Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

23 Dec

Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’.

At first i was amazed that chiangmai can be so cold. if it is true that the temp could be -1.4C that is colder than london.(its a record that happened in 1974)

Granted, it should not surprise anyone that it can get so cold in north thailand, as it is hilly and in fact is a factor in so many foreigners living there rather than in lowland areas. Though i think it is not so much the temperature, but the range, for eg, it can range daily from 13C to 31C all in one day; and the body is not used to such extreme range.

it is one of those paradoxical things about human beings, that having moved to thailand for its warm weather, they decide it is too warm and opt for the highlands instead as it is cooler. haha.

it is all very well to like hot weather when u are there for 2weeks on a holiday, but all year round to live in that hot weather is murder. and they soon realise that and run for the hills. haha.

it is easier to get used to cold weather , esp the weather in london, which seldom goes below 0C, and seldom gets higher than 30C. you soon realise that you can overcome the cold with fleece clothing, and layering, and hot food; but when it is hot, and you have stripped naked, and it is still hot, there is nothing u can do to alleviate it. and u realise you are fucked. haha.

so finding the heat too much after they live there for long, they  head for the hills, and then things like this happen. it gets too cold. haha.

that is why there is no need to envy anyone who have left the uk and  regals u with the their lives overseas in hot countries. you know they will suffer cold, or drought, or insects, or hurricanes, or have to move from hills to beach and back again, or have the air condition ( the cost of it!!) on all day;  constantly trying to escape the heat; that same heat that they have moved thousands of miles from uk to live in.  haha.

like i said, be careful what u wish for, you will get it.

4 Responses to “Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’”

  1. sarahinguangzhou Monday December 23, 2013 at 7:30 am #

    hm, I’m there next week and they say it’s coldest it’s been for 30 years or something. Even Bangkok was relatively cool.
    actually, it’s not the cold of London that bothers me but the drizzle. Even when it’s not raining it’s still damp. Constantly.
    Maybe I should move to the middle of a desert or something.

    • alifesgayventure Monday December 23, 2013 at 8:31 am #

      hi sarah, you are really spreading yourself thin, going to phuket then chiangmai. haha. north thailand is having a cold spell, so maybe skip it, and stay longer in phuket?
      interesting that it is the damp that u dont like in london. i dont notice it, but then, with no heating on, my windows dont stream with water and soak the carpet or cause mildew to form indoors. that is another unexpected advantage to not have heating on. its very mild now in london, and the forecast of rain and storm has not arrived in london if it ever does. if the met weather report says one thing, i tend to assume it wont affect london.

  2. Carl D'Agostino Sunday December 29, 2013 at 6:14 am #

    Now reading novel Black Ice by Matt Dickinson – Antarctica adventure 70 F below !

    • alifesgayventure Sunday December 29, 2013 at 6:27 am #

      hi carl, u mean -70C don’t you? I for one cant imagine how cold that must be. i read an excerpt of the book in google, about the hero askng himself what he was doing there when he got into makes me wonder if anyone of these intrepid explorers ever find themselves asking that ‘what am i doing here’ question. i would ask that even before i go. haha.

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