the mystery that is the internet

31 Mar


i have windows vista and we have two users in this laptop. simon is the main administrator and i am the added standard user. The funny thing is this… 4 times now the laptop has said it is unable to access my part of it.

i dont know why. my solution is to go into simon’s part of the laptop, and delete my account, and reinstate another one. then i go back into this new account and reinstate the windows sidebar where i have notes of things to do, mainly reminders of when my books need renewing.

After the 2nd time it happened and all my files disappears, i have learnt to put them in dropbox, or do without. luckily i use chrome now and i can get back all my stuff when i log onto my chrome account and so the disruption is minimal. but i wonder why it happens.

ah well, i suppose i shall carry on until even simon’s part of the laptop becomes irretrievable , then i shall get a new laptop. I am really glad of google chrome, as it is quite fast. But now i find i cannot get back to using explorer. for some reason this laptop is very slow to open explorer. maybe because i have not kept up with their updates. it might be my laptop is a source of viruses and worms which have penetrated my laptop security because it has never been updated as i have not used explorer for ages. maybe that is why they keep shutting me down. and maybe that is why i get phone calls from this chap in india who tells me he is from microsoft and pleading with me to let him solve my problem.

Maybe there are plenty of people like me, ignoramus who are the biggest unwitting sources of those scammers who can take over our laptops to send everyone else denial of service attacks or scam mail. i have AVG, but maybe it cannot stop attacks that are exploiting windows vista weaknesses. Well, lets hope by deleting that old user and reinstalling this new one, i have stopped whatever is happening.

My laptop is slower and slower. haha. now and then it perks up and gets faster. i have no idea how and why it does that. so far i dont have need to get a new laptop, and just as well, because i cannot make up my mind to get a 15″ screen like this one, or a chrome book with a 10″ screen. i like chrome but the small size of the screen puts me right off. if only they make a big screen chrome notebook. i think in the end i shall chose the one with the big screen. 

For some reason, my wordpress wont let me chose the color of the text anymore. i have to post it and then edit it , then the color button becomes operative. Ah well, perhaps it is another of their ‘improvements’. I am not complaining, because it is free after all. And I am grateful to them for providing a free platform for blogging. 

I am reading lawrence osborne’s ‘bangkok days’. or rather i am re-reading it. It talks about his time in bangkok. I am always curious to know how people spend their days and it gives a very good account of his thoughts and what he do when he lived there. i think it is semi autobiographical. it was with surprise that i see an article in the 23.3.14 copy of culture magazine of the sunday times, ( I found it thrown away in my local library in their trash bin. i retrieved it and took it home to read) talking about him.

the article was written by robert collins, headed ‘late flowering of a modern graham greene’ and mentioned two books of his ‘the ballad of a small player’ and the forgiven. it mentioned Osborne in his mid 50s producing a superbly compelling novel ‘the forgiven’ about an english couple in morocco, who knocked over a local man on their way to a lavish weekend party attended by wealthy westerners. it is fiction, like his other book , the ballad of a small player. 

the bangkok book may be fictional too but it reads quite real. the characters might be amalgams of others, but reads true. He lives in a block with other foreigners, some of whom he becomes drinking partners with. his days are filled with drinking and walking the streets at night. eating the local foods, even the insect food, and describing various parts of bangkok. he becomes involved with a local woman prostitute. that is as far as i got. i have forgotten how it ends, so it is like i am reading it for the first time. but now i am searching it for finding out what people do with the spare time in a city like bangkok.

He is a straight guy so there were none of the gay adventures that gay guys can get in bangkok.  haha.I mean the  brief encounters and unexpected shagging. i have first hand experience of that myself. I would have thought that,  to me,  would be the biggest attraction to living in bangkok. though i am realistic to know that that kind of life will soon get a bit too much if u live there a long time. it is a  great city to visit, esp if u are horny, but not a place to live full time and long time. At least that is what i think now, but who knows. it would be lovely to read of someone who lives an adventurous gay life there. though i remember reading of such a blog once upon a time, and after some time of reading it,  it can get quite repetitive, the sexual trysts. i am sure it is more fun in the doing than in the reading of the descriptions. 




