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25 Sep

Went to soho for my haircut yesterday. Normally I go every 6months, but I had only last month had a haircut.
So why am I going so soon? Going again so soon to have another haircut was because the first one was not a close cut.
Normally I ask for a zero cut…back and side. And trim the top… for those not in the know, the electric clipper has various attachments, numbered 1 – 3 , according to how long you want the hair to be cut. I wanted no attachments ie zero cut.

But last time I asked for it, I was with a new hairdresser, and she did not know how to do it, so she suggested a number 1 cut. She charged £5, and is nearer my flat, but I guess I wont be back as I really want a zero cut

It was very quick for the hair to grow back, that is why I am back to the barber’s so soon.

This time, I went to my regular in soho, who only charges £6. The place is my regular , but the hairdressers come and go and there are 3 of them and u don’t get to pick. Or rather u can, but it means waiting and I like this place because there is very little waiting. The turnover is fast not to mention going at the time I did, late afternoon on a weekday, means few people about. In fact, yesterday, there was a Chinese woman waiting to have her hair cut. Not many women, at least from what I see whenever I go there, and I go usually at 6monthly intervals. The Chinese woman picked her hairdresser, preferring to wait for her to finish. So it looks like u can pick your hairdresser, but need to wait.

In between my visit to the barbers, I cut my own hair, using clippers just for the sides. The sides growing long and covering the ear makes the head look scruffy, to me anyway. I daresay the rest of it looks scruffy to others who are able to see the whole head, haha, but since I don’t see it, I don’t care.

The hairdresser who did my hair noticed my haircut, and asked me if it was done at their place. She said it was nice. I wonder if I had misheard her. I said I don’t think so. ( now I had a think, I wonder if it was a nice haircut, but I could not see it. Hmm, it just goes to show that the person with the hair is the last person to see what it is really like and how good or bad it is. Here, you really need a unbiased person to look at it and tell you).
I did not like it because the back was cut V- shaped, with this V- shaped hair running down the back to the neck, like a Mohican. It was another of those silly styles that I got because I misunderstood the hairdresser. she asked if i wanted that V, and i was not really paying attention to her and just nodded my head. when i saw it at the end, i did not want to make a fuss and tell her i changed my mind. i figured it will all grow again , and it was at the back and i wont see it. haha.

I want the back cropped right up.

Anyway it is all done to my satisfaction now. But what the hairdresser said surprised me. She said it is more difficult to do a zero cut … because of merging it with the rest of the hair on top, I suppose. and also making sure there are no bald spots when the cut is too uneven. i guess u do need a steady hand. 

How strange, isn’t it? In Malaysia, the barbers do it all the time. Zero cut with the clippers on the back of the head and sides. And then snip snip on the top and done. Next!!

But here, the barbers are women, so maybe they don’t know. Or maybe, they don’t know that Chinese hair is straight and juts out, and so can be shaped easily just using the clippers (though u need a steady hand)and no need to shape it with fingers and scissors.

One thing I like with this hairdresser, she air blew my hair with a hair dryer, to get rid of the small hairs, and gave my neck and face a good brushing. That got rid of the hairs.

Her previous customer , after she had finished him, stood up and bent over and ruffled his hair with his hands vigorously to get rid of the bits of hair. First time I seen this technique. He got a full head of hair, so maybe he need to do that.
Here there is no such thing as getting the hair washed afterwards, haha. Not many hairdressers, even the expensive ones, wash the hair after it is cut, which I think is strange as that is the time when they need it most. I used to go to a Chinese hairdresser who washed the hair after, but that was a long time ago.

They wash the hair before it is cut, which is silly, to me anyway. Sometimes they massage the head too but that is no more nowadays.

All this washing of hair does bung up the price of a haircut… that is why this one is cheap, because you don’t get any hair washing.

It suits me very well, as I am not interested in the washing beforehand.

I am glad that it is still possible to get this price in central London.

People always mention that cost of living in London is very high, but not if u know your way around.

I have come across a blog talking about scams in other cities, there is even a tv show called city scams about it. But I think London is not featured and from my own observations, I don’t think there are such scams in London. That is a good thing, because it is the kind of thing that can sour people’s experience of a city when they are caught in a scam.

Long ago, I know of people reporting being scammed by the sex shows in soho, where they are charged exorbitant prices for drinks if they go inside those establishments. Not sure if that is still happening now. That really soured people’s experience of soho. But then, people who go see sex shows should expect that overpriced drinks. They should always ask for the menu.

Actually I wonder if we should include the national lottery and all those scratch cards in the scam category. People are being fooled to buy those because the chances of winning is remote. The trouble is the newspapers will feature the winners , and that makes everyone think they can win. If they feature the numbers that lost each week, now that would be an eyeopener.

Though if u follow the capitalist way of life, and freedom to choose, than people should be allowed to spend their money how they wish, and to waste it if they want. Otherwise you will be accused of running a nanny state.

With social benefits, some might say the country is already running a nanny state.

