living in london pt 17

21 Jun

london saturday today is the longest day.summer solstice 16hrs 38min

now i am using a chromebook i have gone full circle with my internet journey. From early beginnings on a laptop with pay as you go usage internet connection to being constantly online.

in the past i write off line and then thriftily get online and post it, now I am online all the time with broadband. and surfing the net without regard to how long i am online. That to me is the one thing that makes me realise i am living in the future.  It is a small thing by itself but it opens up the world. 

I have just come back from grocery shopping. veg are very cheap now. In the past we have to go to lidl or aldi to get these 50p veg, or to brixton, for garlic, ginger, onions, chilli, but now the ordinary supermarkets are also offering 50p brocolli, and lettuce and cucumber too. lidl has done one better today by offering cucumber for 29p each. that is why i stopped by their branch in stockwell on my way to brixton. 

In brixton i bought garlic and ginger , both of which are still the lowest priced at 50p. tomatoes are also 50p but they are not the freshest. they are fine if u just want to cook them, but not suitable for salads for most people though i would use them for salads as i dont mind them being not so firm.

now i am eating a lot more salads, lettuce and cucumber ,  using up the salad cream that john bought when he came here.

usually i make a french salad (vinegar, olive oil , mustard) but the salad cream is just as nice. I discovered we still have a large bottle of tesco basic salad cream and it was just as nice. i dont think there is much difference in the basic range and the branded names.

It is not surprising that they say inflation has gone down due to these low priced vegetables.

THose who shop at  lidl and asda have always got  these veg at such prices. it is only now that  tesco and sainsburys have been forced to bring their price to match lidl’s and asda that people in the mainstream can benefit and the effect now appears in the inflation statistics as those statistics use tesco pricing to calculate the inflation.

I think in the past also there are so few lidl and asda or aldi branches, (especially in london as they first started up north as land is cheaper there; but now they are everywhere in london and the south).

I just read in a blog that in new york they arrested two guys who were taking part in the naked bike ride there. They had theirs on june 13th friday…  and they start their ride at 6pm in the evening. i think it is late to start a ride. And even if you say the sun dont set till about 9pm, even then it is late. they got rainy weather too … who would have thought that it rains in new york at this time of year, when  we keep hearing of new york heat waves.

it is shocking to me that new york of all places is so intolerant of naked people. Is it because the organisers did not approach the authorities and got permission or new york just refuse to give permission for any ride no matter that it is  a protest ride? Maybe new york just refuse to allow demonstrations as it clogs up traffic and disrupts business. it is a small island and crowded with people. or is it just because the people were naked?

It occurs to me that it is not that strange that new york is so conservative. it has lost its crown, if it ever have it in the first place, as the most liberal place. more shocking is San francisco making nudity illegal. San francisco the most liberal city in all america, the home of the hippies  but that is in the past.

Digital StillCamera

 found a way to import the pics into wordpress


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