living in london pt 11

4 Jun


My laptop is old. and is reaching the limits of its capacity. 

the C drive has only 9.1Gb of free space out of 51Gb, the D drive has 21Gb of free space out of 51Gb. 

there is a lot of unused bits, according to the defragmentation program. i wish i know how to get rid of them, but i don’t know how so have to tolerate all these rarely used bits clogging up the C drive. 

ah well, i was nearly tempted to replace this laptop when curry’s the shop advertised a laptop for £250. 2G of RAM and 500Gb hard drive. the trouble is i am of two minds what i want to get. i would love a chrome notebook, but its small screen size is a put off. only 11.5″ instead of the laptop size of 15″. 

I went to argos to have a browse and saw they have a chrome notebook for £179, 11.5″ . they have run out of stock otherwise that might be what i might buy. i think if it were 13″ i might like it better. ah well, i shall mull over it and see what turns up in future. who knows they might sell a 13″. also the argos one has no webcam. i think a webcam is essential.

after my swim, at my local swim centre in victoria,  i decided on a spur of the moment to have a haircut. the naked bike ride is coming soon (on 14june) and i would like my hair to look nice for that day. 

the bus 24 was very late in coming. there was a crowd of people waiting. so i decided to walk to victoria station and catch the 38. 

and walking through victoria station i saw the evening standard people were putting out today’s edition, and removing the morning metro to make space. so i got both. 

so i had my haircut from this basic barber’s behind the palace theatre in cambridge circus in soho. it is £6. it was empty and i got served very quickly. (I did wonder how come it was so quiet, until i read later that it was the state opening of parliament and all buses were cut off).

i got a very chatty woman barber. it turned out she is south african from johannesburg, which she says is miles from the sea, but she loves it better than cape town which she says has been hyped by its lady mayor and made to  appeal to the gay tourists.

well, i must say i too thought cape town was the best place to go in south africa, but not according to her. and she says everyone assumes she is africaan and she says she does get irritated at that, because she says the national language of south africa is english and not everyone is africaan. she has a scots father and an english mother.

she is really a v good barber. i asked for a zero cut back and side and she took me by surprise by replying which one, a big zero or a small zero. 

that stumped me and she pointed to a men clipper and said that is a half, and took out a small lady clipper and said that is a zero. so i said i shall have the half which is also called a small zero . i always thought that was a zero and all the previous barbers have used that before. so now we have a lady clipper which is much smaller and gives a closer shave… i guess because it is used to shave women’s legs? 

well, i learnt something new then. That there is such a thing as a half cut. and a small zero and a big zero. 

coming back i took the bus 88, which drops me right outside my flat, and i was reading the metro and saw that today is the state opening of parliament and that there will be no buses in the morning till 2.30pm. no wonder the bus 24 was not running earlier and there was a crowd of people  waiting for it.

Actually, earlier at home, i was looking online at the tv program and saw mention of the state opening being broadcast live, but it did not register in my mind that the buses will be disrupted. 

by a good fortune, the bus 38 route do not go pass parliament , going by way of hyde park corner and so was unaffected, so i was not affected by the disruption. (incidentally this bus 38 is all black in colour, instead of the usual red. and it wont accept payment for the fare either. I wonder why?)

well, well, i suppose if i have a mobile i would be able to find out there was this disruption, but it was not really necessary in the end. it goes to show u dont really need a mobile at all. I have a mobile but only to receive calls, if i am meeting someone. Otherwise i switch it off and have never felt the need for it. 

Someone (this blog i follow) mention that nowadays we must have mobiles to open a bank account and that modern life means we need these gadgets as necessities. i beg to differ, as i can access my bank account via my laptop, and all i need is to get wifi , and that is available free so no need to get a mobile and pay a monthly subscription to be able to get it. (come to think of it it might not be safe to access your bank account via a public wifi signal. i use my home private wifi, which i hope is password protected and so less prone to being hacked. There is this talk of a virus  called gameover zeus, stealing people’s bank account… but i think it is only infected if u download the email and interested in playing computer games.I am glad I am not interested in computer games and so would never open an email asking me to join. )

Maybe in america u need to do so. Who knows, america is a strange place where u have to pay for everything. i understand they have to pay a monthly charge to open a bank account.

Here in uk there are such bank accounts where u have to pay a monthly fee, but i dont have to so it must be an optional thing. or maybe if u are a  new comer and have no history of working here u might have to start off by paying . 

by the time i took the bus back it was close to 4pm, so everything was back to normal. 




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