discipline your mind

6 Dec

The talk talk wifi box was delivered very early yesterday, 5.12.13 at about 8.40am. Rather glad of it otherwise it wont be able to be delivered as I was going to my passport office to renew my passport. It is done every 5yrs.

I had a really pleasant experience doing it. In and out of the place and back within the hour and half.

The photos were done in house, too, which saves having to get my photos from the photo booths in the railway station.
In fact, I will go there if ever I need id photos done. It costs £5 for a set of 4.

The wifi box works for simon’s laptop but not for mine. For some reason, I could link to the wifi but it wont link to the internet.

Luckily the old net gear wifi I got still works for me.
I tried to call talk talk on their help line, but even at 7am today, it was very busy so I put the phone down as I was only told it is very busy and there was no time given as to how long I will wait. I don’t need to use the new talk talk wifi as I can get online already using my old net gear box.

The new one is only good for simon, as he can get a signal in the kitchen. With the net gear wifi he has to come into the living room to catch a signal but once he got it, he can go back to the kitchen.

So really there is not much advantage to this new talk talk. Even less as it does not seem to connect me to the internet.

Well, as you can see, my life is quite easy… not much excitement, thank goodness.

You might say winning the year membership to the tate is quite exciting… I am happy to get it, but then again, it wont devastate me not to get it.

There are plenty of things in this life which is nice to have but not necessary to my happiness. I am happy with or without them.

I have been reading I am a cat, by soseki natsume,
‘If some mountain range blocks our free passage to a neighboring country, we do not seek to flatten the mountain, to restructure the natural order. Instead we work out some arrangement under which the need to visit that neighbouring country no longer arises’.

‘Nobody however mighty , can do as he likes with the world… but any man is able to do as he likes with his own mind.

I think that might explain why there is so much depression nowadays. Few are ‘prepared to undergo the disciplines that lead to control of the mind, you would never even hear the racket kicked up by those graceless imps at the Hall…

The writer has been getting angrier and angrier with kids from a nearby school making lots of noise and invading his garden to retrieve their balls.

You can train the mind not to heed those things that irritates, in fact, if u are very good at it, u don’t even notice it at all to get irritated by it.

I think that is how I deal with things… and I have on hindsight realise I am quite good at it. Haha.


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