no cash payments on london buses from 6 july2014

3 Jun


I dont suppose it would interest people here in london, as we all have oyster cards or we know we can pay with contactless debit cards, but i got an email today from saying all buses in london will not accept cash from 8 july. added 7.6.14 it seems it is changed to 6 july. at least that is what is stated in this standard news article about paying by oyster even when there is not enough money in it. 

you pay more, almost £1 more if u pay by cash. and it slows the queue. £2.40 cash, £1.45 by oyster or debit card. the oyster will have a daily limit, and stop paying out once it is reached for the day and zones, but the debit card has no limit.

I suppose it would end those times when the bus is delayed when a tourist fumbles with cash to pay the fare. i must say i would be glad to see the end of that.

Added 7.6.14 i was on the bus the other day and a group of 4 chinese tourists paid cash. they will be affected once cash is forbidden come 6july. they could buy a one day travel pass i suppose from a ticket office in the tube station, though what will they do when they close all ticket offices i wonder. in the end they might as well buy an oyster card each. they can always get a refund of the £5 deposit when they leave the country and return the card… though maybe tlf may hope they wont bother haha. 

not every tourist  has good english to use the ticket machines. certainly when i was in paris, i could not use the machines as i did not know enough french to work them. as far as i can see the machines dont have translations. the english ones here in uk dont have translations either. perhaps they will add other languages , it cannot be difficult to do so. 


I remember a lady asking me if they take foreign money, i did not know but doubt it, still i told her u could try. we were at the tate gallery bus stop. well, the bus came along and she asked the driver, but got a no. at the time the debit card was not introduced so i took her to a local shop, hidden away in the housing estate to get a oyster card. 

now, she can use her credit card as most have contactless payments. 

i noticed now that cash is getting less and less welcomed as far as buses and local transport is concerned. sometimes even in supermarket self service tills you get tills that accept only credit cards.

I read somewhere that in europe people dont have to buy a ticket before they board unlike here in uk, where if u have no ticket you pay the fine. no excuse. whilst in europe it seems because u dont have to have a ticket, people forget to buy one, or pretend they forget haha. as the chances of being caught by a inspector is low and if caught u just pay the fare, instead of a fine. it encourages people to risk it. it is in germany i think. they rely on people’s honesty. maybe germans are honest, if so they must be unusual. humans being what they are, if u give them a chance to get away with it, u cant blame them for taking it. that is why i am all for putting safeguards and limits to anything. esp social security benefits and free housing. 


2 Responses to “no cash payments on london buses from 6 july2014”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Friday June 6, 2014 at 11:04 pm #

    In US big effort to build and get people to use mass transit. Works in the big cities but in general I could see a big mess in the payfare matter you describe.

    • alifesgayventure Saturday June 7, 2014 at 4:15 am #

      i think the card system of paying is working well in london. but u say it wont in the USA. i wonder why? maybe americans like their cars too much. i think new york tried to charge vehicles for coming into manhatten island, but it was shelved because there was too much objections. and businesses think they will lose customers if there is a congestion charge but i think from london’s experience, business is not affected. but maybe london is unique.

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