uk users waste a lot of electricity

22 Jan



In the report, Inside the Cost of Energy, Mr Massara argues that the unit price of electricity in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe.

“But bills are high because British houses waste so much energy,” he says. 

Mr massara is the chief executive of npower who had been criticised by ofgem for saying network costs (the cost of transporting gas and electricity) will rise. ofgem which controls that and sets the price, says it wont.

this article shows he is correct about uk electricity prices being lower than average in EU.

It may well be that npower is overstating its costs, but i think mr massara is right in saying the british household wastes a lot of energy.

This is a mild winter, and i have observed even in the warmest days, u can see the steam rising from the outlet pipes of some flats in my area… suggesting that the boiler is on. sometimes u can see it is on and the windows are open. perhaps some of these people are taking hot baths, but i doubt all of them are and so the steam is from central heating systems being on.

It might be not their fault, but the fault of the old thermostat that many houses still have, and so the temperature control is not very precise and the boiler is switched on by the system without regard to the shifting air temperature so that a warm spell just does not register with the thermostat. the uk is notorious for rapid shifts of temperature within a day. yesterday the lowest temperature was 4C, today it is 7C.  the thermostat inside a house or flat may not be that sensitive to pick this up. or there might be a time lag, in response. 

Mr massara meant the houses in uk are so leaky that heat is wasted. i thought he was going to say because they are wasteful in the way they cook. i guess that is too much of a hot potato for him to say.

But I am not important,and my opinion is never going to get widely spread and offend others.  so i shall say it. I noticed that even in the way they cook you can observe they are very wasteful. boiling large amounts of water in the kettle for one cup , or turning the rings to highest setting and red hot even when simmering food. or carelessly leaving the rings on or forgetting to switch it off. I am sure u can find households that are very poor and struggling even when they switch everything off, but i think majority of households are just wasting electricity and gas by this careless usage. in the past, gas and electricity prices are very low, and we dont think about it. it is only within the last 5yrs that prices have shot up,(since 2008 when i began to notice it)  and it is this that makes people feel it. It takes time for people to change their wasteful habits. not me of course, but i think i am a small minority who can and will do a 90 degree about turn when circumstances changes. 

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