so many books

1 Jul


I was reminded how many books are being published in the uk alone.

i live on the first floor and to get out there are two flights of stairs to go down, and there are windows running down its length. sometimes people in the block leave books on the ledges for others to take away. there were two books there by sebastian faulks. ‘Charlotte gray’ and ‘a week in december’.

I have so many books to read, i did not pick them up to read. I cant help thinking I am spoilt for choice. In malaysia, books are so expensive and there are never ever given away free. whilst here in uk so many are free that i dont buy books anymore.  

Recently i found the kindle app in my chromebook and found that i could download so many free ebooks from amazon that i just wonder if i can find time to read them.

Incidentally i wonder why people buy the kindle , it costs £59 , the one with white background cost £109 from amazon; when they can just get the kindle app for free and u get the white background which is real easy to read and in a two page format too. 

Then, i read in a blog in wordpress about a reading group for capote’s reader. I dont quite know how it works this reading group; but the capote reader is a book compilation of a vast selection of his writings. I have bought it when it was new many years ago,(just to tell how long ago, the pages in that book are turning yellow) but never got round to reading it, but this blog prompted me to dig it out of the shelf and I am dipping in and out of it now. it reminds me how very good a writer capote is(i should say was, but i still think he is the best; no one else, living or dead, comes close).

added. my penguin edition published in 1993

I am wondering why i go searching for new blogs to read, always hoping to come across great writings when here is truman capote with his book reader, giving me the best of his writings for me to read so why am i not reading him????


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