I left my bag at the bus stop

19 Apr


I guess it is time for me to lose something. it is rare for me to lose things. but this morning i was waiting for the bus to the library. i wanted the C10, but the bus 88 was just in front of it, and in my anxiety that the following bus C10 will not stop i jumped up from the bench i was sitting on and was concentrating on putting out my hand after the bus 88 has gone, so as not to confuse the bus88 driver into thinking i wanted it. It was only after 3stops that i realise that my bag was missing. by the time i walked back the bag was gone. It contained a library book , so i hope whoever took it will try to trace me by bringing it to a library.

There were nothing valuable in there. just my swim trunk, towel, goggles, a change of underwear, t-shirt, short, socks. and a raincoat. normally i dont bring so many clothes to swim, but today i did. typical, isn’t it? 

Glad i do not put my money, or house keys or cards(library , sports centre card, waitrose card,) or my mobile phone in it. i hang them round my neck or in a pocket of my hoodie. Otherwise it would be more disastrous. It just goes to show that it is so easy to get distracted and lose concentration and see what happens … you forget things.

I am sure lots of people leave things on the bus , or bus stop. Once i saw a slab of beef left on the bench of the bus stop in vauxhall. |t was a bank holiday too, i do sympathise with whoever forgot and left it there. All i can say is that i hope whoever finds it enjoy it as much as I enjoy finding things and make full use of those things. And to those who lose it, just console yourself as i am trying to do so now that someone else will find the pleasure of finding and using it and give them your blessing. Just hope they will return the library book though. haha. i shall report the loss to my library and hope that the bag is returned to the library in case anyone wants to trace its owner.

Otherwise i shall have to pay for that book. It is a hardcover book ‘ paris, the secret life revealed’, by stephen clarke. We shall see if i recover it or if it is returned.

when i finally took the bus to the library, I discovered all the libraries in my area are closed. even though they are not supposed to close on non public holidays. only friday and monday are public holidays, but it seems they decided to take the weekend off. 


What this incident showed me is that i was right to keep the valuable stuff separate from bags which can get lost or stolen. Hang those valuable things in a bag around your neck, and never take it off. that is the tip i give you for a life where u dont lose things or get things stolen so easily. I used to wear bum bags, but they are not a good idea as they are so easy to steal. all your things in one convenient bag makes the thief’s job easy. 

I am afraid life in the world is not very happy either. sad stories of ferry capsising and killing kids on board, and sad story about pistorius trial, i just dont follow the trial as i find it too painful. my feeling is the guy has suffered enough and to me it is an accident no matter what anyone says.

and then all those civil war going on in ukraine, syria, egypt. u might call it what u like, but it is just civil war really. two strong factions within the country who want to take the country in  opposite directions… 

On a happier note, this morning, simon cooked a curry, using minced beef and turkey. i saw two packs of each thawing the fridge last night. and when i woked, it was cooked and he had gone to work. 

I put a portion in that metal dish and put it on top of the rice in my rice cooker, so it can warm up simultaneously with the rice as it cooks. 




5 Responses to “I left my bag at the bus stop”

  1. brushes and papers Monday April 21, 2014 at 10:05 am #

    Why not add potatoes and carrots in that curry?

    • alifesgayventure Monday April 21, 2014 at 10:45 am #

      i would do that as i love veg and we chinese do it that way. but we dont have any potatoes and carrots at the moment. also even if we did, simon do not normally add fresh veg to his meat dishes.i noticed he used two packs of sieved tomatoes. they are not fresh tomatoes, came in packs, like passata.
      but with fresh vegs he will use it as a side dish in that if we have potatoes he would mash it and have it on the side. or if we roast a chicken, he would roast the potatoes and carrots. i wonder if that is common amongst the british, they keep their meat separate. and use veg as side dishes rather than all inside the main dish.
      later i found out he finished off that dish by adding a tin of baked beans to the dish to bulk it out. as usual i never interfere or give advise to him; as i am of the school of cooking with says u can throw in anything u like, and it would taste just as good. some combinations work better than others, and all is good. though i hide my dried chinese mushrooms from him. haha. a small amount only is needed but as usual, with his western ways , he throws in a whole pack… in a curry !!! what a waste. dried chinese mushrooms have gone up so much in price, i tend not to use them anymore, though they really do perk up a dish. better than the fresh shitake mushrooms from which they are derived.

      • brushes and papers Monday April 21, 2014 at 1:21 pm #

        I used to cook curry once every few months with everything in it (chicken, potatoes, carrots, eggs) but not anymore because it is too rich with milk/coconut milk. So instead I add turmeric powder and lemon grass when I cook rice. I make nasi berani/yellow rice which is a fave at home.

  2. alifesgayventure Monday April 21, 2014 at 3:59 pm #

    i too noticed it , coconut milk makes the curry too ‘rich’. I think the term the chinese calls it is ‘nee’, if i can spell it phonetically right. so i stopped using coconut milk. or use very little of it nowadays. i continue to cook chicken curry, or any meat curry, as it is very nice to eat. but i am getting to be like simon sometimes, because i dont bother to bulk it out with potatoes or carrots. too lazy. haha. i think we chinese in malaysia add potatoes , carrots etc because meat is expensive and we can only afford a small amount so have to bulk out the dish with the carbohydrates. otherwise there wont be enough for the family. but here in uk, meat is relatively cheap. or rather a chicken is very meaty here in uk unlike the scrawny kampong chickens back in malaysia. haha.
    i met a neighbour living nearby who told me she gets broiling chickens from east st market, near elephant and castle. they are perfect to cook in a curry. more flavoursome. so i shall go there tomorrow and see if what she says is true. i have never seen any being sold in uk before.


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