shortest day of the year

21 Dec


Just for the record.this winter solstice is on 5.11pm on Saturday December 21st 2013. (not sure what that means haha. I would have thought it should be 12noon that would be the sun being the lowest.

The winter solstice occurs at a specific time, not just day. This year, at 12:11 p.m. EST on Saturday, Dec. 21, the sun shone directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, the farthest south the sun reaches, leading to less light and colder temperatures in the north.

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the sunset at 3.53pm, so what is that 5.11pm mean?).Today, Sunrise 8.03am, Sunset 3.53pm. GMT. daylight is 7hrs 49mins.  temperature now (2pm) is 11.8C in london. lowest temp today is 10.4C at about 2am.  It’s really very mild. 

from today, the day will get longer. I for one, won’t notice it much. in fact, most of us will have noticed something is happening to the daylight hours on  the day after the clocks go back on 24nov.

this one is so slow and gradual, if not for the calendar we would never notice it.

One nice thing about this is that we dont have to wait too long to see the sunset. And that is assuming( and it is a big If) the sky is clear and not raining as it most probably will be.

i think that is why sunset watching is not prevalent in uk. even those living near the sea in the uk dont go to the beach every day and watch the sun set. i remember when i was visiting Salvador, bahia, in brazil, people will sit on the beach near sunset time and just watch the sun set. it is part of their leisure activity or ritual. We know that any sunset watching relies on it not raining. maybe that is why sunsets in uk are not very spectacular. 

looking out of the window now, it is cloudy, and very grey and there is a drizzle. those guys in stonehenge will be disappointed as they wont be able to see the sun shining into stonehenge.

I wonder if people will be shopping today. they might, as shopping involves being indoors so it raining and dull is not a deterrant; and the papers have been shouting that the stores are discounting deeply which they dont normally do before christmas.  and today is pass the online delivery date , so anyone who wants to receive the gift before christmas will have to buy it from the shops.

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