Summary of Findings | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

27 Feb

Summary of Findings | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

the internet will be 25 yrs old on 12 mar 2014. that it started in 1989. that is something i did not know. i think most of us got onto it when  windows95  came into being. I was a latecomer. I myself got into the internet with windows 98 when i bought my 1st laptop in 2003;  strange that it is only 25 yrs old and it seems like it has been in our lives for ever, and we cannot imagine ourselves without it.

My 2nd laptop is windows xp bought in 2008. My laptops seem to go kaput every 5 yrs. I read recently that microsoft will stop supporting windows xp in april this year. 

now i am still using windows vista on my 3rd laptop, coming up to 6yrs old now (wow has it been that long?) and still going strong;   and there are so many new things now with all those mobile apps.

It went kaput last year, just suddenly stopped working in that it wont open windows. luckily it shut down my part of the laptop, and i was a auxiliary user, not the main user. so i was able to log on as the main user and get back function. now i think about it, that was how my previous 2 laptops went kaput too. at the time i thought it was a virus, but now i wonder if microsoft send out a signal to 5yr old windows to shut them down forcing us to buy a new one. 

click on the report, and view all the pages of it. very interesting findings.

added. 27.6.16. that old laptop using windows vista finally gave up the ghost not long after  , because i bought a chrome book toshiba on 11june 2014. now i got a new replacement toshiba chrome book from john lewis free, so that toshiba chrome book lasted me exactly 2yrs. i wonder how long this new chrome book will last. if i can get it for another 3yrs that would be good. i like to use these things for at least 5yrs. 

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