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29 Jun

Digital StillCamera gfdbfd


Nevermind about the picture, it was just a picture i took of my chicken curry quite some time ago but dont know how to post it, and today i went to the chrome store in tottenham court road to ask them how to do it. as well as ask them other questions .

The chap there was really very helpful. he sorted out the free 100gb that was given away to everyone who buys a chromebook. i tried to download it but it wont take. it seems i have to use my address. whilst i logged onto chrome using my address.

he was really puzzled and asked why i used two addresses. well its a convoluted tale, haha. (I fear it will give me trouble in future because it wont allow me to access either if i am logged in on a different address.)but typical of ignoramus like me who dont really know what they are doing.  Anyway, i am real glad there is a chrome store that have people who can help. Though i found many of the functions by trial and error and accidentally hitting something and seeing the result and remembering what i hit to be able to repeat it. And I only now found out their help button.

Added 2.7.14. i just remembered the guy in the store was using a 12″ chromebook. i never knew they had one that size. he tells me it was issued long ago at the beginning and not anymore. I told him if i knew of this size i would have bought it because the 11″ size puts me right off. the screen looks square, unlike my 13″ screen which looks rectangle and more modern. square screens remind me of my old laptop. i used to like them thinking they offer more space for the money but now that i am using the 13″screen  i too am seduced by the rectangular look. I used to think i shall always like the 15″ format, but now i cannot imagine going back to it.

I wish wordpress has a help button too, because quite of lot of stuff they have that i have no idea what they used for, nor how to find how to do things in there that i want. But they are not really very crucial things so being on wordpress is still very nice. 

I forgot when i was in the store to ask them about the cable security lock that u can click onto the chromebook and latch onto something fixed so that you can leave it and it wont get stolen. it would be nice to wonder off in the library whilst the chromebook is being charged and not be afraid of it being stolen. i asked at another retail store in the tottenham court road and was shown a huge bulky heavy thing with a combination lock costing £35. yet i have seen the slim one used by chromebook which is so much lighter. link here and it only costs £9. granted it is a lock with a key and not a combination lock but who cares as long as it is cheaper. 

added 2.7.14. I have gone to john lewis to buy this cable security lock, but they dont stock it. instead the assistant recommend i go to maplin, further down the road in oxford st, near topshop, and there i find they only sell two types , costing £23 and £16. online i can find locks for £5. so maybe i wont bother and just ask the next guy to look after my chromebook when i go off for long. or bring along a bag that i can lock.



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    […] in oxford st, and saw the cafe on the top floor, and it was rather nice. too bad they dont sell the security lock for my chromebook otherwise i would buy it now and use my membership card. (but since i now cannot […]

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