legion and the emperor’s soul , by brandon sanderson

2 Jun


I just finished this book in one day. it is a tremendously good read. 

he is a very good writer, creating characters and worlds that are very distinctive and interesting.

it is two novellas.

you know in real life we have people with multiple personalities, right? well he used this to make this story called legion, to investigate a crime. it is a great idea but he makes it comes alive with added flourishes which makes for a great plot. 

the other story, featured a striking character, a master forger of souls…. in a world where there are forgers of objects which uses their seal, like the chinese uses seals to stamp their artistic works. 

as usual, reviews cannot really convey the intricate plot nor the way with words that he has to weave a beautiful story to while away a few hours. 

these stories are wonderful in that they do take you out of this world and live in another that is purely fiction and which you might like to live in but know that it will be impossible once u analyse the full implications of what makes that world what it is. if it is so easy to forge things and objects and people, nothing is genuine anymore. it would be an impossible world, though it would be a beautiful one as all objects will be like antiques, and ornate and beautiful. 

and then once the story is finished and you have that moment when u wished it would not end and you actually live in that world, you come back to this one, and realise this is a wonderful world even with all its strife and bloodshed and strange behaviour of its peoples… and that behaviour can be mighty strange i can tell you.

I mean if someone tells me a village in india can witness group rapes of young girls and than hang them up in trees, i would say that is a wild imagination , or 200 girls can be kidnapped and nothing is done to find them, i would say pull the other leg. 

but nature is rather red in tooth and claw as witness in the bbc springwatch. this year is really a good one to watch. the most shocking thing for me is the bitten mother bird who swallowed the youngest chick (of three) when it died (how i wonder, did it die? did it starve to death as the other two took all the food, or did the other two kill it? they do, u know) and regurgitated it not once, but twice, (because it is not quite digested yet and is too big for the other two to eat.)

so i guess what human beings do to each other is par for the course. it’s nature innit?

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