cost of john’s 2wk holiday in gran canaria

6 Mar


john who went for a 2wk holiday in gran canaria in feb 2014 sent me the cost of his holiday there. 

Total spent Gran Canaria hol  £802  including 
Flights              118
Accom                247
Camera                86
Stolen                120
Bank charges      14
Sundries            217

not counting the money stolen and the camera he had to buy to replace his stolen one, he spent about £600 all in. £300 a week. £15daily expense. 

I think that would be the normal amount one would spend on a holiday like that. for a 2wk stay that is quite good. i would discount the £200 lost as that is a one off expense, due to theft. 

so it looks like if i want a winter sun holiday that is the amount to budget for. i think i can do it for less because his sundries (all those  drinks you have to buy to get into sexclubs there) are peculiar to gran canaria and its gay scene.

airfares now make up quite a large amount of the cost. it was not so in the past when i got us tickets rtn to alicante for £35. those were the days. I doubt such cheap airfares will ever come back.

I am not persuaded to go abroad. I only have to consider what i spend at home, only £200 a month all in for the basic services, ( electricity £20, council tax £70, water £25, servicecharge for the flat £83, telephone and broadband £13) no rent and mortgage to pay; to put me off the idea of going abroad.

the only way i shall go abroad is if i can find a guy who would let me swap holiday accommodation free, and even then not sure if i would go unless he stays in naturist places like vera playa.( John reminded me that vera may be too quiet in winter, which is true. so maybe i wont even bother to go.) 

after all i can go to malaysia and stay free at our family home in petaling jaya, near kuala lumpur and i still do not go. and airfares can be low if u take the middle eastern airlines with one stopover. as low as £450 rtn .

the only thing is i have been there(malaysia) before and find not much to do apart from eating out at the hawker stalls, the food is delicious, but after some time, i crave my own cooking. a far cry from in the past when i would make a pig of myself whenver i go back.

then, i visit my parents which is the sole reason for going there. now they are both dead, i have not gone back since.

But i might consider going away to europe , esp vera playa if i can find a swap stay for free. then the only cost will be the airfare and flying in winter will theoretically be cheaper. I guess this is possible only if there are good friends to go with. 

though if the budget airlines  stop flying to the area in winter to save money then airfares will not be cheap.

i think the airfares will be the one big factor discouraging me to fly abroad. when it was £35 rtn, it seems a sin not to fly, but now it can be £100 or more. i think it will affect those who have holiday lets abroad. there must be fewer people wanting to travel because of the expensive airfares nowadays. 

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