living in london pt 8

21 May


Did you see the live broadcast on the internet of the verdi la traviata last night? it was shown live on screen in trafalgar square in the first this year of the BP sponsored broadcasts  that is in its 25th year. I went there and got a inflatable cushion and rain anorak from the BP people at the entrance. there was also a baseball cap  all embossed with the BP logo. haha. it was quite discrete, though the anorak was more blatant, with a huge BP written on it. I was asked if i have any alcohol with me, presumably to decant it into the containers they provide. this is so no one carries glass bottles into the area. i did not bring any alcohol with me, so did not get the flagon , which must be plastic, i guess. 

Fortunately we did not need to use either of the anorak or the baseball cap, as it did not rain, nor was there bright sunshine, ( the baseball cap i noticed when i tried it on this morning has a very wide brim, very useful to shade the eyes from the sun.) seeing that it was held at 7.30pm. it was still very bright though, as sunset was at about 8.50pm that night. the inflatable cushion was very useful. I was sitting on the fountain edge during the first act and did not need it, but after the interval, everyone was asked to get off and sit on the ground. presumably we were blocking the view of those behind us. 

I enjoyed the evening, especially as the first act has all the best arias in this opera. during the first interval, one of the singers came from the opera house to trafalgar square in her gown to chat and to lead the crowd in the singing of the chorus. Not the words of course but the tune.

The sound from the speakers on either side of the screen was very good, even though it was an outdoor broadcast. i remember going to one of the live broadcast in covent garden, just outside the opera house, which was where it was held long ago, and the sound quality was not as good nor the sight lines,  as convent gdn piazza is rather cramped. Trafalgar square is the better venue for this.

I was rather surprised when i heard that this broadcast was held in a lot of other places in uk, and also is live in the internet for the world to see. though the time difference may mean it is at an inconvenient time for some.

I dont remember how i heard of this event, i thought it was an email sent to me, but i think i read it in a newspaper article. When i read it, there was no mention of it being live on the internet though. it was the first and it seems the only time when it is broadcast live on the internet.

This is another little thing about living in london. it may not be much, but there are many of them, these live free events open to anyone without need to reserve a place or book.

this coming weekend is the 2nd bank holiday in May. the spring bank holiday it is called. and allready on the bus i can see a sign saying the road to trafalgar square will be closed on 25th a sunday. I wonder what is causing the closure. some demonstration maybe. That is another thing about living in london. so many demonstrations practically every weekend. they dont interrupt our lives much, just cause a hiccup in the bus schedules. 

 added. 22.5.14 i found out the road closure on 25th May is due to the BUPA 10km london run. it starts from the mall and ends there running to cannon st in the city of london. i read it in the london transport page in today’s metro, a free morning newspaper. so that is another thing going on in london, the many  marathons on london roads. 


3 Responses to “living in london pt 8”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Friday May 23, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    anorak – I had to look up this word in the dictionary. I see it is not an African antelope. Oh well…

    • alifesgayventure Saturday May 24, 2014 at 7:16 am #

      haha, is it not used in america? it sounds like a eskimo word, doesn’t it? i thought u would say u would look it up in google… that is what most would say nowadays.

      • alifesgayventure Saturday May 24, 2014 at 11:20 am #

        actually , i googled anorak and found out what i got from BP is really not an anorak, but a poncho (with a hood). a plastic one. they are much more practical really.

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