8 Responses to “the mystery that is the internet”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Monday March 31, 2014 at 11:08 pm #

    Dropbox a life saver and no need spend money for hard drive backup and accessible from any computer. The is a way to save in google too I think.

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday April 1, 2014 at 9:35 am #

    i agree with you. now we got dropbox, and another one called box, there is no need to keep things in the laptop anymore, and with google chrome, it will hit microsoft hard, as there is no need to use explorer anymore. so if or when the laptop crashes, it is simple to just delete the whole thing and open up another user and carry on.

  3. brushes and papers Tuesday April 1, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    I think you got viruses on your computer. Try cleaning it up using Baidu anti virus. It’s free download and cleaned many trojan viruses on mine too.

  4. alifesgayventure Tuesday April 1, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    you are right, but i am wary of downloading baidu antivirus, for fear it clashes with my AVG or disables it, and i dont know how to reinstate AVG, or baidu might force me to pay for their service after they have got rid of this virus free. i think i shall just let sleeping dogs lie for now. it seems to be cured by deleting my user part of the laptop and starting another one. i shall wait till it destroys the laptop, if it ever does; so i cannot even get in via simon’s part of the laptop then it is a good excuse to buy a new laptop.

  5. sarahinguangzhou Thursday April 3, 2014 at 7:50 am #

    Yes I enjoyed the Bangkok days book too. If you live in any similar city as an expat you meet characters like the ones he describes. I like to think that it’s all real and he’s just changed enough to stop himself from being sued (I say this because I’ve been trying to do the same thing myself to make some of my expat experiences into a book of some sort).
    I find the whole expat thing fascinating; I haven’t met anything like the same characters in London that I met in Guangzhou or Bangkok or the other places I’ve lived. still not sure why this is.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday April 3, 2014 at 8:03 am #

      in his book, in the section about the ‘king and i’ author, he said she reinvented herself. and it seems that is what characterised expats in foreign countries. it brings out the eccentric and kinky behaviour in expats. one would think that it would apply to foreigners coming to live in uk , that they too would reinvent themselves and act in an eccentric way, but it does not happen as you have discovered. people come here and seem to meld themselves and take on the coloring of the locals. though my suspicion is that these mavericks exists , it is just that they are not visible, and we dont ever get into their circle enough to find them out. what i have found reading accounts from expats is that there is a lot of drinking going on. the socialising seem to revolve round drinking alcohol. is that your impression too, or am i mistaken?

      • sarahinguangzhou Thursday April 3, 2014 at 9:09 am #

        Yeah an awful lot of expat life revolves around the bars. Guangzhou in particular was full of a lot of ‘problem drinkers’ or functioning alcoholics who probably couldn’t hold down a job in their own countries because of it but could blend into China and become just ‘eccentric foreigners’. I’m not a big drinker so I found it quite hard.
        Even London can be a bit like that though. I joined a group to go and do stuff in the local area and maybe make some friends, but a huge number of the people seem to just want to get any activity over with so they can get to the pub. (this makes me sound like I”m anti pubs and really I’m not. I just don’t want drinking alcohol to be my main interest in life)

  6. alifesgayventure Thursday April 3, 2014 at 9:37 am #

    when i first came to uk to live, socialising revolves round pubs. at least in the gay world. so i can imagine it would be easy to become an alcoholic , for that matter smoking was not banned indoors in those days so u can get to be a smoker too for people who think they should follow the majority just to feel included.
    about that group outing eager to get to the pub, i wonder if that is just them wanting to chat with the others in the group. have u noticed that during a group activity, there is very little time to chat with another… say i go out on a walking group, everyone is strung out or gasping for breath from the walk. you cant really make a sustained conversation. but in a pub with some kind of drink everyone is ready to chat and maybe confide. theoretically. haha.
    the curious thing about expats in china,, middle east,.. alcoholic drinks are very expensive there yet they drink a lot. i can understand an expat in france or spain spending their retirement years drinking themselves to death, as wine is v cheap in europe but what gives when that happens in places where alcohol is prohibitively expensive?

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