i got my sound back in my laptop

17 Apr

london 11.43pm

oh a rather nice thing happened.

i switched on my laptop just now and the sound has come back.

recently the device to produce the sound became uninstalled. it happened when i updated the drive for it from a website i downloaded.

that website was supposed to improve my laptop performance.( i got the defragment function from it which i am rather glad of, as my own laptop’s defragmentation software is not working.) but in trying to upgrade the sound driver, it caused the sound to be uninstalled. but now it has come back. 

Makes me think that the best way of solving problems with the computer is just to let it be and switch it off and sooner or later when u switch it on it will correct itself.

Maybe that is a good way to deal with life problems as well. give it time, don’t do anything and it might just resolve itself.

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