16 March, 2014 10:57

16 Mar

London Sunday

I am sitting by my kitchen window blogging this. It is not my usual place , as I tend to use the lounge partly because the wifi signal is stronger there, but also simon uses the kitchen to smoke when he is online.

It is a nice sunny day out there, and I can see the blue sky easier from here than from the lounge window. The window sill is also low lying and I can lean out of the window whilst sitting down.

I am writing this in the word processor and then I shall copy and paste it to my email and post that to wordpress. That problem where I cannot log on and access my blog to write in it is still an ongoing one for me. So far I don’t read anyone else having this problem, so I guess it must be local to me. Maybe my connection is so slow that logging in takes such a long time that wordpress automatically kicks me out .

But not to worry, I can still read other people’s blogs on wordpress as long as I read it as a non subscriber to wordpress; and I can post on my blog using the email.

Though I cannot edit it whilst I have posted it.

I just had a snack lunch of English mustard (its 30p for 180mg. Very nice price and as far as I can tell it is just as nice as the branded ones) and fresh tomato sandwich and even though it is a basic Sainsbury English mustard, it is very sharp, like wasabi. On the label it says a new recipe with less heat, but boy, I find it hot enough now. What must it be like in the old recipe I cannot imagine. most times when they make it less hot it tastes of nothing, but not in this case. this amount of heat suits me just fine. i think it is why english mustard is so good, unlike the french mustards. it is so much hotter than any of the french style mustards. it does not surprise me that expats would go out of their way to get hold of english mustard.

I have been shopping in morrisons a llllot lately. They are having trouble with sales and profits going down because of competition from lidl and aldi, and have changed their policy by reducing their prices. so now u can buy 3 veg items usually 69p each for £1.50; and they even reduce their broccoli and iceberg lettuce to 49p each; making it come in line with lidl or aldi, and since it takes only one bus to get there from my place, unlike having to take two buses to get to aldi or lidl, i find myself going to morrisons now.

and there is a new branch opening up near me,in stutton ground, so i can walk there, though it is one of those funny things, it takes longer to walk there and there is no direct buses so it really is easier to go to this further branch than the one nearer me.

I have not used morrisons before but now that they are changing their policy and reducing their prices i shall use them more. And if they have sales promotions like the one recently where they have chicken for £1.75 a kg, that would make me go even more.

oh the sun is really out now and shining strongly. i shall go out and sit in it for a bit.

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