different jobs payments

11 Apr


I have been chatting to my friends from the usa, and he was saying that businesses have to contribute for your health insurance if they hire anyone who works over 30hrs a week.

so that is why many jobs in usa are parttime, to get round this requirement that lays costs on businesses who hire anyone working more than those hours.

And because working less than 30hrs means people earn less, many have to work more than one job. that explains why so many americans work in more than one job. and why so many dont have health insurance. 

but this is interesting,did u know that  when they get to 65yrs old they get free medicare. not many know that. my friend is 65yrs and he told me he was so relieved when he turned 65yrs without  getting a serious illness before than, or he would be made bankrupt.

but now he is over 65yrs old, medicare means he is safe from being bankrupt if he gets ill.

now i know why there was that theroux program i saw recently about people being kept alive and going through great lengths to prolong their lives even though they are in coma or in long term no hope illness. And there were whole hospitals and doctors there to help them keep alive even though their prognosis is hopeless.

at that time,when i was seeing the program;  i was thinking how come these people can afford that … now i know. medicare pays for it. that medicare bill must be enormous and it will fall on the taxpayer.

isn’t it a paradox! when u are below 65yrs old, u want to die quick if u get a serious illness, after 65yrs old u want to prolong your life even though the chances of getting well is hopeless and the doctors will want to keep u alive for as long as possible. this is in america the great big land of freedom and democracy. i am glad i live in the uk, with our national health. 

we were looking at a tv program on london live, a new tv channel, and they were showing a bunch of workers in the ritz cinema in brixton demonstrating for a living wage. the minimum wage in uk is £6.80, the workers were paid £7.70 and want £8.50 an hour. the ritzy is a small cinema in brixton, which is not really a rich area.

and not like one of the big guns cinema chains in leicester square charging £12 for a film. so it makes me wonder how the workers can justify asking for such high wages. they are actually paid more than the basic wage and they still want more. it makes me realise why businesses dont like to give workers more than the minimum wage if they can help it because it seems u start giving them more, the workers start getting ideas and want still more. 

now i ask myself do the workers in the vue, or anyof those cinema chains in leicester square make more than the basic wage or not. and if so do they want to strike for a living wage?

or do they get overtime and that bungs up their salary and so no need to fight for living wage.

perhaps  they are all  hired full time, seeing that in uk no businesses deliberately hiring parttimers only; because businesses dont have to contribute to  the  national insurance of their workers. it is related to pensions though, businesses will have to contribute an extra % to their full time workers’ pension pots. some businesses may only want to hire on a short term contract, so that they dont have to contribute to the pensions. you can see how govt rules can influence how businesses hire people. or they might want to hire self employed workers. that way they are not responsible for the pensions of those workers. sigh, there are all these bits and bobs that influence who and why and how workers are hired. 

2 Responses to “different jobs payments”

  1. sarahinguangzhou Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 4:19 am #

    The trouble with a minimum wage is that employers pay that and won’t pay anymore. I hadn’t heard about the ritzy ( I love that place) but there’s a big campaign at Curzon, where the place has gone really upmarket yet staff are paid at a simillar leve to the Ritzy. It’s not enough money to survive in London if you have to pay rent, travel and stuff, but it’s what all these kind of jobs pay. It’s no woder so many people feel they’re better off on benefits.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 8:40 am #

      yes, u are right … the minimum wage puts a stop to a downward shift in wages but also puts a stop to an upward one.
      it also treats the mediocre worker the same as a good one, in the same job. i dont know if that is as important a factor … no one seem to worry about it. it does not give the employer flexibility to reward a good worker.

      now i know why some supermarket assistants at the tills chat with the customers and go slower, so that they dont attract more to their gueue and siphon off people from the queue of their slower colleague next till.. . haha. of course they say they are giving customer service, but it does slow the queue a bit.
      it only works until the slower colleague also start chatting to the customers and get even slower. haha. no wonder their jobs are replaced by self service tills.

      maybe that is why the trend is towards self employment. u get paid by productivity. no one contributes to your national insurance or pensions which makes businesses more willing to hire you.
      like u said, some feels they are better off on benefits and just work till they qualify. maybe the govt is doing something to make work pay.
      though if u got a flat that is rent paid by benefits, you may well have to remain on benefits for ever.
      but if minimum wage is not enough to live in london, how do they cope? i know the east europeans share rooms. that cuts the cost of their accommodation. so rent becomes £350 a month each (or less). that makes living in london more affordable. is that how they cope? is that why they keep coming to london to work? there is plenty of such work here in the catering and hotel businesses.

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