the chattering mind

14 Nov

Its been very nice here in London. That is because I ignore those who keep saying how much they dread winter, and how much they miss the sun, and fear the cold. Haha. My advise to them is to stop those thoughts as soon as they come up. And start having thoughts of how nice the cold feels, so crisp and clean. Your thoughts can and will determine how u reacte to things.

The mind says all kinds of things to you and you don’t have to listen to it.
I was reading this article about schizophrenics, and this guy says he hears a voice, of a woman, who tells him to do things and he does them.
It seems strange to me that he must follow what the voice say.

Most of us, in fact all of us have thoughts. We don’t normally give it a personality or a gender, as most of us know they are generated by our mind.
It might be wishful thinking, like having thoughts about holidays, or buying expensive stuff or living a life of spending, or whatever.
Or they might be thoughts about what might happen… the worst case of death of loved ones, or worry about someone , or worry about the future, etc.

Or fear that u might kill someone, or yourself, etc. 

But most of us are sensible enough to realise that we are just frightening ourselves for nothing.
When u ask others for advise, they usually say just think of the worse case scenario… and you will find it is really not all that awful.

Or you soon learn that all your worries do not come true. Even the person u are so worried about when u don’t hear from them, u find later on, they are ok, and did not think they are in any danger enough to keep phoning u to say they are ok. So take it that no news is good news and just forget about worrying about anyone or anything. and resolve that when or if problems come, you will deal with them then. rather than torture yourself now when there is nothing u can do, nor even if they will come true. 

But it seems those with mental problems cannot differentiate and silence the voice in their heads.

I wish those who treat them will teach them to isolate the voice and tell it off and not obey it. Teach them the technics to do it. it is not easy of course and require effort by those afflicted by voices to learn how to do it.  and some of them just may never acquire that skill.

And others who do know  may find they just dont have the man power or time or even the inclination to teach it. so much of it depands on the person . in fact u can learn how to do it without any one ‘teaching’ you. just sit and apply it diligently give it time and practise, and u will get it, if u want to strongly. (it helps if u like doing and learning by yourself and dont rely on another to help you. i have learnt in the past to ride a bicycle, and to swim. so i know it can be done just by being diligent and persistent;  practising it, and if u do it often enough, u soon become good at it. 

Meditation is one way because it shuts the mind down and keep it silent. It is a skill that is very useful to learn. People can be driven mad by a mind that keeps talking and bringing up thoughts. Meditation silences that mind. It is a form of learning , the aim being to discipline the mind. (modern medicine would do well to adopt it, but no, they think it is all airy fairy new age thinking). 

But instead these people are given drugs. Ha.

Anyway, when u look around you u can see lots of people who don’t know how to cope with life.

Maybe it is a failure of the education system, because it does not teach people about how to control their minds and their thoughts.

Ah well, those of us who know will find out by trial and error. And by listening to those others who have achieved peace of mind .
The rest will just have to go through this life and wait for the next life, or many lifetimes to achieve enlightenment. Haha.

Oh, the sun has come out, it is a bright sunny day and bright blue sky now. so i shall post this and run out to it.




2 Responses to “the chattering mind”

  1. aguywithoutboxers Thursday November 14, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    It’s probably a natural trait to fear the worse, but your advice is true. Unfortunately, we are unable to control our thoughts, but, as you alluded, we can separate them from what is real and recognize them for what they are: thoughts. Cool post.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday November 14, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

      something happened to me at the supermarket today that make me say be mindful as well.

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