Humans of New York

15 Dec

Humans of New York.


this picture showing a mother who only wants to interact with her children, and not able to do so, as her children , like all children everywhere have their own lives to lead now.

you would think that having children means u wont be lonely in your old age, surrounded as you will be with your children and more importantly, grandchildren. In olden days when generations live under one roof, or  live in the neighbourhood, it will be so.

but these days children dont live nearby, or if they do, they have their own friends their age, and most dont have many children either.

i think old people and  grand children (and this would include the cousins , grandchildren of their uncles and aunts) get along well together, and ideally both should gain great benefit from it. But now that families are so small , we dont get a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins to play with anymore.  if there is an organisation that brings together young children and old people that would be a very beneficial one. that is my opinion, but i doubt it will happen with so many so worried about paedophiles.

both the old generation and the younger generation have lost out, i think. in fact, even the middle generation have lost out too, having to pay some stranger to look after their children instead.

perhaps she might benefit from such an organisation that brings old people and young children together. be a surrogate grandma to a few young families living near her.

will it work, i wonder, or will blood always be thicker than water and she cannot feel the same way to strangers’children as she would for her own grandchildren.

it seems to me the underlying motivation for everyone is the desire to make contact with other human beings. look at every thing happening , you can  boil  down to this urge to make contact with others, whether with a loving gesture, or with a belligerent one. the belligerent one as a response to someone who do not want to interact with you.

too simplistic a view, you might think. but i think it is a true one.

Amendment. it is too simplistic. i have another think and realise that what we think as the ideal , a cross generational living together may not be all that great. just think of the petty jealousies and power struggles and disapprovals and stuff and u can get an idea that all this living together thing may not be all that great. ah well, back to the drawing board. haha

2 Responses to “Humans of New York”

  1. sarahinguangzhou Sunday December 15, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    I remember reading about some organization where they matched ‘grannies’ to children, although it seemed more to do with benefiting the kids than the older people. Don’t think it really took off; maybe people are more tolerant of people they’re related to than a random stranger who tries to jump into the role.
    People think having kids is a way to stave off loneliness in old age but it’s bullshit really. We all know somebody who rarely sees their kids/grandkids because they live too far away or they never chose to visit or they grow up to be not the kind of people you can trust anywhere near you.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday December 15, 2013 at 9:42 am #

      actually to be purely selfish, what is desireable is to have someone who can help out, when i need it. like helping lift or carry heavy things, etc. even living with another does not really address this problem. i remember once finding a sofabed and wanting it, but it was too heavy to lift up to my flat on the first floor and i had to return it to the recycling area. now that time i wish i have someone to call on. i actually have someone living with me but he is at work and not available. so really even having someone living with you is no guarantee u will get his help when u need it. maybe someone can advertise this service, offer themselves on call anytime to help lift heavy things or give a helping hand etc. for a fee of course. i wonder if it will catch on.
      added. actually having said that, i am not sure i will use that service. as it turned out, not getting that sofa bed was a blessing in disguise as i dont really have room for it.

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