john lewis membership card

7 Jul


I am at the library and charging the chromebook and i have read the telegraph and the times and glanced through the daily mirror (the latter because they sometimes feature the special offers by supermarkets which enable me to get down there and buy it before it runs out).

this library dont have the mail. that newspaper also have adverts by supermarkets. it was the one where i found out about morrisons latest chicken offer of £1.75/kg. i bought 4 that time, and roasted two and cut up the other 2 and freezed them. at that price they are the same price as frozen chicken pieces except they are better as they have breast meat.

one advantage of reading the actual newspaper instead of online is the adverts of these special supermarket offers.

there are the guardian and independent newspapers too in the library  but i had enough of reading for now and thought i shall write a post instead.

So u must be asking what is all this john lewis thingy then?This morning i got the john lewis membership card sent to me by post after i got an email from them asking me to join. I knew of this membership card sometime ago and wanted to join it for its free cake and coffee once a month. haha. but for some reason i could not find it online.

this email came after i spent £230 on the chromebook last month in their john lewis store in westfield shopping complex in stratford.  i wonder if that is the reason why i got that email. i was thinking i could have put that purchase on the card if i had it then.

there dont seem to be any advantage to having the card apart from the free cake and coffee and even then it is only once a month .they said they can monitor us and give us special offers according to what we buy… which is certainly not calculated to entice people to join does it? they said each purchase earns an entry for each £1 spent to a monthly prize draw which is a £250 voucher to spend in john lewis.

 i have a waitrose card but that card does give better value as it gives u free coffee everyday and also 10% off all purchases. Anyway, in the letter they sent me, in an envelope that looks like a cd case, i got 3vouchers , one each month till sept to use for my cake and coffee. i am looking forwrd to those. haha.

I recently went into their store in oxford st, and saw the cafe on the top floor, and it was rather nice. too bad they dont sell the security lock for my chromebook otherwise i would buy it now and use my membership card. (but since i now cannot find any less than £10 unless i go online, i doubt i shall buy it now).

i wish the chromebook has a slot with a hidden hole, so we can use our own chain or lock instead of having to buy a special lock to fit the custom made socket in the chromebook. but i shall keep an eye out for a security lock that costs less than £10 in the shops.

its not really a big concern, as the library is quite safe to leave things alone for a short while. and there is always the option of putting the whole thing, adapter(still plugged in the charger socket) and chromebook inside a bag and lock that and secure the bag to the table. so i guess you can prevent someone stealing the adaptor which must cost a bit if you have to buy it on its own. I mean the only reason why anyone wants to leave the chrome book unattended is when  you are charging it in a public space and the security lock do not safeguard the adaptor.

other than that there is nothing i want to buy in john lewis. in fact, i remember looking for the price tag in their sports clothes section and could not find any. they make it hard to find the price.  

i picked up a pack of ankle socks , 4pairs all of different colours, and could not find the price. so i asked one of the servers, a lady who looked like she is a supervisor, rather than a shop assistant, and asked her and i made a comment saying i hate this store for making it so difficult to find the price. she agreed with me as she could not find the price on the tag either; and went away with the socks to find the price and came back and said it was £10, and i said i feel real embarrassed having to ask you for the price. it makes me feel the store is hinting that if you have to ask the price,(and here i can see her nodding as she knows the saying well)  you cannot afford it.

maybe it is a temporary glitch because it was a few days into their sales, and these socks may have been brought from outside ( as special purchase) and not their usual goods. anyway i doubt i will buy them as ankle socks are £2 for 3 pairs in primark. 



2 Responses to “john lewis membership card”

  1. Lottie Nevin Monday July 7, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

    Sorry to be so ignorant, but what is a Chrome book? is it like a Kindle? JL are working very hard – they currently ship to over 30 countries which means, if I really had the urge, I could buy stuff on-line from them and get it sent over here to Spain. I do have a soft spot for their shops ‘never knowingly undersold’ has always grabbed my attention!!

    • alifesgayventure Monday July 7, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

      when i was using microsoft vista on my old laptop, it got very slow and so i downloaded google chrome, it is a browser, like internet explorer. so i got used to that browser. then when i thought of buying another laptop, i thought of chromebook, which is like a smartphone or tablet but it gets connected via wifi. it just enable people to get online and use the google chrome browser which is stored in the cloud and u can do most things that u can do on a laptop on it. that is chromebook. hope my explanation is not incomprehensible with all those jargon words. cant help it as the concept is new and old words cannot describe it.
      if u google it, type in chromebook it will show u models of the various companies making them. when it first came out, it has a 12″ screen but that was quickly replaced by one that is 11″, which is too small for me that is why i did not buy it. also my old laptop was running ok. then last month when i finally decided to buy the chromebook they issued a 13″ one , that was exactly what i wanted. john lewis have been very clever in using the internet to merge seamlessly with their stores , so that people can browse in the store and then order online and get it delivered. i think they were the first to use ocado to deliver their online waitrose foodstuffs.

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