video about the first flats for sale in jan 13. £340,000 for a studio. compared to that price for a 2bdroom in the lower floors of the st georges tower, it is pricey indeed. with so many flats to sell off until it finishes in 2026, and another powerhouse development in lots road near fulham, i think there will be a glut of expensive housing in future. 

2 Responses to “battersea power station open house”

  1. sarahinguangzhou Monday September 23, 2013 at 5:13 am #

    I wanted to go see that but didn’t get chance cuz I work at weekends. Glad I didn’t bother now. Anything free in London is always like that though. So many people looking for stuff to do that isn’t gonna cost money.

    • alifesgayventure Monday September 23, 2013 at 7:01 am #

      ya, being free must be a big factor. i also think this power station has been featured in a lot of pop albums, and so many people who like pop music has grown up with it. nostalgia for it must be quite high in that age group. i read in a blog that the person took a brick from the site. maybe that is why the owners realise it was a mistake to open it up to the public. they must have lost a lot of bricks from souvenir hunters. haha.

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