a new format for posts

2 Jul


Sigh, the buggers are tinkering again. The side bar looks different. And it opens on the ‘text’ section, so i was thoroughly confused until i happen to just clik on the ‘visual’ box and thankgoodness the usual logos came up. one thing i would love them to change is to put capital letters on the first word of every sentence. that would be useful but that is not what i will get. 

added. i am not the only one confused by it. link

I was about to talk of these emails offering vouchers i get from amazon local cut price to events and restaurants. i have been getting these emails ever since i signed up to amazon’s kindle free books. so i guess it is a small price to pay for that. haha. some of the offers are rather tempting.

£19 for two people in a italian restaurant in the city of london for 2courses and from their menu 2 courses consisting of pasta and mains can be worth double if not more. (i think the menu a la carte prices are ridiculously high no wonder they have to entice people with vouchers. in fact, because vouchers are now the normal way for people to eat out, those without vouchers are subsidising those with.  i think if i were the kind of person who likes to eat out i would be tempted but luckily i am not a ‘lady who lunches’ haha. 

from experience, the final bill will be more, as u will have to include drinks and service charge and i guess the restaurant will hope u order wine that will double the cost immediately.

wine must the biggest con of all, where the restaurant dont even have to prepare the wine, just open the cork and pour it out and they can charge more than the meal itself.

but i guess that is business right? they must cover the overheads and make a huge profit otherwise it isnot worthwhile.

no one forces u to buy the wine , u can drink water a nd it would be just as good. these offers ensures people come to the restaurant, and increase footfall. that is the single most important consideration for any business.  

I would say to anyone who likes to eat out, these vouchers are rather good value for money. there is another one for a chinese restaurant in leicester square, £23 for a set menu for two people including wine. and the menu looks good. i wonder if vouchers like these are quite common nowadays and it is only me who have found out now. i know people use groupons, but they can be rather a hit or miss and have a limited time offer, whilst these vouchers from amazon local are unlimited and not depand on how many buy them.

I am not a person who likes to eat out, and even i am tempted.

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