And what do u think of the labour manifesto about freezing the utilities bill for 2yrs. It only saves £120 a year per household. Not a lot, when u consider that the utilities companies will lose billions. The savings are small for each person, but with millions being affected, it is easy to see what it will cost the companies. So I don’t think it is an effective measure.

correction, the £120 saving is over a 20month period. so about £60 a year. so it is even less than i thought. 
If it were me, I would give a limit to each person of the number of kwh he or she can use. And then let them trade it amongst themselves… haha.

When you consider the average usage bill is £1,300 per household a year,(it seems about £500 for electricity, about £800 for gas) and my bill is £224 a year(electricity only), I bet I can trade off my quota as there will be a huge surplus. It would encourage those of us who use very little kwh. And that must be the aim of all this … get people to use less power. that would be the ideal, but we live in a consumer society, and our whole system relies on people using things, so the economy will collapse if we all limit our use to the minimum. if everyone use very little gas or electricity, it will not be profitable to run those utilities, and the companies will go bankrupt. 

if u raise the prices high enough, u will reduce usage, but then your profit goes down, so u raise your prices even more. that would set up a spiral of rising prices , reduced consumption leading to  more price rises. and a glut of energy and gas. if only that happens, because than prices will come down and a balance reached. do u think fracking will produce so much gas, that gas prices will come down? i doubt it. because knowing human beings, the moment prices fall due to the more of it, it will only encourage more people to use even more.

6 Responses to “thoughts on haircuts,city scams, utilities,”

  1. AffordableLiving Thursday September 26, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    Is that 224 for both gas and electricity? Living in a flat I don’t have gas so use electricity to cook with and my bill is like £50 a month so £600 a year, but I barely use any electricity. (In my opinion), The fridge is a kind of must, and we try to cook things that cook quickly so as not to be using more than necessary, but clearly you somehow manage to get it substantially less. We so far have not had the heating on, and do not plan on doing so. Just do not understand how to get it even less than what I am already doing. The tv gets turned off at the main plug and goes on maybe once every couple of days for an hour or two then back off again. The only thing I can think of is the laptop… Hmm…

    • alifesgayventure Thursday September 26, 2013 at 9:04 am #

      hi, so good to hear of another person reducing their kwh usage.
      if u dont use electric heaters in winter , as i gather u do, (welcome to the club, so nice to know there is another member doing this. we are a rare breed) i think it might be u are using hot water in the tank. and using it to wash dishes. hope u are not using it to have hot baths or very long hot showers, haha. those are the first things that come to my mind when i hear u say that your bill is 3x mine. i dont use gas. i dont use hot water to wash dishes. i come from malaysia, and there we never use hot water, and still the dishes are clean. washing up liquid can dissolve grease, but also scrap the grease clean from the pots and throw them into the bin, rather than use hot water to dissolve them and have them clog up your sink.
      another way to check what is using up so much kwh, is to look at the electric meter when u have everything switched off, and see if it is still moving. if it is then somewhere in the flat u have overlooked some thing, and left it on.
      if u do a lot of ironing clothes,and u need to for work wear; than i am afraid u will have to resign yourself to using a lot of power.

      • AffordableLiving Thursday September 26, 2013 at 9:37 am #

        Not a lot of ironing, it will be the heating of the water for dishes, quick showers in this house. So I guess it is a case of try it with cold water? And let the washing up liquid do the work. Or it could be the washing machine, but I now wash on 30oC to keep down costs and it being better for the planet. I’ll suggest switching to cold dish washing and looking at our next bill. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday September 26, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    I will be as interested as you to know how much it will reduce the bills. Rinsing the plates etc with cold water is just as effective as rinsing using hot water even more so if you use water running from the hot tap. it will be a big saving, i think.

  3. Carl D'Agostino Thursday October 3, 2013 at 6:30 pm #

    I set that clipper at 1/2 inch and do it myself and when my daughter visits she can simply square up the back. Have not been to barber in 20 years. I try to use that AC sparingly to save on bill but this is Miami, Florida and a must half of the year. But any savings are eaten up by rate hikes. Thanks visit my blog.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday October 3, 2013 at 9:17 pm #

      i dont have anyone to do my back that is why i have to go to the barber every 6months or so. also the top needs trimming, or it gets unruly. now u mention it, the airconditioning, i realise that at least living in a cold country i can keep warm without heating, just by wearing warm clothing, but when it is hot, even going naked does not help. and u really need to use a fan, or air conditioning and there is no getting round it, you have to spend money to keep cool. i grew up in malaysia and i dont recall it was that hot that we need airconditioning, but when i visited it as an adult, i find it was unbearably hot. i wonder if i have lived so long in the uk that my body has got acclimatised to coping with cold, and so lost its ability to handle hot weather. i think the design of houses is a factor. i remember that in the old days, the houses we lived in are made of wood, have broad verendahs, and high roofs, open at the top to allow air to circulate and are very cool. now those kinds of houses are rare. people now build houses that are designed for airconditioning,with all the windows shut, and any ventilation holes blocked or removed; which makes the houses like ovens , with no cross ventilation.

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